King’s Personal Musing 1/23/12: THQ Is Now Dissolved, Quite a Few Photos and more…

No idea where this photo comes from, I found it in my archives. I muse about

No idea where this photo comes from, I found it in my archives. I muse about THQ dissolving, photos I’m sharing today and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Hello all, I hope you had a good MLK weekend. I know I did, which was good after the last couple of weekends I’ve been having. I’m glad I finally had a full weekend off after all that’s happened. And while I certainly enjoyed my weekend off, I wasn’t completely lazy either. I got a bunch of homework and reading done as well as other misc tasks that I’ve had to put off time and time again. I’m still going to be spending time “catching up” on my to-do list but things are starting to get back to normal. Pff, whatever that is… Yeah, this month. This month. This week has been fairly quiet so I don’t have much to say about my personal life today. Not a bad thing either, I’ve rather enjoyed the time “off”. Job is going well too, though these early morning wake-ups are killing me x_x. Maybe I really should start drinking coffee…

Over the weekend I finished up Unmechanical, Transformers: War for Cybertron and Red Faction: Armageddon. All three were pretty short games, especially Unmechanical, so it was easy enough to finish them off this past weekend. Unmechanical is a really great looking game but so short I somewhat question the value for money. Still, I enjoyed the puzzles and the gorgeous visuals the game presents you. Transformers: War for Cybertron literally gave me a headache after finishing it. Its not that its a terrible game…its just an “ok” game. I mostly picked up the game so that I could get the story before “Fall of Cybertron” which I’ll pick up at a much later date. I’m hoping that game is as good as the hype surrounding it because War was just…so meh. Lots and lots of explosions and shooting galleries. Finally, Red Faction was an interesting physics-explosion-sandbox game. But after a while, the charm wears off and the shooting feels a bit subpar and so does the enemies your fighting. At least, that’s how it felt to me at the end of the game. So this week I’ve been playing, intermittedly, Mark of the Ninja. Which has been a big breathe of fresh air after the two subpar FPS games. Playing stealthy actually gives my brain an excuse to think for once ;). Now I know what your thinking. My brain doesn’t do any actual thinking. So that must be the voices talking in my head. Huh. Anyway, the game just screams polish and I’m about 1/4th the way done with it, I think. So that’s the next game up for completion. I’m just going for all the objectives and scrolls in each level.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

THQWell, this is depressing news to get.Ā THQ comes to an end today. After a long battle with financial troubles, the PC gaming publisher comes to an end, having its multiple IPs being sold off to at least five different publishers. Its assets were sold off in an auction to the highest bidder recently but surprisingly one of their studios, Vigil, was not sold. Vigil is the force behind the Darksiders series. Relic, makers of Company of Heroes, was sold to Sega. Volition and 4A studios, devs behind Metro 2033 & Saints Row, were sold to Koch Media who recently published the infamous Dead Island game. THQ Montreal which was apparently a new studio developing new IP was sold to Ubisoft. Crytek (of EA), devs of Crysis, bought up Homefront. Which is an interesting purchase considering the brand isn’t all that well liked. You can see totals on sales at the link provided.

I have to say, this month has just sucked in almost every way imaginable. =. Losing THQ is unfortunate but I had been seeing the writing on the wall for a while now. I had just been hoping they could pull through despite their recent financial troubles. It seems like we keep hearing about AAA businesses going under or laying off a lot of staff here as of late. While THQ wasn’t the most perfect company in the world, they were a company that seemed to respect its customers and took risks. They made mistakes too, Homefront being one of the biggest, but they provided plenty of quality games like Metro 2033 and Saints Row: The Third. I was looking forward to Metro: Last Light but now I’m really skeptical about that game now that the Dead Island company is picking them up. I’m also less than happy that Ubisoft has yet another company under its ever-growing umbrella. Having EA acquire yet another studio is also disappointing as they have far too many studios under its roofs for me to be comfortable with. The loss of THQ sucks. I hope that another publisher comes in to replace the void left by THQ and I also hope that the devs acquired by other publishers aren’t gutted and destroyed. But I remain skeptical of their chances. I also hope that all the developers that lost their job find a new place to work quickly. This less-than-ideal market is not the time you want to be without a job right now. So good luck to you.

Photos To See:

Hehehehehehehe šŸ˜‰

Crabby fellow!

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I don’t think I’ve ever had crab…

Yeah, I wish it was snowing here. It would make up for the fact that its REALLLY FREAKING COLD RIGHT NOW. *cough*

Ok, I’ll just say up here, I don’t know why, but Nathan’s cat is one of the most photo-genic cats I’ve seen thus far. That or Nathan is just a good photographer, which is entirely possible ;). Its also been a slow week for photos or new original photos.

Bird hunters.

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Penny is hiding from uncle josh!

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Knee cat.

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Audio of Note:

A really well done Portal video titled “The Turret Anthem”. They did a really good job on this one. These are few and far between.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

A new series from TotalBiscuit named “Am I Evil?” Part one. Yes, TB is quite evil. He plays through the game that’s soon to be released: “DungeonLand”. I’ve only heard bits and pieces about the game myself. I though the reverb was hilarious and so was how badly these guys played against him. It brought me a smile at least So give it a look.

Sometimes, I think I need to be reminded of this every now and again. Vihart talks about how you should handle comments about your works online and I think she has some good things to say on the subject. It certainly made me think, think about whether I had grown a bit too afraid to publish things on the Interwebs. Yeah, I know, I do it constantly. But I keep my stuff fairly close to the chest and I don’t do a lot of advertising outside of my social networks and a few forums. Mostly because this is my part-time “job” so I don’t do a ton of work on it. I think if I did, I’d be promoting it in more areas online. I wonder what my blog would look like if I worked on it full time…hmm.

Screenjunkies are back with another honest trailer about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I still can’t believe I thought this movie was good the first time I saw it. I can’t watch it now, its just too terrible to watch but it blows my mind that I actually liked it way back when it came out. *shudder*. Sometimes, I wonder about this brain of mine. Its not like I was the biggest fan of Indiana Jones either so..I don’t know.

And that’s it for today. I hope you liked this post and until next time…


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