King’s Personal Musing 4/3/13: New Android Galaxy S3, Last Weekend and Life, Many a Flower Photos and more…

I am now part of the Android Community. >=). I muse about my new Samsung Galaxy S3, Life of late, share a lot of flower photos and much more…

My Life Musings…

It’s been a very busy life here recently. My mother and brother came up to visit with my other brother and I this past weekend. Along with bringing the puppy Jahna, who I will share a photo down below. Jahna is sure growing. It won’t be much longer before she is too big to be a lap puppy. If you’re interested in more photos, follow me on G+. I posted a lot of them up there. Anyway, we did quite a few things over the weekend. Played Settlers of Catan in which Jason kicked Mom and I’s butts. I do enjoy playing boardgames like Settlers but Jason’s annoying tendency of winning ALL OF THEM is…well…annoying. It was just the three of us and I got off to a really lousy start. Which seems to happen pretty often with me when I play these games. Oh well. Oh right, we hiked up Pisqah trail in Eugene so we could finally tire that puppy out. She’s a big old ball of energy and while it’s cute, it’s not that cute at 9pm. Now that I’m typing this out, I just realized we never did get to see a movie…oh well, maybe this weekend. Other than that, I got ready for school. I got lucky and was able to buy books before the local bookstore ran out. Yeah, I don’t usually buy books on the first week of school but things were rough and I just didn’t get around to it until the last minute. Oh well. They were cheap this term too which helped. This week has started off pretty well so far. Which is a good thing considering how the previous term started out…

I am actually really happy with how Spring Term went. I got work done on my Linux machine, I got a lot of work done on my YouTube channel and a lot of other projects got some good work done as well. The only thing I didn’t really get around to was the blog and that was just simply due to me running out of time. Going to try and work on it soon. I need to do some improvements to posts and pages. But between the work I got done and getting visited by family, a good overall week. My schedule for the blog and channel will be this: 3X Personal Musings and 2X YouTube vids per week. The two videos will be one Portal 2 video and one Shattered Haven/Cthulhu Saves The World video. Those two games will swap off every week to keep things interesting unless I have a boring week at school in which case I’ll release both. I’ll also throw in a random FTL episode when I get around to it. But I think this schedule should be fairly sane….but we’ll see. I don’t know when I’ll get around to making larger posts during the week so I’m not going to promise anything until I’m done with this term. So there you go. My schedule for the near future. Speaking of FTL, enjoy these episodes where I command the USS Enterprise E:

All in one convenient list. This series will be focusing on what the modding community in FTL has been up to and I think it is off to a great start. The response has also been very positive which I’m glad to see. =) Thanks for reading, listening and watching as always!

Tech and Gaming News To Talk About…

I’m just going to talk about my tech news of late. There isn’t any stories I want to cover tonight. So I finally got my introduction to the Android ecosystem today and I am blown away from what little I have seen so far. The amount of control, options and flexibility is a bit insane. I can imagine why some might find it overwhelming but at the same time, it’s really quite awesome and not that difficult to figure out. So far. The story goes that I’ve been looking to upgrade my iPhone 4 for…a very long time. The iPhone 5 announcement was…well…disappointing to say the least. After said announcement, I held back on updating my phone for a while. Which was a good thing, as I was starting to get really tired of the Apple ecosystem. I then started to get really frustrated with Apple when they started abusing their power & control in their App Store. Which I’ve talked about at length before. So, I decided closed-source was no longer the answer for mobile. Thus, I’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to go down in price so I could get it. Jon sent me a case last week just to make sure I got one instead of an iPhone ;). Today, during class, I got a G+ message from Jon that the Samsung S3 had gone down in price like we had guessed it would. Of course it just had to happen RIGHT in the MIDDLE of class on my BUSIEST day of the week. Samsung has a cruel sense of humor. I wasn’t getting out of classes until 3 hours later so sitting through class was…slightly torturous. But I managed and drove on over to AT&T to pick up my new phone. I had already wiped my phone of any sensitive data so I was fine there. Showed up, got myself a blue version (points to the blog’s background color as an explanation), traded in my old iPhone 4 and got it for pretty much free. I was rather surprised at the trade-in value of that old phone. So there you go. The story. Heh. I am really looking forward to doing more on this phone as the week progresses so I’m sure you’ll be reading more about it. Because I’m just ridiculously excited about this new phone =D.

Also, if you want to listen to more of Dangelus and I talking about tech on the TeknoCratik podcast, listen here: A TeknoCratik Podcast #5. It’s a bit of a shorter show than usual but we talk about Facebook advertising failures, Linux topics, Google and Apple, Google Reader being discontiued, apps we’ve tried lately and much more. You should give it a check. I hope Dangelus and I can get a little bit more regular with these podcast episodes in the future as I’m enjoying them immensely.

Photos To See…


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It's alive!

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Yeah, that isn’t creepy at all…

Table decor!

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Easter eggs galore

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Man, I haven’t been to the beach in a long time.

Nice, pretty purple flowers.

My little model cat. Pico.

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Hello, pretty kitty. (Did I mention I really need a pet now? ;))

The front porch tulips

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More flowers

Ah spring!

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And a final bunch to satisfy. =P. There was quite a few good ones this week.

Here are some of my favorite Jahna photos I took this past weekend. She is such a cute Pitbull puppy. Pretty well behaved too but has a long ways to go…

Audio of Note…

Taylore Davis does a great Game of Thrones theme this past week.

OC ReMix has a good relaxing Sonic song for you.

And a heavier Ys III song if you don’t like relaxing.

Cool Videos To Watch…

Totalbiscuit, you’re such a bad SCII player. But I enjoy watching you just the same xD. This is a hilarious video you should watch if you’re interested in Starcraft II videos.

I didn’t know that much about Goldeneye 007 for the N64 if this video is anything to go by.

I think I found the next survival horror game I’ll play after Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Whenever I get around to finishing that scare fest of a game x_x…

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you Friday!


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