King’s Personal Musing 3/4/13: Discussion About “Being Offensive”, LGR System Shock Review and more…

I muse about “Being Offended”, LGR System Shock Review and more…

My Life Musings…

Ninth week of this term starts today. Yeah, that is making me nervous I’m not going to lie. Nervous enough to delay some other things while I focus on ending this term. The weeks leading up to the end of this term are going to be interesting. Still, I’m keeping it together way better than I had last term and I guess that’s saying something. I hope you all are having a good start to the week too, I know Mondays can be a bit rough.

First post since the new coat of paint on my blog. It’s all so new. I’m enjoying it myself at any rate. You should go check out the front page that was put up over the weekend. Just hit “Home” up there, I can wait for you to get back. Go. Go now……… back? Good. So, I worked on that over the weekend. Yeah, I still have to work on that author description bit down below. I’ll get on that sooner or later. I actually asked for feedback on the look/layout of the place from one of WordPress’s community sections yesterday and well…I also got a bemusing comment on the Tower of Darkness page. I am bemused because he said that by having that page highlighting the negative comments could potentially offend someone. By extension, that means what I post about on this blog could potentially offend someone. (Yeah, that’s my brain exploding right then) At this point, if I worried about every single person I could potentially offend by anything I do/say/write, I might as well shut up and become a hermit. This is getting really ridiculous. I just want to point out that everything I talk about on this blog is what I feel comfortable talking about on the Internet. There is almost nothing left I could talk about that could be considered less controversial at this point. Except the air around me. Good grief this is getting out of hand.

Actually, it is kind of like this as of late...

Actually, it’s kind of like that as of late…

To put it bluntly, I quit caring who I could potentially offend a long time ago. I actually thought I crossed “a line” a couple months back but if the views and “response” are anything to go by, it didn’t bother anyone. Well, I knew then that I should just quit caring if I pushed the wrong buttons. It seems like any sort of discussion will “offend” someone at this point. If your so offended easily, tough. Get a thicker skin and grow up already. If you can’t do that then get out of my blog. I’m tired of people being “offended” all of the time. I’m tired of rational discussion being thrown to the wayside because someone got “offended” by the statement. Guess what? I’m offended that you’re offended! Get over it! It’s one thing to be tolerant but this attitude of late…of being so “PC” has just gone too far. It really has. At the end of the day, we need to have the ability to discuss controversial stuff. (Nicely). This is the Internet, not the dark ages where everything is positive, warm and happy. What gets me is that this is technology I’m talk about. This is gaming that I’m talking about. There are far worse subject materials that come to mind. But in this day and age it seems like we’ve gotten so “we must be happy and positive” all the time that being disagreeable is considered offensive. Geez. That needs to stop.

This is my blog. I’ve already had the debate on whether the Tower of Darkness page stays or goes years ago. It stays. End of story. It is as much a part of the blog as is the other page. For all intents and purposes its really an archive of posts I’ve made. So getting rid of it would only be hiding those posts and I would much rather people knew exactly what they were getting into when they started following this blog rather than finding out later. If you don’t like what I have to say in that page, you won’t like what I have to say in general. My Personal Musings cover a lot of controversial subjects in the tech and gaming sector just by themselves. So best to get it out of the way now.

I also have to say, not reading what I have to say just because you don’t agree with it is a questionable stance. I read/listen to quite a few people who I don’t agree with on a regular basis. It helps keep my opinion…well…sane because it gives me an idea of what other people are saying. Simply existing in this one view of the world with no one to challenge your beliefs is simply not a good idea.

Thoughts? Comments? Leave em below. I’ll have a fair discussion with you.

Tech and Gaming News To Talk About…

Talk about a weekend that lacked in news. Most of it revolved around SimCity (5), Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed 4 and that rumored iWatch. I am bemused that the iWatch rumors state that it will come out sometime in the next couple of months to the next couple of years. So, basically what we know about this “iWatch” is absolutely nothing. Thanks for wasting my time today guys, really appreciate it. >=. Yeah…also, not all that interested in Tomb Raider. It sounds like it’ll be a pretty good reboot of the series though. SimCity 5 has a lot of concerns surrounding the business model, the small size of the cities and whether the servers will be able to handle the load on launch day. My bet is: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. See Diablo 3.

The only thing I want to comment on is this article by Destructoid. Tony Ponce, the writer, talks about how AAA game development teams are “too damn big”. He talks about how a typical game from Ubisoft has around 400-600 people working on it. Disney’s last game, Disney Epic Mickey 2, had 700 people working on the game. It flopped horribly to the point that the development company was closed down and the Epic Mickey series is likely dead. You can read more about it at this link. I have to say that this explains a lot about recent AAA publisher attitudes. Why they seem to need even more money. Why $60 doesn’t seem to be enough for them to generate enough revenue. I will grant that you can never have enough money but it seems to me lately that the need has been getting worse and worse. If your teams are numbering in the hundreds, its little wonder why games have to sell millions of copies to make money. But, I’d also like to add that publishers also like to have CGI trailers. Animated trailers. And even live-actions trailers instead of in-game trailers these days. I’m not an expert at this sort of thing but I’m willing to bet that costs a lot of money. A lot of money that is being spent unnecessarily. Add that in with the hundreds of developers working these jobs and its little wonder why they have to sell so many copies. Is all that really necessary? I’m going to say the answer is no. Epic Mickey 2 flopped hard. Resident Evil 6 had 600 people and flopped just as hard. I’m sure if we went digging around we would find even more bad flops with development teams numbering in that high. Maybe it is time for the AAA publishers to start cutting way back. Not that I want the industry to start firing people left & right and hope that works. But they should take a look at what successful Indie studios have done and maybe take a page out of their book. It might just fix their problems. Who knows.

Photos To See…

And if that doesn’t make you want to go: Dawwww well, your dead inside. Or you don’t like cats but that’s basically the same thing. šŸ˜‰

Hanging terrarium with gold mushrooms.

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That is pretty cool.

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I can’t remember what gun Nathan has…I can’t even make a guess from this angle either.

Cute cat picture is really cute :).

Want to know what Oregon weather looks like on the Coast? That. Nuff said.

Audio of Note…

This is a new find, shared on my twitter feed earlier today by @torcht. My hope is to eventually mature this audio section to more genres like rock, country and such. But time is not on my side right now so I add to it as best as I can.

Here’s a nice little piano piece to enjoy.

The Hyrule Castle theme from Legend of Zelda – Wind Waker is one of my favorite tracks in the Zelda verse. Blake does it justice in his take on the theme so give it a listen.

Cool Videos To Watch…

LGR takes a look at System Shock. A game I have never had the chance to play but should take a look at if this video is anything to go by. Problem being is that I rarely have time for older games like this one these days. I’m not exactly a nostalgic type of person so playing these older games has a lesser priority with me than most other games. Especially if they have wonky mechanics.

Do not get Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. By all the looks and statements surrounding the game, it is a cash in. There are way better zombie games on the market right now. Left For Dead 2 being a prime example. Just don’t buy this one. Kind of amazes me that this one has a fanbase willing to defend it just like the WarZ does. Good grief, what is this world coming to…

So I hope you enjoyed that discussion above and until the next post, I hope you have a great day.



  1. Only two comments:

    “Iā€™m offended that your offended!” I’m offended that you put “your” instead of “you’re”.

    And yes, you should definitely try both the System Shock games. Though System Shock 2 is generally considered the superior game.

  2. Very highly recommend shemusic. Almost all of his work is fantastic!

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