King’s Top 10 Favorite YouTube Channels of 2012…

King's Top 10 Favorite YouTube Channels of 2012...

King’s Top 10 Favorite YouTube Channels of 2012…

I watch…a significant amount of YouTube channels these days. Mostly because YouTube has replaced the television for me with far more interesting and engaging content. And there is plenty of educational videos as well. Plus, far less advertising which is nice. So, I figured I’d publish a list of favorite YouTube channels that I have enjoyed this year. The rules of the list are: that they have a channel on YouTube, obviously, and they have made content sometime this year. The channel doesn’t need to regularly make content to get on this list. Also, if I continue doing a Top 10 list of YouTube channels in the future, these channels may show up again as well as contenders  Though, that’s for future me to decide upon. For now, let’s take a look at my favorite channels of 2012…

Top 10 List of YouTube Channels of 2012…



#10: Bret Hammond

Bret Hammond is a recent channel to get added to the subscription list but his series is quite fun and enjoyable to watch. At the beginning of 2012, Bret decided to play the Lottery by once a week for the entire year. His rules are to pay only $5 once a week on scratch-off lottery tickets. What followed is an amusing series as he records videos of him scratching off lottery tickets and talking about the lottery system in general. I came into the series a couple months ago so I’ll have to go back and watch the archives sometime.  Its a fairly simple series and almost a Vlog-like channel but I rather enjoyed watching along and seeing if Bret ever got lucky with the lottery. You can subscribe here if you want to follow him along.



#9: Takahata101 – *TFS* Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Series

(Note: This series contains blood/gore/crude humor and is thus Not Safe For Work. It is the only one that is on this list)

I was introduced to the idea of Abridged series a couple years back and since then have been an avid watcher of the various good series. Its definitely one of the more unique niches of the Internet. The Hellsing Ultimate series is definitely one of my new favorites to be created. It is well crafted, has great comedic timing, well done voice acting and can stand on its own from the original series its based on. Of course, each episode takes forever to get out but when it is, its well worth the wait. So it earned a place at #9 of my top 10 list. You can subscribe here if you want to follow the series.



#8: OMFGcata – Jesse Cox

Jesse Cox is a variety gaming channel focused on Let’s Plays of games. With many different concurrent Let’s Plays going at the same time, if you don’t like one particular game Jesse Cox is playing, you might like his other series. Jesse has a moderately good sense of humor and keeps the commentary fairly interesting throughout the videos. He also does a Fan Friday video every week where his audience gets to pick the next game for him to play via feedback.  My favorite series he’s done is the Dead Space game, as embedded above this paragraph. While I may not find every video he puts out there to be the most engaging video, he is a great entertainer and it really shows in his videos. Thus earning him the #8 place on this list. You can subscribe here.


#7: Rhett and Link

Self-titled “Internetainers”, Rhett and Link upload comedy YouTube videos with a consistent regularity of every couple of weeks. Whether it be about bacon, caption fails or Steampunk Tooth Fairies, you can always expect something bizarre, amusing and enjoyable to watch on the channel. Rhett and Link are always a good amount of fun and I’ve enjoyed watching the videos they’ve been putting out this year. They also have a second channel that is basically a morning show but I’ve never really liked it as much. They definitely earned their spot at #7 of the list as I’ve always felt their content was well done and bringing a bit of fun to anyone’s life is worth kudos. You can subscribe here if you wish.


#6: Vsauce – All Vsauce Channels

This was a tough one because I wanted Vsauce to be in my top 5 but the competition there was fierce. YouTube’s always had a part of itself be about education but I feel like Vsauce really does it well. Vsauce makes it easy to consume yet they go into great depth about the subject they focus on in that video without it being overwhelming. Whether it be “Will we ever run out of new music” to “how much money is LOVE worth”, Vsauce always brings something fun yet educational to my sub box every week and I enjoy it. Vsauce also split off into two other channels: Vsauce2 and Vsauce3. Vsauce2 is about the best of the Internet and Vsauce3 features app recommendations, gaming-related products and more. I really enjoy theVsauce channels and they earn a place as #6 on my Top favorite channels of 2012.


#5: TheAuzzieGamer

The Auzzie Gamer is one of my favorite Let’s Players I’ve found on YouTube. His content tends to focus on multiplayer games with a few reviews thrown in here and there. I really, really enjoy his Assassin’s Creed: Multiplayer Mayhem videos. Plenty of humor, interesting little tidbits put in here and there and a well-edited video makes every one of them a treat. I hope to continue seeing more videos out of him in 2013 after this year’s rough difficulties. He is just really enjoyable to watch play these games and the content is a cut above the rest. Consider subscribing to him from here.


#4: Freddie Wong

Freddiew’s channel is all about a bunch of guys making interesting videos with high quality FX. You get to see them produce all sorts of videos though many of them tend to be about gun play and shooting people, though not for real obviously. I’ve really enjoyed many of the videos they have done this year and especially some that have some great humor, like the Legend of Zelda: Pot Smasher vid that just came out. I think the sheer creativity of the channel and the amount of hard work they put into each video deserves a place at #4 on this list. You can subscribe to Freddie right here if you want.



#3 was removed as I no longer want to be associated with that channel. Thank you.


#2: phreakindee – Lazy Game Reviews

LGR is a really great channel and definitely one of my favorites. LGR focuses on retro game reviews as well as reviews and Let’s Plays on modern games. He takes a look at various older hardware/software that he finds and I always find his channel interesting to watch. I’m kind of 50/50 on the Let’s Plays he does as they aren’t always the most enjoyable to me for whatever reason. Still, the rest of the channel more than makes up for it and I always like taking a look at where gaming came from. He also has an incredibly sarcastic way to how he comments on games/reviews that I find thoroughly enjoyable to watch, especially when it comes to The Sims reviews. You can subscribe to the sarcastic LGR if you wish and I highly recommend that you do.


#1: TotalHalibut – TotalBiscuit

TotalBiscuit. He is a rather cynical personality that has become a big channel on YouTube nowadays. Yet, he doesn’t let that run to his head…too much. He runs a variety gaming channel on a wide genre of games for the PC platform. He does a WTF is series where he basically demos a game while giving commentary and opinions on it in addition to the Content Patch which is a “daily” gaming news show, a Terraria “Let’s Play” series and many more. I have thoroughly enjoyed the content he has produced this year and look forward to seeing what he does in 2013. His channel has helped introduce me to a lot of different games that I would never have heard of or even bothered to try. For that I have to give him kudos. He has earned the #1 spot on this list because he sticks to his morals, he tries to do the best job that he can and does it with a great British accent. What isn’t to love about the British accent. You can subscribe to him here and I highly recommend you do if you play PC games.

Honorable Mentions:

UKgareth316 & Moonshine Fox Plays. Because these two are personal friends of mine, I felt it would be too biased if they got a number in the top 10 list. Is it bias that they’re on this post at all? Heck yea but I don’t care. 😉 But seriously they have done a good enough job to deserve a mention here. Moonshine Fox’s Let’s Play channel has been primarily focused on the Dwarf Fortress game and I fear that’s the only way I’ll be able to play such a complex and dense game. He also does the occasional “intermission” game and his commentary in the videos has been steadily improving over the past couple of months. So he gets a nice little feature here and you should consider subscribing to his channel if you want to watch videos about Dwarf Fortress and other interesting games. UKgareth316’s series on Portal, Dr. Who and WoW games has been a rough going for gareth. He tries his best but still makes some mistakes at both the game play and editing the video. But he’s getting better at it and I really have to appreciate the effort he’s taking to improve the quality of his vids on the channel. So worth a look at if your interested in point-and-click games.

SimonsCat. Deserves an honorable mention because the quality of these comic videos is really great as well as the humor. Having owned pets before, I definitely enjoy watching these videos to get the jokes. You should definitely consider subscribing if you own pets.

How It Should Have Ended. HISHE has been getting better animation quality and their videos have also been getting better this year. If you like seeing different ways a movie should have ended, this is the channel to watch. Doesn’t quite deserve a place in the list because some of their videos are kind of “meh” and I feel like they could be better at times. Still, its worth giving your attention.

Agree? Disagree? Think something should have been on here? Leave a comment. I enjoyed assembling this list this year. So I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did. I hope to see even better content out of YouTube in 2013 so here’s hoping! Thanks for reading and until next time…



  1. Thanks for the plug 😉 I probably would’ve smacked you over the head if you put me in your top ten 😀 I’m good, but not THAT good. (Yet) 😉

  2. Honorable Mention, really? I’ll take my check back then lol.

    On an serious not I agree with most of the list and agree TB deserves the #1 spot. As for editing my videos I don’t I’m kind of what you see is what you get unless its too much dull stuff.

    Personally looking forward to 2013 doing more Lets Plays both old and new.

    As ever keep up the feedback.

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