King’s Personal Musing 1/19/13: Gas Powered Games Wildman Firings, Dead Island Tacky Torso and more…

Musings about Dead Island apparently.

I muse about Gas Powered Games and Wildman, the Dead Island Tacky Torso and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Been a busy couple of days for me. Today has mostly been me slacking off, I’ll admit. But I did get some Science reading in so that’s better than most slack days. Hey, its not like I have homework to do at the moment. Well, at least until a couple hours ago when it was published online but I’ve got more than enough time to tackle that. About to head off to a movie soon, the new Red Dawn flick, so that will hopefully be interesting. Its also why this post is going out earlier than normal. When I go to movies, I’ve basically had to turn off my brain. Its not that I dislike movies, its just that if I think too much about the film too much, I get annoyed by one thing or another. The lack of creative plots lately doesn’t help anything either. So I have to turn off my brain or I don’t enjoy them all that much. Its probably why I haven’t been all that bothered by the Hobbit film or any recent one I’ve seen lately. I don’t know, just me talking out loud at the moment. So yeah, just enjoying my extended weekend at the moment. Thank goodness for Monday being an off day. :). Fortunately, I don’t work on Mondays so I won’t lose any money for having it off. That’s really good right now.

Been playing quite a bit of Age of Wonders – Shadow Magic with a couple of friends of mine. That’s been a lot of fun though today we had quite a few lag problems. Oh well, it happens. Played Magicka after that with a friend of mine. Been a long time since I’ve played Magicka. And its not exactly at the top of the list as far as priorities go either. Mostly due to the fact that the game isn’t exactly the most stable or bug-free game of all time. It crashed twice while we were playing earlier plus had several bugs crop up. To the point that we had to quit because the bugs were getting too annoying. Its a pity, but that is how Magicka is and there isn’t much one can do about it. Finally, I played a bit of the Lone Survivor game tonight. All I have to say is that it is one really odd game.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:


You know…some days…I really have to wonder whether companies actually think before they do something like this. Did no one say this was a bad idea? Really? So, yeah, ever felt the need to have a woman’s torso with hacked-off limbs in your office? Did you want said torso covered in gore too? Well, have I got the deal for you. Actually, get the frack out of my blog because I don’t even want to know someone who would want something that incredibly tacky in their office/living room. This thing is wrong. Just, dead wrong because its just so tacky and disgusting. There are a lot of comments going around about how its being sexist against women, I disagree with the notion. I think its just a stupid and tacky object. Its tacky. Got that Deep Silver? This thing, is tacky. I don’t know who approved it. I think far too many insane people approved of this without thinking it through because I would have taken one look at it and thrown it out the window. Then told them they were fired for being such tacky idiots. Ok, enough of my opinion, let me explain the situation. Deep Silver, developers of the game “Dead Island” are releasing a special edition for their sequel to the game, “Riptide”, called “Zombie Bait”. So its Dead Island Riptide, Zombie Bait Edition. Nice. Anyway, in this special edition comes this 12″ resin of a female torso covered in gore with the Union Jack bra covering a rather…generous…chest. For the kids. I’m having to really restrain my sarcasm here but its getting out. Once this news hit the Internet, it blew up and at Deep Silver for not having any sort of intelligence. Deep Silver later apologized for the torso and stated that it would only be included in the European version of the collector’s edition. However, they failed to mention whether they would or wouldn’t ship it after the controversy. As my friend MoonshineFox stated, its pretty likely they will since they probably have them already created and don’t want to waste the money not shipping them. At least they’re only shipping it to the EU, as they tend to be more toler….actually…hmm, I’m thinking they wouldn’t be more tolerant of this item than the US. Regardless, this is yet another PR mistake in a growing list of them for the developers Deep Silver…you’d think they would learn eventually. I’m less than happy to see this because I like to think that the videogame industry has grown up by now. But everytime I see something so juvenile like this, I begin to wonder. And if I’m wondering, its with little doubt that the general public perceives us gamers like a bunch of kids. Can we just quit making crap like this? Sheesh.

Gas Powered GamesGas Powered Games, developers of Supreme Commander, Demigod and several other infamous games, recently started a Kickstarter for their newest game: “Wildman”. Not much was really said about the game and what it was all about. The initial words said about it was that it was a RTS/MOBA/RPG mix. However, a couple days later Gas Powered Games announces that they are firing most of their staff right then and there. Apparently, the company was bleeding cash pretty badly and the Kickstarter was a last-ditch effort to get out of the hole. Only problem is, it wasn’t exploding how they had wanted so they let people go. Chris Taylor, main guy in charge I suppose, said that if the Kickstarter was successful they would hire many of the people they just fired back into the company. I kind of have to wonder how many of those people would actually want to get rehired by GPG. I mean, they put all this work and effort into a game only to get fired like that. A lot of this smells of a public stunt to get more sympathy on their side as well. I also have to wonder why they thought the Kickstarter was “going badly” when it had only been up for a couple of days. I mean, you have a month. Give the Internet time, sheesh.

At this point, it is very hard to trust Chris Taylor/Gas Powered Games to be able to deliver this game. The company hasn’t shown us much since Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. What they have shown is a tendency to promise big, publish the games half-way done and then drop it for the next project. We saw this with Demigod especially as they game barely got any support after launch. For a MOBA title, that’s pretty unacceptable. My suggestion is to avoid Wildman. I don’t think they have what it takes to release a good enough game and their recent track record isn’t much even when they had the full company running. So avoid it and you don’t have to worry about being disappointed again.

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So many cats like this….so many cats….

Outside my office as I'm leaving work 🙂

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We still haven’t gotten any snow.

My Mom’s new puppy. Jahna, a Pit Bull terrier. She’s really cute.

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Some really cool music from HyperDuck Soundworks. Enjoy.

So what happens when you mix Dragonball Z and Superman? This theme. Its not too bad.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

Another great video from HISHE about how The Hobbit, should have ended. I kind of wish the Hobbit films explained why they don’t use the Eagles to get everywhere. I know the books explain it (or at least, I recall that they do) but the movies have, so far, avoided talking about it. Which is a bit perplexing as it creates a plot hole the size of Texas in the movies. Ah well, here you go:

Jesse’s Dead Space Let’s Play comes to an end and what a journey it has been. A very amusing journey at least. Really enjoyed this series myself. Jesse’s sense of humor really made the series enjoyable, even if his aim is absolutely terrible and the amount of frustration I get in certain circumstances can get high…he’s still fun to watch. The game, Dead Space, really is very good. It has some flaws but overall, its when EA was at its height in recent times.

The AuzzieGamer is back with Hitman: Absolution. And he is off with a bang in this episode. I really like his style of Let’s Plays as he gives you good information on the game , how to play it and how certain play-styles can reward you. Definitely recommend you check this series out:

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