King’s Personal Musing 2/15/13: Aliens: Colonial Marine Disaster, 11bit Studios Pre-Order Nonsense and more…

If only the Aliens game actually looked that good…I muse about Aliens: Colonial Marines Disaster, 11bit Studios Pre-order nonsense and more…

My Life Musings…

I’m holding it together as best I can these days. You know, I’ve noticed that people have said I’m funny. I shrugged off the first comment, because I have low self-esteem (yay) but I’ve gotten the comment several more times from different people now. And, idk why I’m bringing it up now other than its just been on my mind. I know I have a very dry sense of humor but, idk, its just weird to get that compliment. (If you can’t tell, I don’t take compliments very well.) So yeah, life. What has been going on lately? Longest week of college. Or maybe second longest week of college. Its hard to tell anymore because they all feel very long at this point. Yet I here I stand, err sit, writing out another Personal Musing. So clearly I’ve made it. There isn’t much new to talk about that I can think of. Mom and 2nd brother are up for the weekend visiting my brother and I. I’ve been busy as ever trying to keep up with classes right now and I’m just glad to have midterms behind me now. Of course, now I have finals to worry about. The ever “sweet” cycle of college life I tell ya. Hopefully things start turning around soon though. I could do with less difficult weeks. Hope you have been well this past week and keeping busy.

Finally published the second Chapter of Gareth and I’s adventures in Portal 2 Co-Op yesterday. This will be a two part of chapter two. Part two will be up whenever I can get it done. Anyway, in this episode, we learn just how much you can trust me in co-op. Which is apparently very little if we use this video as evidence. I swear I’m usually not this much of a jerk but I think GLaDOS is rubbing off on me. Enjoy this episode with all of our antics.

Tech and Gaming News To Talk About…

Oh boy. This is always fun when these movie tie-in videogames come out. They promise big but usually under-deliver  You can usually expect an average experience when you buy a game based on a major movie franchise. I can count on one hand how many great movie-based games that I’ve ever played in my life. So when Aliens: Colonial Marines was published this week I didn’t quite expect the response that it got. People weren’t happy with the game. At all. The reviews absolutely blasted the game for terrible graphics, broken AI, confusing story and many other broken parts of the game. Its a big mess and no amount of patching will likely fix the game. At least, that’s even if Gearbox is given the chance to patch the game and something tells me Sega won’t likely support it.


Its just rare to see a game get blasted like this by the general gaming review/news websites. Its just so rare to see. And for that, it is very likely that Sega and Gearbox have ruined the Aliens franchise on the gaming side permanently. It is being made worse when accusations of false advertising are being thrown around as the demo does not come close to matching the final product of the game. To top it all off, there are people saying that Gearbox outsourced the game to other companies to focus on their Borderlands games. Its a giant ugly mess and getting this all ironed out in the end will take weeks if not months. Its a great reminder why you shouldn’t pre-order games ever. Its also really shameful that SEGA and Gearbox greenlit this game for release. It should never have been allowed onto shelves in this state. Its so tiring that movie tie-in games are getting released like this. Aliens is the perfect setting for a videogame. Gearbox has everything they need to build a great game and this thing is now considered canon! So why couldn’t they do a better job?! WHY?! Why is this the best that you could put out?! And why do people keep supporting this terrible business practice of buying up games just because its a famous movie franchise? I just, I just don’t know anymore. You want to know what the sad part is? This game will probably sell really well just based entirely on its name and franchise. There is no justice…

11Bit Studios, developers of Anomaly: Warzone Earth, announced a game that you can now preorder for 50% off the regular price. You want to know the kicker? You don’t know anything about the game. Once they talk about what the game is about, the 50% offer goes away. Essentially, your preordering a game completely blind and you could get stuck with a puzzle game for all you know. If you pre-order this game, I don’t want to hear your whining when you find out it isn’t the game you wanted. Because you will be an idiot for spending your money like that. I don’t trust any company with that much blind-faith to preorder a game based on past performance. If your silly enough to do that, you deserve to lose your money on this one. I do NOT want to see any other developer follow with similar deals. Preorders are already annoying enough as it is and I wish they would quit being done. But people keep supporting the practice so can I really blame them? Anomaly was a decent game but it doesn’t justify this “secret preorder” nonsense their pulling now. Well, no company justifies this practice, not even Valve. So this needs to stop immediately.

Photos To See…

Hehe. For those that missed the news, an asteroid exploded over Russia recently, injuring 100s of people and causing a lot of property damage.


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Looks familiar, no?

A kitty snuggle.

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These cats certainly look very regal.

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Some clouds to stare at, because you haven’t stared at enough already.

Behold the mighty hunter! 😉

Audio of Note…

Some good OCRemix music tonight for you to listen to. One is a chiptune song of a game I’ve never heard of and another is a somber version of a Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening song. Check them out:

ViolinTay does a really good version of the Hobbit – Misty Mountains song via violins. You should check it out.

Peter Hollens does an excellent A Cappella cover of “Brave”. I definitely recommend you check this out:

Cool Videos To Watch…

TotalBiscuit gives his perspective on whether you should preorder videogames. Spoiler: You shouldn’t because it encourages terrible business practices and only creates more risk for yourself. You can wait for the game to come out on release day, there is literally no reason to preorder. And all that silly preorder benefits aren’t worth the risk. And this is the only video I want to share here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time!…


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