King’s Personal Musing 12/18/12: New PC DIY Built, WarZ Looks Bad and more…

Look at the pretty Christmas puppy...I muse about my new PC's birth, WarZ looks really bad and more...

Look at the pretty Christmas puppy…I muse about my new PC’s birth, WarZ looks really bad and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

After starting off the day with a strenuous shift at work, which went well, I came back home. Waiting. Waiting. And more waiting for the Motherboard. I finally did check Newegg and they said it was out for delivery so I went and checked the living room to see if it had. And it had arrived. Ok, so I only waited an hour, still felt like a lifetime ;). So I went and wrote up a post for TeknoCratik, went to the store to buy some milk, ate dinner (and good grief I’m feeling go in-depth today) and then started putting it together. Went a lot faster this time. Pressed the “On” button and on she came. Except, that the evil red light was on. So I called ASUS and they recommended I update the BIOS for the motherboard. I kind of smacked myself on the head at that point. I hadn’t considered doing that last time. Its entirely possible that’s all it needed because once I applied the update (which was surprisingly easy to do with these ASUS motherboards) the red light went away. Which I proceeded to just entirely geek out that it was finally up and running. It took me a mere 10 minutes to install Windows 7 which blew my mind. Normally these installs take upwards of an hour, so I guess these Solid-state-drives are true to their hype. I’ve spent the rest of the night installing drivers and security programs. She’s still missing the most important part too: a powerful GPU card. Once I acquire that, I plan on putting her through her paces. I haven’t noticed the speed of the CPU or RAM just yet though I’m noticing that Chrome doesn’t seem to lag like it normally does with a ton of tabs open. The SSD has definitely proven its fast, really friggin fast. Restarting the machine takes…idk…30 seconds? Its just ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome. So here I am, crafting up this personal musing with dropbox syncing in the background. I can’t wait for a more powerful GPU to get installed in this thing. And she’s purring right along as I type this up.

So as I mentioned, I created my last TeknoCratik post for the year before I rebuilt my machine. It took a look at the decision making that went into the PSU, Memory and Case of this machine I’m currently typing on. You should check it out if you want a more detailed analysis of DIY PC building.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

The developers of WarZ, a new survival shooter on Steam, are under a lot of attack from press and gamers today as allegations of fraud are leveled against them. The game’s store page apparently blatantly lies about the features it provides, developers have been reported making threats against those that don’t agree with them and they’ve been handing out bans left and right without much reason. The game itself is in a hideously poor state according to reports. Even worse, the game is a freemium game with an upfront cost. Just….yay, we’re seeing the same trash that shows up on iOS now in Steam. Just what I wanted to see. Its really kind of sad to see there being a fanboy population defending these people. I mean, wow. Just the lies itself should make you run screaming from this company in a heart beat. I’m planning on investigating this game and company further as the week progresses but the company is already on my boycott list until they back down from what they’ve been doing. They made a claim earlier that they “updated” the store page to better reflect the game’s current state of affairs but all I see is a game that claims to be in a sellable state when there is quite a bit of evidence to the contrary. It also puts to light that Steam is not handling games in a BETA or worse state on their store very well. It is of my opinion that Steam should mark clearly on the page that the game is in a BETA state. Otherwise, this kind of deceitful behavior from a service makes me question Valve’s motives. I’m not 100% sure what to make of all this yet but its clear that something stinks. Whether its Hammerpoint or Valve, its hard to say right now. However, my recommendation is stay clear of WarZ. Do not buy it.

Audio of Note:

Some more Synthetic Orchestra for your listening.

Photos To See:

Our Christmas tree!

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Even more Christmas tree photos to look at.

Pico: king of the laundry hamper.

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Pico, king of the hamper.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

You should watch this tournament: Shoutcraft: House of the Swarm: Day 1. (Day 2 is also uploaded). Its a ridiculously fun, silly and enjoyable Starcraft tournament held by TotalBiscuit and Husky.

This video gives you an idea of what kind of year we had in gaming.

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