A Paladin’s Busyness: Work gets Busy but Life is Starting to Calm Down Finally…

Jahna sleeping where she shouldn't be last week.

Jahna sleeping where she shouldn’t be a while ago, but it’s hard to stay mad at such a cute puppy.

Hello everyone, welcome to morning editions of these posts. My contract job being a night shift makes it hard to do these at night. I’m still getting adjusted to the evening shift which is making it hard for me to go to sleep at night. I’m still so wired from the job that my body doesn’t want to go to sleep until early in the morning. Ah well, I’ll adjust eventually, once my contract job is over lol. đŸ˜› The job is going well and I’m really liking it. Not much more I can say about it at this time. On the business front, I have another appointment this Saturday so I’m hoping to get another one to make the trip to Tillamook really worth it. Fingers crossed.

I’ll be heading out to a job interview tonight after my job. It’s for a company down in Eugene and I’m not sure what’s going to happen at this interview. I’m still questioning whether I should be applying to jobs when my business is starting to pick up. With the expansion into Portland coming soon, I wonder if I really should be applying to jobs right now…I dunno. For now, I’ll go into the interview trying my best to get the job(s). I just have to have faith that what I’m meant to do, will happen. Gah, life is so complicated.

Note to self, write down subjects for A Paladin series before I go to sleep. I could have sworn I had much more to talk about today but I’m coming up empty. Nothing I can do about it today and it’s not like these posts always need to be super long but it’s super irritating forgetting what I was going to talk about. ;). Wish me luck on my job interview tomorrow and I’ll see you guys Thursday with details on how it went. I’ve got a lot of driving ahead of me, so it’s good that I grabbed a bunch of new podcasts to listen to.

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