A Paladin’s Freedom: iOS is No More, a Fun Weekend, TeknoCratik Extensions and an Open Future…

Molly says hi. She really missed us apparently this past weekend.

Molly says hi. She really missed us apparently this past weekend.

Yeah, I was gone for a little while. Not intended but expect to see less posts for the next 30 or so days as I deal with moving. We’re nearly ready to start moving our stuff to the house in Portland but there’s some final paperwork that has yet to be done. It’s been a busy week since we last spoke. I worked on a very large post about my experiences and departure from Apple on here. I’ve had a couple of tech jobs for my business and my business has a new Ad which you can see in one of the Google+ posts below. So, things are moving along at a steady pace. I also spent the weekend at my Grandmother’s place fixing up her tech and keeping an eye on the puppy Jahna while they, my Mom and her, sold cards and towels respectively. Both did very well over the Harvest Fest weekend. It was just a good weekend in general with the weather and everything.

Finally, I’m free from Apple and iOS as of today. My iPad was given to my Grandmother who I’m  sure will put it to good use. Had to update it to iOS 7 because wiping and restoring it to factory specs required it. Apparently Apple doesn’t want anyone to be on iOS 6. My general conclusion on iOS 7 is a giant: meh. It’s still iOS with its flaws and issues, just a new coat of paint that I’m not convinced by. An interesting point to note: her iPod Touch wasn’t compatible but iPhone 4 phones are. To me, you’d think iPhone 4 wouldn’t be compatible with iOS 7 if the iPod touch 4th generation wasn’t. But whatever, that’s Apple’s choice I suppose. I’m just glad to finally be rid of all the Apple software on my PC and be able to choose my software how I wish. Nothing is quite so freeing. I’m going to be looking for an iPad replacement over the next month or so. I’m pretty much just waiting to see what tech companies release for the holiday season so I don’t get buyer’s guilt. Still learning towards a Chromebook.


Another note: I’m planning on rooting my Samsung Galaxy S3 with Cyanogenmod this week or next week depending on how the moving goes. I want to get rid of the egregious amount of AT&T software that’s on the S3 and be able to configure my phone how I want. I’ll do the actual rooting in the evening so I don’t accidentally miss any important phone calls for my business. That would be bad otherwise. Up until then, I’m going to be doing extensive research on rooting Android devices. So I’m definitely looking forward to that. In addition, I’m going to be prepping my Linux Mint setup to be able to record TeknoCratik podcasts. Shouldn’t take too much work but that’ll be fun to record podcasts completely on free and open source software.

I had every intention of posting something last night….I just got a little distracted. Taking the original source code from some extensions, I built TeknoCratik’s own extensions. I’m really rather happy that I could not only read the code and understand what was going on, but that I was able to build it for two separate browsers. Granted, the work I did on it was easy compared to the work other people did in building it originally….but still. You have to understand that I didn’t think I would be doing any coding anytime soon. Certainly not in 2013. After the difficult year I had programming at the University of Oregon, I doubted I would ever try again. It was a draining and exhausting couple of terms. But, I did and it reminded me how much fun I had coding Javascript and HTML. So, once I get settled in and the move is over, I’ll be looking into what i can do. Fun times ahead!

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