King’s Personal Musing 4/15/13: Spring Photos, Epic Music, Does There Need To Be More?…

My favorite photo I took this past weekend…I muse about Spring Photos, Epic Music and really, does there need to be anything more? đŸ˜‰

My Life of Late…

Busy and more busy. Yeah, that never gets old hearing how busy my life has been. ;). This past weekend was split in half with fun & partying on Saturday and studying on Sunday. On Saturday I did more recording with Gareth for Portal 2 and then went to a Super Smash Bros Melee tournament party. I have never been able to participate in any videogame tournament with other people. So, I jumped at the chance to go to one. It was 10 people there, I think. The rules were simple. 1v1 rounds set at 6mins with three stock lives. If we lost twice, we were done. We had a pretty wide range of skills so that certainly made gameplay different than I’m used to. Oh and no items dropped. I actually did really well which surprised even me. Even after all these years I seem to have some good skills with Smash Bros. It’s been a while since I played so I wasn’t sure. The tournament was setup in such a way that even if you lost once, you could still potentially take 1st. You would just have to win twice in the finals. Anyway, it was a ton of fun. I won 2nd place and I feel really good about that. The battle I lost in during the preliminaries was the most intense one as I was Samus fighting Marth. The guy controlling Marth was quite good and we took it to sudden death. At that point, he got lucky and hit me first before I could knock him out. I don’t feel bad about losing though, it was intense and well played So I fought through the remaining rounds and faced him again at the finals which was an epic battle. I as Link and he as Marth. I beat him in the first matchup but he beat me the second time around. Ah well, what can you do?  The next day I spent the entire time studying and getting homework done. So a very busy weekend for me. I really want to do more tournaments like that, I just wish I had the time to try and get them setup…

What I’m Playing Now…

I…what games did I play this past weekend? Oh right, I played some Forged Alliance on Saturday and got my butt kicked by Moonshine Fox. Yeah, that was…fun. Blegh. Tired of losing to him in that game but then again, I need to quit sucking ;). I was otherwise busy this past weekend with everything else. I finished up Season 2 of The Walking Dead and I’m just going to wait for the next season to show up on Netflix along with the next season of Dr. Who. I’m in no particular hurry to see them right away. Now, my attention has shifted to Star Trek: Enterprise. The last series I have yet to watch of the entire franchise. After a bumpy start, I’m starting to like it now. After the disaster of Voyager, I didn’t think I would like Enterprise all that much. The main theme still really really really sucks. I mean, wow, that is awful. For Star Trek. But the series isn’t too bad.

Content I’ve Published Elsewhere…

Published my usual weekly content for the channel. This time around it was Portal 2 and Shattered Haven. I’m a bit disappointed that no one seems to have watched this Portal 2 episode yet. Hopefully things pick up once I get past the Advanced Chambers section. We’ll see. In this episode, Gareth and I start noticing some problems going on with GlaDOS and Aperature.

In this episode of Shattered Haven, we encounter portals. As if we haven’t seen enough portals on this channel already ;). This series feels like it’s starting to get moving now. Hope you enjoy!

Gaming & Technology News To Discuss…

Blah news of late. There isn’t anything I want to really talk in depth about so I’ll just run off a few stories of note I found. EA fired a bunch of its staff including a lot of its mobile and “social” divisions which is interesting considering they were just saying that was their more profitable businesses. Then, they fired a bunch of them off. Alrighty then, sounds like another left hand not talking with the right hand deal going on. Also, it seems that 2K games is going to rename their previously-named XCOM FPS shooter into something else. Which is probably a good idea for them to do considering it wasn’t looking too hot even before XCOM Enemy Unknown came out. However, I’d probably stay away from it considering how many FPSes have gone through development hell and didn’t come out looking too hot on the other side.

LinkedIn acquired Pulse a while back which I find to be a very odd move for them. But I guess we’ll find out what happens with Pulse. I tried it out a long while back but never really liked the interface for the app. Required a lot of scrolling to see articles.

And then we have Arcen Games’ entire catalog of games on sale along with other nice bonuses if you’re at all interested in picking up Shattered Haven, Tidalis, A Valley Without Wind and more. All slashed for 75% off on Steam so go give them a look if you haven’t picked them up already. I pretty much recommend all of them at this point though you can check out my reviews on my blog for AVWW, Tidalis and AVWW2.

Photos To See…

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Good shot of the train tracks here.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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So colorful

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With my good camera a beautiful pink tulip

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One of my favorite photos I saw this past weekend

Wherever this dish is, it’s quite impressive.

This is a great photo I took on my run this past weekend.

Audio of Note…

This is quite the song, I really enjoyed it. Always nice to have songs come into my SoundCloud feed worth sharing as it’s still a work-in-progress.

This guy is an insanely good acapella singer. I’m slightly jealous of that. And his pretty cat too. đŸ˜‰ Enjoy his take on Castlevania – Bloody Tears which was awesome to listen to today. I really enjoy how each take has something unique going on, giving you something to look at as he sings serenades you. Then again, maybe I’m getting wooed by the beard and cat…

Finally, ThePianoGuys are back with a new original song, “Berlin”. I rather enjoyed this one.

This is an interesting electronic track by living lars called “Into Oblivion”.

Videos To Watch…

LaserFrog continues to entertain me with these Retrospectives. I was particularly amused by this one on Crazy Taxi. So many good memories of that game….forever tainted by the knowledge I now know…. đŸ˜‰

Campster takes a good long look at Bioshock Infinite and has his rather frank say on the game. I think he was one of the harshest critics I ever read/listened to talk about this game but he has good points.

Finally, TotalBiscuit has his first very long impressions on Bioshock Infinite if you’re interested in the game. Personally, I think the game is very overrated from what I’ve seen. Great story, no doubt. Great visuals, yes. But substantial gameplay? No. That’s what annoys me most about Infinite because if I want a similar experience, I’ll go watch a movie. Give me a game with substance.

I hope you enjoyed and until next time!…


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