King’s Personal Musing 12/16/12: Lindsey Stirling vids, Steam Community Changes and more…

Christmas Time...I muse

Christmas Time…I muse about Lindsey Stirling’s latest vids, Steam Community changes and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

What a weekend. Saturday I went and got to see the Hobbit with my brother and friends. It was a great film and I really enjoyed it. Feel a bit conflicted on whether its worth it to see it in 3D. I’m just not sure it really adds anything to the experience. At least it didn’t give me a headache, though that theater could have used more ventilation. Let’s just say…3 hour long film tends to lead to a lot of recycled air. Yuck. Still, I have no complaints about the Hobbit film. Peter Jackson clearly knows how to make the Middle Earth really shine. Some didn’t like how dark the story had become. I felt like it was a bit conflicted on whether it wanted to be dark or light in its story. So I’m…ambivalent…towards the movie’s overall plot. Otherwise, I had a good weekend. Didn’t get everything I wanted done but I still got a lot accomplished.

Phew. I am beat though. I just spent most of today working on posts for the rest of the week. Its been kind of an insanely long day in that respect. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. No, no I’ll do something even more stupid and complex. Because that’s how I operate. Anyway, I worked on four big blog posts today and will be finishing them up as soon as I hit publish on this Personal Musing. I have never tried this before and it was a little crazier than I thought it would be but I hope you guys enjoy them. They will be automatically published one day at a time and you’ll get to see what they are. I really enjoyed making them though so I don’t mind all the work. Plus, I got to watch the Starcraft II Home of the Swarm Tournament hosted by Axiom Sports at the same time which was a lot of silly yet epic fun. So I don’t consider this day wasted whatsoever. I just need to work really hard tomorrow on getting things up to speed. And my blogging still isn’t quite over as I need to write something for TeknoCratik. I really should rethink how I decide blogging schedules from now on…

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

SteamValve is has been doing quite a few changes with its Community section this year and doesn’t seem to show signs of stopping either. Now there is a BETA to sell your items from TF2 and other items from the games you play in the Steam Market. The basic idea is that you can sell your hats and get Steam wallet funds. I’m intrigued to see how well that works out and will likely be in BETA for some time. Valve is also taking on websites like GameFaqs with a new Guides section. This will let you post guides with pictures and videos and have it all linked to your Steam account. It is also in BETA as of this post. I’m not so sure about the new guides section of Steam as I don’t really see the point of it myself but hey, its there and it exists now. I guess its not really surprising that Steam is focusing on its community section as much as it has been. What with the completely redesigned Community section and the launch of Greenlight, it only makes sense. I appreciate that Steam keeps this very much in the background. You don’t have to participate in it and Steam only very rarely reminds you that its there. Which is nice in comparison to other social networks I know.

The Humble THQ Bundle ends by selling 885,000 bundles at the total price of $5 million+. Its a fairly impressive sales for Humble Bundle though I have to wonder how THQ feels about selling that many high quality AAA games for about $5 a person. Its true that they might not have ever sold those games in the first place but I still wonder. Granted, a lot of the games in the bundle either have a sequel or will have a sequel next year. So this is a great amount of “advertising” for the hard pressed publisher. I’m still very fine with this bundle and glad that THQ had done so well from this Humble Bundle. Hopefully this is a sign of THQ turning it around and being a successful company in 2013. Here’s hoping!

Finally, this story about the Metroid-like game caught my attention. Dark Matter is a game by Nuclear Dawn devs and has a different focus from most normal metroidesque games by being a horror exploration with crafting in the game. It also has an advanced AI which creates unique combat situations. Consider me sufficiently intrigued and I’ll be keeping an eye on the game. You should definitely check out the article on it.

Audio of Note:

Malufenix is back with a really well done song in tribute of Halo 4 and I, unsurprisingly, really liked it.

Time for some more violin dancing of “What Child Is This” by lindseystomp:

Photos To See:

Exercise cat

A post shared by Rick Moyer (@moyer777) on

Exercise cat. Sort of.

Ivy’s weird cat makes a weird face. Its weird.

Found this tree at work and I had to take a picture of it.

This is one of two USB trees that I have plugged in. Its the only Christmas decorations I have going on in this room.

Another cat looking cute.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

Lindsey Stirling teams up with Freddie Wong and company to make this video about Link smashing pots. I do remember this place from the Ocarina of Time game. Can you?

Moonshine Fox’s Dwarf Fortress is seemingly going into a tantrum spiral. I’m curious to see if he can pull back from this disaster or not.

TotalBiscuit shares his top 10 list of games for the year of 2012. And the comments under this video are golden. I don’t suggest reading them though.

I hope you liked this post and until next time…


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