A Paladin’s December: Where the heck did November go? Includes Thoughts on Streaming to Twitch.TV…

Jahna playtime

Jahna having fun

Seriously, where the heck did November go? All I remember is Thanksgiving….and then lots of food….and then suffering from a food coma….and that’s it. The heck guys? The heck. On an actual more serious note, welcome back from your Thanksgiving hangovers. And if you’re not a US citizen, well, I pity you guys. Sure, we have bum politics right now, but at least we have epic holidays ;). I had a fun Thanksgiving with family. We played card games, talked and ate more food than we probably should have. Then the next day our aunts, uncles and friends came over to watch the Oregon Ducks barely beat the Beavers in the football Civil War game. It was a good weekend. Now, it’s time to get back to work.

I’ve applied for three more jobs. I’m also waiting to hear back from two potential jobs as well as looking into where I’m going to advertise my own business. So, I’ll be very busy this week. Daniel V and I were also able to record what I consider our best TeknoCratik episode to date. At least, I think I was doing my best than I have previously. I’ll have to wait till the audio is edited before I make final judgement. But I’m happy with how it’s going. Gareth and I also recorded a Portal 2 episode with another time scheduled later this week. So, I’ll be very busy and productive this week. Still trying to sell my old Grand Marquis too…


The laser rapier, a potent weapon in System Shock.

Friend of mine, MoonshineFox, and I were talking tonight about System Shock. He was curious how I was doing and also expressed a desire to watch my playthrough of the game. I had no intention of LPing and uploading System Shock to YouTube. I think it does the game a disservice to upload it in that form. It’s a game to be experienced for yourself. But, then I remembered that I had recently installed Open Broadcasting Software. It’s Free and Open Source software that let’s you stream and record videogame footage. I had a Twitch.tv account that I had only used for watching other’s livestreams but decided to give it a whack for myself. So after quickly setting everything up and getting the audio levels correct, I had at it. It was an enjoyable hour and a half with two of my friends watching me get freaked out at this old game. Gah, you get really paranoid as you play the game. I’m now at level 4 and that’s where I stopped for the night.

I had quite a bit of fun streaming so I’m planning on doing more of it. It’s not something I plan on doing seriously or all the time, but rather as a happy side-project for when I’m not in the mood to record for LPs or write posts. I doubt I’ll upload anything to YouTube unless I think it’s worth uploading there. So, keep an eye on that. I’ll only be posting on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ when I’m streaming. You can, of course, follow my channel on Twitch.TV and it’ll email you every time I start streaming. I think this will be a lot of fun to do. Other than that, business as usual.

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