King’s Personal Musing 4/8/13: LucasArts Closes, Facebook Home Suite for Android and more…

Been experimenting with my new S3 camera. I also talk about LucasArts closing, Facebook Home Suite for Android and more. Also, an updated Personal Musing layout.

My Life of Late…

Hello, welcome back and etc. As you might notice, I changed the format of Personal Musings for both you and me. I think I have a fairly wide variety of readers that aren’t all interested in gaming and tech or even what I publish on a regular basis so for your convenience, that’s been separated from this section. It’s also for my benefit so that these posts flow a bit better and I can get them out faster. In theory. So we’ll see how this works over the next week or so. What have I been up to…well, just getting through school and work. Ya, exciting life I tell you. šŸ˜‰ I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot over the weekend other than lots of homework done and some blog/YouTube stuff. But this week is promising to be really busy for me. So yeah, not a lot else to talk about here….

What I’m Playing Now…

(This is now my gaming/listening/watching section. I’ll be talking about ANYTHING I’ve consumed lately, whether it be gaming or Netflix or even podcasts). What have I been playing lately…well, besides my Let’s Play series I’ve been playing quite a bit of FTL mods. That’s been really neat to see what people have been doing. I tried picking up XCOM again but after 15 hours, I think I’m done with it. Certain game mechanics like how the aliens keep ramping up their difficulty with new weapons to insane levels annoys me far too much. Especially when humans, imo, don’t get that many tools to deal with them. Being restricted to six team members at a time doesn’t help matters either. I get that we’re supposed to be overwhelmed by the power of the aliens but six team members and a limited amount of weapons just annoys me on some level. I’m not asking to be uber powerful, I just want a little more variety in my tactics. Idk, I might come back to that one at a later date. On another note, I’m probably going to start playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent soon. And for real this time. I’ve been avoiding it for far too long…so wish my sanity luck on that one.

Finished up the Dresden Files audibook series for a second time (which I enjoyed as always) so I’m moving back to Podcasts casually. I don’t know if I’ll get quite as insane as I had when I was listening to them last year though. I’m also watching the Walking Dead like everyone else seems to be doing right now. I’m…liking it so far. Currently in the beginning of season two. I was surprised at how short season one was. I’m not sure what I should think about the series as a whole though. It isn’t bad, so at least people got that part right :P. And yeah, watching Game of Thrones as well. Interesting start to that series…that’s all I got to say for now.

Content I’ve Published Elsewhere…

(This is self-explanatory). I published a Portal 2 episode and a Cthulhu Saves The World. This is part 2 of 5 of the Advanced Testing Chambers for Portal 2. I enjoyed how the co-op section turned out but I’m really looking forward to publishing the Workshop adventures which have already been recorded. I feel like that’s some of our more entertaining content :). Still, this is good too. We continue exploring puzzles in the future! Bouncing all the way.

Also really enjoying the Cthulhu series a lot. One of the things I’m going to really try and improve on in future episodes is my commentary. I’m not doing as much as I should be. But other than that, it’s really ramping up to be a fun series for me. So enjoy this episode where we go to kick some zombie butt….or do we?

Gaming & Technology News To Discuss…

Facebook Home

It was long rumored that Facebook was going to do their own phone. I don’t know why anyone bought into that idea. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would Facebook waste a ton of money making a phone for a niche market of people? I mean, think about it. This is a phone that, theoretically, would be based on only. Why in the heck would anyone buy a phone that limited when they could turn around and buy an Android/iOS/Blackberry/Windows Phone that could do everything including Facebook? I sure as heck wouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, there would be some people that would buy it. But I doubt it’s more than the people that have bought Windows phones thus far.

So, the release of a new skin for Android makes a lot more sense. This is Facebook Home. The idea is that it’s a suite of apps to make your phone more “people-centric”. It’s basically making your android a Facebook phone to a degree. Will anyone use it? Probably. And even if they don’t, as unlikely as that might be, Facebook won’t have wasted a ton of money designing and releasing a new phone. They’ll just have wasted a ton of programmers’ time which is far cheaper. It amuses me how many people bought into the whole Facebook phone rumor. It really does. Do I suggest you get the new Facebook Home suite skin? Not really, mostly for privacy concerns. I wouldn’t trust Facebook with letting them gain that much data on what my phone does all the time. But hey, if you like using Facebook a lot and want a richer mobile experience, then, there you go. It will be released soon. Amusingly, Microsoft has slammed Facebook for copying their idea of being a “people hub” and tells everyone to upgrade to Windows phones. Not that I recommend you do so, but that story really amused me. On a lot of levels.

Since Disney aquired LucasFilm, they’ve been doing a lot of things. As of late though, they’ve been shutting down a lot of parts of the business. Most notably, they closed down LucasArts. They stated that LucasArts will shift to a licensing model rather than develop their own games after theyĀ evaluatedĀ their position in the games market. I’m not really surprised that Disney did. LucasArts has been a mess for the past half decade and more. They haven’t released a good game in a long time and probably the most notable one was The Force Unleashed but even that was one I didn’t particularly find that enjoyable. The sequel got pretty badly panned too. Everything since then has been licensed games like the Old Republic and the Angry Birds Star Wars editions and those have done pretty well. Well…maybe not the Old Republic. It seems to be having issues last I heard. Still, other companies seem to be doing a better job of releasing Star Wars based games than LucasArts has.

Which is really a pity because the development company used to do some really good games back in the day. Most notably for me was the Star Wars games for N64 and Gamecube: Rogue Squadron. Man, just seeing the boxart brings back lots of memories playing those games. I really enjoyed these games and while they might have had their issues, it was fun doing all of the dog fighting and various missions against the Empire. And it had a good variety of ships too. LucasArts is well known for prior games farther back too. So this end is certainly not just for a development company of their history. But, it was time to let them go. I can only hope a new company can take up the reigns and do the Star Wars license proud now. We’ll see.

Photos To See…

I thought this was cute enough from FB to warrant it being in this post.

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And now cute foxes…

Pico says he's a watch cat.

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I don’t think I want to mess with this kitty…

Seattle Tulips!

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This looks awfully familiar to me…

Orange monarch close up

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The tree is pretty!

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Very colorful photos of some flowers.

Audio of Note…

(I really need to find some more suggestions here, so any would be appreciated)

A really nicely done Chiptune song.

A nice song with some piano beats.

Videos To Watch…

I’ll admit, I’m a bit jealous of Fox’s skills at this level. This one made me kind of rage due to how many times I died. And he dies maybe half a dozen times. The jerk. But, at least I didn’t miss all the obvious crystals ;).

I’m starting to like this new channel by PushingupRoses. A second look at retro gaming and she has a unique style that I like.

I am pretty sure I used to play Reader Rabbit games on our old XP machine…I need to double check wikipedia.

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed this new layout. Let me know what you thought!


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