A Paladin’s Process: Processing…Processing…Processing…

Molly on a sunny day eating grass.

Molly on a sunny day eating grass.

Hello all, hope you’ve been well. Myself? Well, for the past week I’ve been suffering with a plugged up ear. I have a problem with ear wax buildup and it had gotten really bad lately. Thankfully, a Dr was able to see me yesterday and was able to get it out. (There was a lot). So I can finally hear in stereo again and not have to worry that I’m going deaf. Until the next time it builds up >_<. It’s been a pretty calm couple of days since Tuesday. Well, drama wise. I’ve been busy getting more jobs and advertising my business along with sending out a few resumes here and there. In addition to everything else I do. So, I’m pretty darn happy about that. That’s why I haven’t posted anything this past week. Today, I’ve been recording and processing a bunch of videos for the channel as well as getting my business bookkeeping straightened up. Now, I should be tracking my expenses without any problems. Hopefully. Going to work on tracking my own personal expenses as well so I’m prepped for tax time a lot better than I have been in the past. It’s been long overdue that I took personal financial responsibility and tracked everything. I’ve been sorta fast and loose with tracking it, though I would check every month to make sure I wasn’t going completely insane. That said, it’s time I kept a closer eye on it all as it’s going to be even more important than ever that I did. What with student loans and other expenses fast approaching. One program that I’m using for tax purposes is called Gnucash. It’s an open-source accounting software that’s widely used and I’ve enjoyed using it so far. I know, tax accounting software that’s fun. That’s unheard of. Well, I’ll try and keep it fun by updating it regularly throughout the year. I’m sure that’ll happen. Totally. Yup….

So, I’ve got a bunch of videos ready. I know in my latest Shattered Haven video, I sounded bored and I’m going to really work on that. Working on them regularly should help that along. It’s just been such a difficult series for whatever reason. I can’t keep the voice acting straight and my commentary varies from puzzle to puzzle. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes…it’s not. I haven’t figured out why yet. Gareth and I were finally able to record a bunch of footage for The Workshop Adventures today without any technical mishaps. On my end at least. I’ve been processing them tonight and getting them prepped to be uploaded for the next couple of weeks. We’re back in our groove again.

Yet again, I feel like I haven’t done anything for this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that the A Paladin series is going well…but I’d really like to get back to reviewing and I just never seem to have the time for it. I always seem to have time for everything else but doing the hard grunt work for the blog. Funny how that works. Ugh. I don’t know what to do about it other than keep publishing A Paladin posts until I’m ready for reviewing again.

Before we go into my G+ Stream, my friend Moonshine Fox just completed his Mass Effect playthrough. An enjoyable FPS/RPG 3rd person action game if you’ve never heard of it before. So, if you’re interested in watching it from start to finish, you can do so here:

It’s quite great and I have it on good authority that he’s working on ME2 right now. *wink* hehehe

Gaming & Technology from my Google+ Stream:

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