King’s Update: I’m not quite dead…


But this summer heat is trying its best to kill me off. I’m definitely not a fan of these 90 degree temperatures we’ve been getting here in Eugene lately. At least, not with the current lackluster A/C in my house. :P. Granted, it doesn’t help that my room is really small and I’ve got this giant computer spewing out a ton of heat. But whatever, I’ll manage. I know complaining about the weather is ridiculous. We’re either too hot or too cold. It’s rare that the weather ever suits itself to our needs no matter where we live. So let’s get past that and onto the whole point of this post.

This blog isn’t dead, it’s just in-transition. Actually, it’s not just the blog but my life in general. I’ve got a bunch of decisions to make and what I decide will affect my future. Yes, that’s really vague, apologies. It’s stuff that I still don’t want to talk about publicly right now. However, what I can talk about publicly is the blog. Which is why you and I are here.

I’m ending the Personal Musing series in addition to the Greenlight series being cancelled. I made that decision shortly after I published the previous post. After 199 personal musings, I want to start something new. The main reason is that the posts were starting to lack focus towards the end. That and combined with the fact that they were taking more time and effort than they should for their intended purpose has made me want to start something different. It’s also the fact that they are difficult to…”market” for lack of a better term. There’s no easy and quick description of what they are and even the title is a bit vague. “Personal musings” doesn’t really match what they really are. The title did work at the beginning but as the posts evolved, the title didn’t hold up. Another problem was that I focused on other people’s content more than talking about my own thoughts. At a certain point, it was basically becoming a large “retweeting” post of the latest internet stuff that I had found and that’s just lazy. That’s not why I do these posts. So, after 199 posts, I want to do something on a regular basis that has a better focus. The only problem is, is that I haven’t figured out what that will be. It will probably be gaming based but I’m just not sure what that will look like ultimately. But I’ll figure it out soon enough. Got a bit of a vacation coming up soon so that’s probably where I’ll get my inspiration for the next series from.

As far as blog reviews go, I haven’t started working on any yet. It’s probably going to be after all this RL crazy silly stuff goes away before I start working on new ones. Not acceptable for me but that’s the timeline I’m looking at right now. I’m going to go with the flow and see what happens in July. I’m definitely not going to make any promises on when a new one will appear. But, I do have games lined up that are ready to be reviewed. I’m also reworking how Thought posts are going to be published and start an entirely new series and format that makes me happy.

So that’s what is up. I don’t like making update posts that essentially say nothing new but I’m trying to keep you guys in the loop. It’s to let you know that I haven’t completely ignored this blog. I still want to push it forward and come back better than ever. And this transition period will do just that.

Oh, I should also mention that Dangelus and I are keeping busy over at TeknoCratik. We’ve gotten a few episodes up and another one recorded and being edited right now. Last one was about Gareth’s experiences with Windows 8 and you should definitely check it out. My channel has been a bit quiet with the occasional episode being uploaded. So, I’m keeping busy as always. Thanks for reading!

Until then…


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