A Paladin’s New Job: I Have a Contract Job and I’m Freaking Ecstatic about it!…

Jahna digging through a pile of hail

Jahna digging through a pile of hail during all this stormy weather.

As you all know, I’ve been looking for a job for the past several months. Scratch that, been looking since June. Not entirely sure when I made that official publicly though and I’m too lazy to check back through my blog to find out. :P. Regardless, it’s been a long and arduous process and is technically not at an end yet. But, I’ve been fortunate enough to be hired on for a month long, full-time contract position at a company in Portland OR. It involves setting up a lot of Apple Desktops and getting them ready to go for the company. They’re a widely known company but I’m not going to mention who it is until after the contract position is over or if I got hired on as a permanent worker. I haven’t a signed a NDA that prevents me from talking about the company but I’m just going to keep this close to my chest so I don’t screw this up by mistake. This job will make moving and running my start-up complicated, but this is hardly new to me. New jobs in the past have always made things complicated xD.


Writing this post up even though I hadn’t intended to do one today because we’re busy right now. But I just wanted to share my excitement at finally getting a job, though temporary, after all this time of looking. My current business is doing well, don’t get me wrong. However, it’s a start-up so it has it’s own growing pains to get through and I’ve got college loans coming up. As previously mentioned, the main objective with the start-up has been spreading the word as much as possible. I will be keeping Tim’s Computer Services up and running during the contract job. After the contract has finished, I’ll be expanding official support to the Portland areas. It’s an exciting time for me and I’m glad to get this financial boost right now. Thanks everyone for the kind and supportive words, let’s hope that this is where things really start to look up. I’d really like to end 2013 on a high note.

Otherwise, I’ve been busy helping out, getting the house ready to move this week. This absence of posting will probably continue until next Wednesday. After that, I’m hoping to have the Internet online at the new house and getting things back on track. Only gaming I’ve been doing is the occasional Pinball FX2 and System Shock. I have a few photos of System Shock down below so go and check them out. Until next week, I hope you all have a great Veterans Day weekend. O7 to all the soldiers out there.

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