A Paladin’s Rage: ObamaCare is Going To Screw Us All…

I have nothing more to say that I didn’t already say on Google+:

For those on RSS, I’ll just quote some of it here:

Well, just got my ObamaCare quote. I’m expected to pay $200+ PER MONTH on the new Obamacare Health Care plan through my Insurance Company in 2014. And that’s the best rate they can give me. $200. I only pay $80 a month RIGHT NOW and that’s TOO MUCH. How in the holy handgrenade am I supposed to pay $200 a month?! Add $200 + Car Insurance + Rent Bill and I will be broke within a month. That doesn’t even include other monthly costs like, idk, a phone.

“Affordable Health Care”. What a load of bullshit. This will kill Small Businesses, it will cause mass unemployment and it will cause a market downward spiral the likes we have never seen. Change. It’s coming. Just not what you idiots that supported ObamaCare wanted.

Worst part is, is that this is being forced down my throat. I can’t even quit it and I was already considering cancelling my health Insurance after they denied a bunch of claims I made. Now, I have no choice but to go bankrupt. Guess I don’t have to worry about those student loans because they are getting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Thanks to everyone that is supporting Obamacare. Now, I don’t have to worry about my student loans because I be going bankrupt by the beginning of next year anyway. That is 161% increase on top of a lot of other increases this year. Well done United States Government.

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