A Paladin’s Rest: Mini-Vacation, Quick Thoughts on GTAV, Follow-Follow-up on ObamaCare and Plenty of Google+ Posts for You to Read…

Another pic of the happy Jahna. I was throwing her a bunch of Kongs the other day and she was too tired to continue.

Another pic of the happy Jahna. I was throwing her a bunch of Kongs the other day and she was too tired to continue.

I’m back from my mini-vacation and hello all. :). It was a nice relaxing couple of days a couple hours from home. That’s nice to have as I don’t have many friends to hang out with in Tillamook right now. So petting the kitties and catching up on current events with my friends was good for me. I’m glad they could keep me up for a night. Not much more I can say about it right now so here’s some cat photos :P.

Also, I got to play and watch Grand Theft Auto V while I was at their house. I don’t own any modern console right now so playing games like GTAV is a rarity. But, I can definitely tell why that game made over a billion dollars. The level of detail in that game is simply insane for an open-world. The cars you can drive (and customize), the planes you can fly and the sheer size of the world…it really blew me away when I compared it to Saints Row III. The game does have problems such as car handling being really iffy, the textures constantly popping in due to the age of the Xbox 360 and other related graphic issues but it’s still impressive to see. If only they could bring it to PC and let the graphics really shine… Ah well, that’s up to Rockstar who’s been quite mute about the possibility of a port. Can’t say much about the combat or other mechanics as I didn’t get a whole of time to play the game.

Random Pic FTW! (I did take it)

Random Pic FTW! (Screenshot from Brutal Legend)

Job search is going pretty well though it’s in a bit of a lull right now. I’ve sent out five resumes to prospective companies but haven’t heard back from them yet. Still waiting to hear back from my two interviews I did a week ago. I suppose I’ll know whether I get them or not next week, as one of them said it would be a two week delay. My side business is going pretty well as I had a really nice job last night. Going to be working on putting up adverts for the business up either Sunday or Monday. I would do it today but I’ve got a wedding to go to. I’ve got a craigslist ad up now (minus my phone #) and that’s about it. I’m still hopeful about getting a job but also preparing to push this business forward at full steam.

My mom’s bid for a house in Portland was accepted on Wednesday so now she has to go there on Tuesday to get the inspection report. If that all goes well, we’ll be moving her in the next month or so. I still haven’t a clue of where I’m going to live, I’m playing this all by ear and it depends on how the job front goes. I could remain in Tillamook, I could move in with her or I could be on the other side of the world. Crazier things have happened before :P.

Bit of a follow-follow-up on ObamaCare as talked about on G+:

So basically, stuck between a rock and a hard place with my health insurance. Sure, I could cancel my plan and get fined $95 every year. But the risk of me getting ill without it is something I have to consider. I’m also considering the suggestions made in the G+ thread as well and thankfully I have a few months to think things through. As a side note, I’m surprised how well the debate has gone on G+ and FB as well. I really expected it to be a free-for-all fight. It hasn’t been, even when those from the other side of the ocean chime in. Keep that going guys, I prefer this reasonable discussion.

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