King’s Personal Musing 1/26/13: The Eternity Clock Ticks, I Dance and more…


Molly’s Antics earned her a spot in the Personal Musing spotlight this time around. I muse about a whole heck of a lot of nothing today, if I’m being honest.

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Another week come and gone. To me, College has just started but really, I’m already on the third week. Yikes. Ever since Wednesday, content has been a bit sparse to talk about on these personal musings. Life just kind of slowed down and it happens. But when it happens, it makes these even harder to do. Oh well. I haven’t had much happen to me this week, just school and work as per normal. School’s going fine so far, a lot less stressful than last term. I think it helps that Math isn’t completely obliterating my brain this time around. Work is also going good. Every day bounces from busy to slow back to busy. The house I’m living in had a dancing class held in the main dining room and that was…interesting. The Church holds a weekly (I think it’s weekly) class and it was held in the house due to conflicts in the Church building. I was sorta-kinda-forced into participating. (Ok, maybe not ;)). Apparently my posture is pretty good for a beginner. I guess that’s a good thing. I haven’t danced since High School and I did very little dancing back then. Yeah, I know, shocking. We went over tango and…some other form of dancing I’m forgetting the name to. Typical. I really need to fix that part of my brain that deals with names. Its getting a bit old that I keep forgetting important details like that. Yeah, I’m just rambling at this point, aren’t I?

Oh right, I installed Ubuntu/Linux onto my second computer last night. It went well except my wireless card wasn’t working with Ubuntu so I’m going to pick up a switch so I can have both computers wired into the Internet. I was planning on doing that anyway and thankfully they’re pretty cheap. I was informed that wireless cards usually have problems with Linux due to the manufacturers making them proprietary. But it didn’t help my case that I picked the one card that has the most problems working with Linux either so, that’s typical Tim I suppose. Not much else to say as I haven’t really played around with it much since I did. Kind of need internet to do anything really cool on it. So that’ll be up next.

I published the first episode of my Cthulhu Saves the World series. You get to listen to: bad voice acting, lots of words and very little action. But hey, its a RPG after all. Not sure what you expected. šŸ˜‰

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Been pretty devoid of anything good to talk about news wise, but I’ve had some pretty good articles to talk about in the past so..*shrug*. Maybe next time.

Photos To See:

And if that isn’t cute, I don’t know what is.

More cute cats, the world could use more of these photos.

Just to change things up, here are some creepy boxes.

Audio of Note:

An interesting song that was shared on my SoundCloud feed today. Take a listen…

Interesting Videos To Watch:

My friend UKGareth316 is back with a new Dr Who series of games to play. Dr Who: The Eternity Clock. Interesting sidenote, I’m currently in season 3 of the “new” Dr. Who. Its umm…odd. Anyway, this platformer is quite the interesting one that I pointed out to Gareth, since I figured he would be interested in another Dr Who game to play. It doesn’t look like a half-bad game either.

Did You Know Gaming is back with another look at the Zelda franchise and all the neat behind-the-scenes facts and history. I really enjoy fun facts like these so finding this series last year was great. I should check out the site sometime in the future…

Until next time dear readers…


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