A Paladin’s Grit: Drilling my Tooth isn’t Fun but Having Work is!…

This picture cracks me up... :P

This picture cracks me up… 😛

Nothing like waking up and going to the dentist for a filling on a Wednesday morning. But, I will happily take similar pain if it gets me more jobs for my tech support services. :P. So yeah, I had my first tooth filling (molar) today. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I didn’t keep my eyes open when he stuck me with the needle but that wasn’t nearly as “painful” as the drilling itself. That noise on my jaw was something else. It went well and now I’ve got a new composite tooth in my mouth. Yes, I paid extra for a non-silver filling. Looking back on my overall dental history, I’ve been really fortunate. No filling until 24 years old (and it wasn’t that deep either), no braces and I still have my wisdom teeth. Pretty darn lucky. However, I suspect I’ll have to do some orthodontics later on in my life. Ah well. Anyway, this isn’t nearly worth blogging about. Even if that teeth cleaning the day before was painful afterwards. But that was my fault for not having gone to the dentist in three years. *shrug*.

After a bit of a dry spell in my tech support business, I had a back-to-back service call today right after my whole tooth filling. Both of them were similar problems. Two computers with AVG antivirus infected with some nasty malware. This is the third computer I’ve had to repair with AVG installed which means it is now on the do-not-recommend list. Especially when AVG tried to redirect my browser to prevent me from downloading another antivirus program. Not cool AVG. Not cool at all. One of the machines had a nasty malware that tried to pretend it was a legitimate virus program. However, when I tried to open Firefox, task manager or other similar applications, it would claim those were virus programs. Which raised my eyebrows. My solution to fixing it was crashing the malware program so I could install MalwareBytes to get rid of it. That amused me to no end that I was able to crash it but then, it was a Vista OS installed on it so…heh.

Ran out of business cards today so I had 50 more printed and cut to survive the next month with. I hope I run out before then :P. I’ve been keeping track of referrals and 100% of them have been coming from the Shopper Ad. I think that means I’ll be investing in similar ads from now on because the returns are clearly worth it. I’m happy with the progress of the business and I have plans on expanding it’s scope, especially if I keep getting more and more customers. It’s a learning process right now but I’m getting better at it. My main priority (besides finding more customers) is changing the name and logo to something more recognizable and unique. I haven’t come up with a name yet but a friend of mine is working on the logo so I hope to hear back from him soon.

CenturyLink Logo

I haven’t been doing much gaming besides Pinball FX2 from time to time. I’ve been too busy packing and working on other things to really game, as mentioned in the previous blog post. Speaking of packing things, we’ve finally got our Internet provider picked and a time set for them to have it all installed and ready to go. I’ll be going out to Cornelius next week with my Linux Box to oversee the install. We’re going with Comcast but it isn’t because they provided the best customer service. Simply put, they were the best service in the area that didn’t have braindead customer service. I guess that counts for something. Our current ISP, Centurylink…geez…. My mother spent hours talking with 10 of them until they finally figured out that they do not support Cornelius. Way to go Centurylink. Way to go. This was after hours of fighting their website to give us a reasonable answer on costs in Portland too. It seems like such a perfectly horrible ending to our business relationship with them. I’ve voiced my complaints about Centurylink’s shoddy service in the past so I won’t reguritate them here but I do not recommend them at all. I will be happy if I never ever have to deal with them again. I still have my concerns about Comcast but am hopeful that we’ll get treated fairly. We’re sure paying enough to expect that much from them. We looked at plenty of alternatives but many were too expensive or too lacking to really want to screw with right now. Fingers crossed that Comcast works because I really want to get onto a good internet service again. This current one is killing me…

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