A Paladin’s Update: New “Tower of Gray” page, updated Tower of Light page and other fixes, with more on the way…

Updates on the blog from now on will use the “A Paladin” theme that I’ve been using for the 2.0 Personal Musings series. I feel like this keeps the flow of the blog moving along nicely and I prefer the name. Anyway, that’s not why I’m publishing this post. I’m publishing to let you know that I have added a new Tower of Gray page to the blog. I’ve been musing over adding this page for a long time and decided to push it out. It’ll be my public watch list on items that I haven’t come to a sure conclusion on. It lets you know that I’m not ignoring something or “giving it a free pass”. I’m still keeping my eye on it. I think this balances out the pages quite nicely and I like it. Doubt I’ll be creating anymore pages anytime soon so go and check it out.

I also updated the Tower of Light page with a few new companies and enhanced the “Companies you should look at” area towards the bottom of the post. My About Me page also got some minor tweaks but I’m not done with it. Tower of Darkness only got a few fixes. It probably won’t get anything new added until the blog is up to 100% again.

I’m hoping to continually update these pages more frequently from now on. I’ve been remiss at keeping them up to date. I think the addition of the Tower of Gray will help immensely in this regards as I’ve struggled at whether I should add a certain item to the Tower of Light or Darkness. As always, these pages remain works-in-progresses but I’m planning on adding time at least every month to work on them.

Thanks for reading and until next time…


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