A Paladin’s Saturday: Of Leeching Liars, Portal Madness and Heavy Metal…

Molly is unimpressed and wishes for you to go away. (Please don't!)

Molly is unimpressed and wishes for you to go away. (Please don’t!)

What a Saturday. I’m pooped after a long day of work and I’m sure the rest of my family is even more tired than I am. We’re trying to at least finish up the barn by next week though that’s looking fairly iffy at the moment. We still have several loads to take to the dump and we keep finding stuff that needs moved. Ergh. We’re close but I’m unsure if we can get it done in one day. Just so much work to do.

Had a bit of a confrontation with one of the people from our previous garage sales. She’s one of those scavenging types that wanted a lot of our stuff for cheap, even after the garage sale was over. She had paid for what she had gotten and had stopped by Thursday for, what we assumed, would be the last day to pick up the remaining stuff which she did. That was fine but then she showed up today. She showed up after we explicitly told her that this past Thursday was the last day to pick up any other stuff. She fed us a bunch of bull about not packing up two tires that she was “promised” and told us the sizes of them. (Keeping in mind that I was right there that Thursday and she wasn’t promised anything). This was after she had showed up on Thursday telling us that she had bought some copper wiring from my brother. Except, she couldn’t have, as we weren’t selling it to anyone. I rolled my eyes. My brother went and looked to make sure while I stuck around and listened to my Mom chew her out.  We made it extremely clear that she wasn’t welcome on the property and that we didn’t tolerate or respect liars. (Of which she protested, claiming she had never lied to us. To be honest, I’m pretty sure most of the things she said were lies.) My brother soon came back and told us we didn’t have the tires. She tried to guilt trip us about how her house had “burned down” and she was on welfare and that we should be nicer because she bought $100 of our stuff. She had told us all of this before, many times the previous week. I decided not to add my 2cents though I had a few… She was told to leave and leave she did. I hope she doesn’t come back again because I will call the cops if she does.

Here’s a tip about me. if you don’t want to get on my bad side, never try to guilt trip me. I am immune to it and it pisses me off when people try it on me. Woe is your life. I don’t care how tough you’ve had it because I know how tough my life has been. I know how tough my family and friend’s lives have been. You know what they don’t try to do to me? Guilt trip me or go “woe is me” all the time I converse with them. Sure, we have our bad days. I get that and I’m there to comfort when needed. But when I barely know you and the first thing you pull on me is: “My house is burned down, I’m old and I’m on welfare”, it just doesn’t fly with me. Especially when you’re sitting there with a pack of cigs and the smell of alcohol about you. I have a living grandmother who worked hard in life and is someone I have a great amount of respect for because she doesn’t smoke, drink or go “woe is me” when I talk to her. She’s not a leech on society unlike you. Know what she’s doing these days? Playing her banjo in a group, growing a big garden of flowers, traveling around the State (and world at times) and otherwise helping out where she can. I have a lot of respect for that. I have a lot of respect for people that try to make something of their lives and I have 0 respect for leeches. Gah, I wish I had told all of this to her face but I felt like I would just be pilling it onto her. Maybe I should have anyway, to get the point across because she’s likely forgotten about it.

Portal 2

Anyway, onto happier subjects. Gareth316 and I finally got to sit down to test out recording more episodes for the Portal Madness today. For the most part, we didn’t seem to have too many lag issues which is the primary concern but I haven’t rewatched the footage as of this post. (I’ve been really busy today). We were only supposed to be recording a quick puzzle to make sure that our equipment and Internet connection was fine to continue the series. However, the recorded footage won’t be published because the puzzle was far longer and more difficult than we had expected. Gareth will be reusing the footage in a credits reel and I might do something with it myself, though I haven’t decided what just yet. I’ve decided that I’m going to have a hard “time limit” with each puzzle we do from now on. If all we’re doing is scratching our heads for about five minutes and not getting anywhere, I’m not going to publish the episode. Even if we do manage to complete the puzzle, I’m not sure if I’ll publish it. Having extremely difficult puzzles published on my channel, to me, is really boring for the watcher. As it’s mostly us staring around blankly trying to figure out how to solve a ridiculously tricky puzzle. Until we figure out a better solution, I’m going to try and aim for more entertaining and less dull episodes every time. That won’t mean we do easy puzzles all of the time but if the flow just stops dead, it’s not interesting to watch. We’ll be doing another recording session which should hopefully get published later this week if everything goes well.

On other gaming related notes, I’ve started playing Brutal Legend in addition to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. For those that don’t know, Brutal Legend is an action-adventure game with 3rd person combat in an open-world. It’s all about a world of Metal, rocking out, metal puns and amusing scenarios. I’m actually finding it pretty entertaining in the first hour and a half. I actually kind of like Metal-genre of music though I tend to go for the more melodic and less of the screaming-your-head-off silliness that is Heavy Metal. Still, I’m finding this one to be quite a good game so far. I’m one of those people that doesn’t mind Jack Black being the main protagonist. To be honest, there are far worse comedians. Will I like it several hours in? I’m not sure, it’s too early to tell but hopefully the charm doesn’t wear off towards the end like it does in many Double Fine games. Double Fine always seems to have this issue of having really interesting concepts for games at first, but as the game drags on, well, they drag. (Psychonauts is a good example of bad game pacing). The game isn’t the most beautiful game ever but it has a really rich style that I like.

The Witcher 2 Screenshot

As far as other games such as the Witcher 2, I’m taking it slow and steady, drinking the game in. I’ve installed the combat mod which makes the combat in this game really tricky and difficult but enjoyable. I’m also playing on Hard mode for once so that I actually have to plan ahead and not feel like a god the entire time ;). Otherwise, I’m also playing  Skyward Collapse off-and-on but haven’t had any real time to play it. Darn you responsibilities…also, I need to work on taking more gaming screenshots. Good note to self there. As mentioned before, I’m taking that particular game at a very slow and methodical pace. I’m in no particular rush to get through it as fast as I possibly can. I find the world rich in lore and extremely beautiful. I’m just trying to enjoy it as much as possible which means I’ll be playing it for a very long time. And I think that will be good for me to do once in a while. I’ve been in this mode for the past several months where I need to finish games ASAP so I can move onto other games and priorities for the blog. I’ve got reviews to do and I’m months behind on them. These games I’m talking about will not be reviewed. To force myself to slow down and enjoy myself will be a good thing.

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I’ve been finding out more on the below article and apparently a lot of app developers have put their foot down and are demanding people pay for the iOS 7 upgrade. People on the App Store have reacted badly with many apps getting slammed with 1 star reviews. It’s not a pretty sight right now.

This next one I had to put here because I’ve begun wondering why the blog is suddenly getting hit with a lot more spammy comments like this one pictured below. Askimet has blocked over 300 comments since I started doing this regularly but some “slip” through like this one below. I never had this much attention earlier this year when I was posting and I can’t tell what has changed to cause this.

Some heavy metal to finish out this post.

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