A Paladin’s Week: Driving to An Interview and Moving Lots of Stuff Around…

Jahna has the right idea...speaking of which, I really need to go through my photos.

Jahna has the right idea…speaking of which, I really need to go through my photos.

Another week has come and gone. The days just keep on going faster and faster. Today, my mother and I went to a job interview in Portland for an IT position. (She went shopping while I was interviewing). Actually, I should say that it’s the second part of the interview process and this part was the technical test. They sat me down in front of a computer and had me solve five issues on it. I managed to answer four of the five problems but there were two that really tripped me up so I wasn’t able to finish the last one. I have fairly mixed feelings about the results but I did a lot better than I thought I did. I went into the test knowing that I could potentially be completely out of my element. Even if I had completely flubbed it, that would tell me important information about my knowledge and experience. I was unsure of my technical skills but today, I feel validated thanks it. I’ve got a lot to learn but I feel more confident now. The only real reason I didn’t solve two of the problems quicker is that they were edge cases and they tripped everyone up who took the test. I kind of get the feeling they did that to see how I would react to the unusual questions. That’s just my guess. At this point, all that remains is to wait and see if they call for the third and final part of the Interview process. That’ll tell me if I screwed up in the second part or that I wasn’t what they were looking for. It is a small company so they’re looking for a particular person and personality. That person may not be me so I won’t beat myself up if I don’t get it. If I don’t, I can keep on pushing forward.

Speaking of which, I got a phone call for another job interview in Portland while I was getting a burger from Carl’s Jr. It’s for an IT Helpdesk position as well so that happens next Thursday. It’s obvious at this point that I’ll probably be moving to Portland or somewhere in the area. It’s where I’m getting the most phone calls and interviews from. Eugene is all but dead on the job front, though I did send one resume down there this week. The coast area is unsurprisingly not active, what with the lack of computer technical companies out here. I’m also looking up north towards Vancouver and the Tri-Cities area. I’m looking in these specific areas because I know I can get a place to move into for a short while until I can get a place to live in. But, I’m still willing to move to other areas if need be, I’m not really tied down to any of these cities. Or even my hometown for that matter.

A flower around the farm

A flower around the farm

Our work to move all of our stuff out of the house and barn continues. We’re working from the barn to the house at this point and have most of the barn cleared out. Which is good because that building had a lot of stuff… A decent chunk of the house has been emptied (read: attic) as well but we’ve still got a lot of progress to go on that front. As far as the next place that my Mother is going to live in, we went house shopping last Wednesday in the Portland area but didn’t find anything. There were a few places that came close but nothing that matched our needs. So we’ll keep on looking. I think finding a few places that came close is a good sign.

Daniel and I published TeknoCratik’s 10th Podcast Episode. To mark the occasion, we’ve enhanced the intro and added an outro as well. You can find the podcast here on TeknoCratik. It was a good episode, I thought. I still have a lot of room to grow as a podcaster but I notice improvements with each episode. I’ve been writing down what I can improve upon for future episodes and one of the main things I’m going to try and fix is the mic. Dunno why it was cutting out like that. Anyway, description is below:

In this episode we take a look at mobile OSes. We discuss what we would like to see and what may be coming to rock the industry in the future. As well as reviewing what direction we think the big players will take.

As part of my previously published post, I am now including Gaming and Tech related posts from my Google+ Stream in the A Paladin series. This is an opt-in deal, where I embed public posts from people who have given their permission for me to do so. Tobias has already given his permission so I linked one post of his below. If anyone else wishes to have their stories linked in these posts, they need to leave a comment or contact me some other way. You can choose to opt-out and I will respect your wishes. On a side note, I’ve been seeing a lot of…interesting comments lately. I can’t tell if the people are legit but, I guess that’s a good thing. Seen some really bizarre comments though so I don’t know why I’m suddenly getting all of these comments either.

Gaming & Tech Posts from my Google+ Stream:

Sharing the latest news that you might find interesting from my G+ stream.

This first one is just completely nuts. A billion dollars? Amazing….

Hope you all have a good weekend, I’m going to be busy with YouTube videos as I try and get the channel back on it’s feet. I’ll also be busy with moving the remaining stuff out of the barn and getting it taken care of. The light at the end of the tunnel is very near.

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