A Paladin’s Tunnel: Two Difficult Ordeals Are Coming to an End. The Future Seems a Little Brighter…

Random photo I took, I have nooooo idea why I took it. But you can see my car alllll the way in the background.

Random photo I took, I have nooooo idea why I took it. But you can see my car alllll the way in the background.

My mother has come back from Portland with good news. The inspection went well on the house she bid on last week. All looks good to move in and my aunts gave their approval on the house as well. Everything is looking set on where she is going to live. It’s been a long search for her but it seems it is finally at an end. Seems we will be saying goodbye to this house after having lived in it for 20+ years now. While we complained about its age and the cold drafts throughout it…we’ll miss it by the end of it all. We’ll especially miss all this open space. For those that don’t know, the house is part of a farm of more than 50 acres and there is a lot of space around us. So to go from 50 acres to less than an acre will be an adjustment for at least one of us. We have a lot to do and a couple months to do it while we deal with paperwork (it’s lovely stuff). We should be moved into the new house before Thanksgiving.

We’ve also said our good byes to our former renters and greeted our new ones. We had a lot of drama come up over the past weekend dealing with our ex-renters. They left a mess, demanded that we give their security deposit back and other misc stuff. It was a lot of stupid drama to deal with but it’s behind us. The ex-renters were disappointing to deal with. They tried the guilt-trip-us-into-giving-them-what-they-wanted maneuver. We deflected it and held the line. They didn’t keep up their end of the contract. It was simple as that.

I also had a tough decision to make. Do I stay here in Tillamook and go all-in on the business or do I move with her? Well, the first idea is crazy. Too crazy and it would probably stress me out too much to live on my own with loans hanging over my head. So, I’m going with her and moving in for a short while. Until I can get back on my feet, financially speaking, I can’t do much else. Besides, it means I’m closer to some of my friends in Portland who I’d like to hang out with more. Tillamook….is a difficult city for me to live in right now because of that and other reasons I don’t want to go into right now.  It also means that my business moves with me unless I find another job. It just means that the business will expand to Portland and the surrounding areas. I figure I can still support the Tillamook areas while being in Portland. I’ll just have to schedule my appointments out more carefully. As for moving, well, I’m used to it now. I’ve moved so many times that its nothing new. It’s not like I really settled in back home. My “office” is a mess and mix of Stamping supplies and computer parts.

What’s next for me remains difficult to see. But for once, I don’t feel stuck and depressed. I feel……happy. Free. Freer than I have been in a long time. Sure, I’ve got loans and nasty stuff coming up soon…but, I don’t regret leaving school. And I think I’ll make it on my own power. My Computer Service business, for what it has been, has already surpassed Adaptive Light Technology and it’s only been a few weeks since I started it. That makes me feel really good and confident in my future. I’ve also had some great interviews when before, all I got was silence for months on end. Speaking of which, as far as job offers go, there haven’t been any yet. The job search has gotten a bit lousy since last week and I haven’t been able to find much for the past couple of days. I’m not worried but it’s disappointing. I’m still waiting to hear back on a lot of applications and the two interviews. I think it also helps that I’m able to work on my blog, channel and the TeknoCratik project as well. I feel creative and productive again. And I want to keep this feeling for as long as I can.

Some craziness in Skyward Collapse a while back.

Some craziness in Skyward Collapse a while back.

I’ve been busy with Linux for the past couple of days that I’ve barely gotten any gaming in. But I’ve gotten my hands on another game, Bionic Dues, so I have plenty of stuff to review for the next several months. Whenever I have the time to work on it.

I’ve been playing around with Mint 15 for those days and I’ll let myself on G+ talk about Monday:

Today I did some more gaming work on Mint to see how that all worked out. Steam installed perfectly and I tried out Bionic Dues (as it’s Linux-compatible) and it worked fine as well. I then got stuck in trying to install some .tar programs on Mint and well…found out later that I really shouldn’t have bothered. Ok, I’m not used to official repositories and App Stores on my PC, ok? Ok. ;). My intention is to get a Linux Distro (or two) figured out for my Mother so we can move her aging laptop over to it. It still runs Windows XP and with XP losing official support next year, well, it’s a security risk to keep using it. Besides, if the performance boost I saw out of my switch from Win 7 to Mint on my older desktop is anything to go by, I’ll bet her Laptop will have a big performance increase once we get some form of Linux running on it. I’m rather excited about that. I think for now, I’ll dual-boot another distro on my older desktop to play around with, but haven’t decided which.

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