King’s Personal Musing 12/14/12: Sega and Level-5 Inazuma Eleven Lawsuit, Dark Souls II and more…

Sometimes all we need are knights... I muse about the Inazuma Eleven Lawsuit,

Sometimes all we need are knights… I muse about the Inazuma Eleven Lawsuit, Dark Souls II announced and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Ah Fridays…thank you for arriving. Today was pretty good. With the exception of the whole…you know…. Connecticut tragedy. (Google it if you don’t know). My heart goes out to the families affected by it. It…really effing sucks that evil tragedies like that happen. But, I’ve found the best way to cope is to acknowledge it and move on with life. To not let it rule yourself or change (in a negative way) the way you live. So, I’m back, working on another KPM and enjoying it. I’m enjoying life and I sincerely hope that everyone who was affected by the tragedy enjoys life that much more. Live more for those that cannot live anymore. So enough of this sappy speech. Otherwise, the only thing I’ll mention is how disgusted I am that gun politics came up during all of this. We haven’t buried the dead and already we have people clamoring to defend both sides of the argument. Blegh…. And I feel guilty for getting wrapped up in one today. It….gah….just….no. I shouldn’t have and I let myself. Guess I’m only human…

Its going to be a busy week next week. I’ve got some interesting posts planned and am going to be working on them over the weekend since my motherboard won’t arrive till Tuesday. As such, I’ll need to work on these posts before it arrives so I have plenty of time to work on rebuilding my gaming PC when all the parts arrive. Been listening to Cold Days, the Dresden Files audiobooks. That book…is starting to bend my mind a little with how complicated its getting. Hoping to see the Hobbit tomorrow with my brother so we’ll see how that works out. Spent a lot of time talking with friends, new and old. It was nice, not to work on things and just get to chat. Life is good and busy and I…enjoy it. You know, I talk about how depressing/difficult my life is but it really isn’t all bad. As my life is, I really enjoy it. I really enjoy this blog, I like hanging out with my friends and…well, its all really good right now. Sure, college is a royal pain in the ass but….I like how my life is. I haven’t said that in a long time and its long overdue that I did. Now if I can just avoid getting overly stressed about finances and classes, things should just be peachy… 😉

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Inazuma Eleven Endou MamoruSega is back again with them suing Level-5 for $11 million and demanding the removal of all Inazuma Eleven games. They claim that Inazuma Eleven, eight of the games that Level-5 makes, is infringing on two of their touch patents. Inazuma Eleven is a popular soccer RPG series in Japan. Level-5 responded to the claim saying that Inazuma Eleven doesn’t violate any of Sega’s patents. The patents’ details are a bit unclear but they seem to be about copyrighting touchscreen controls. They also stated that the first Inazuma Eleven game was released in 2008 and that Sega’s patents weren’t filed until 2009 at the earliest. What’s more concerning to Level-5 is that the patents in question could be very damaging to the industry of gaming in general. By forcing companies to restrict what they can and cannot use for touch methods could increase the cost of gaming and stunt the growth of the gaming industry in general. You know, my opinion, Sega needs to go jump into a lake. We have this same patent crap in the tech industry thanks to Apple and it is doing no one any favors. The gaming industry doesn’t need to be weighed down by frivolous and pointless patents about how you touch a screen. Its in enough financial stress as it is and adding patent lawsuits will not do anyone any good. Worry more about trademarks and less of what you “invent” in this industry. The slide-to-unlock patent Apple owns is bad enough. I sincerely hope that Sega gets its clock cleaned in the courts and that they lose this patent. The gaming industry is built on mechanics and controls that work. The old saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” works here. If we had to make a new way to touch the screen everytime someone patented a certain method, we might as well kiss the gaming industry goodbye right here and now. Also, Sega, you really aren’t doing anything to engender any sort of support for you. Back off, right now. This move also doesn’t make any sense as the Nintendo DS, which these games are on, was out before the Inazuma Eleven games came about. So why not just sue Nintendo? Its a very curious move and a very dangerous precedent if this doesn’t get shut down in courts immediately.

In a really rare and surprising show of bipartisanship, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution to ban UN regulation of the Internet. The International Telecommunication Union is doing some sort of shady, back behind the curtain move to try and control the Internet. However, the US, Canada, many Internet Companies including Facebook and Google and several other EU nations have expressed a severe dislike of policies created by the ITU. Last report I heard is that the ITU may not have enough support to pass anything at this time. Its really annoying, but here we are, back at it again with yet another SOPA-like bill trying to be passed. You know the drill and this is bad. But I have to give kudos for the House seeing wisdom and trying to prevent this from happening. Though, I’ll grant that it is slightly suspect considering this is the same government that tried passing SOPA until the US population screamed NO at them. So maybe that got through to them, I can only hope. In any case, this is an issue that I’ll be keeping an eye on. I support a free and open Internet and that no company or nation should have any ability to control. So the UN needs to keep off of it.

Well, Dark Souls II has been announced by From Software and Namco Bandai to be coming soon. The best part is that it is coming with console and PC versions. It promises  more death, dragons, death, castles and probably more death. So clearly Dark Souls for PC was successful enough to warrant a PC version this time around. I have hopes that Dark Souls II will be a much better developed port for the PC than the last one. Which by all accounts was an utter mess until the modding community came in and patched a lot of the problems up. I passed on getting Dark Souls because of its poor port. I don’t believe in buying a product that is poorly designed for the PC and considering I had no controller, that was probably wise anyway. Mostly because the keyboard and mouse integration was horribly broken in the game. So, From Software, make a quality PC port this time and I’ll buy your game. I really wanted Dark Souls and if Dark Souls II is even as good, well, I’ll want in. Just don’t disappoint with a poor PC port this time, k?

Audio of Note:

I thought this was an amusing Parody of the One Direction song ‘One Thing’ as “One Ring”.

The Synthetic Orchestra Christmas calendar song…

A good electronic Christmas song. I liked the tune.

Photos To See:

Frosty web

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Spider webs with a bit of frost.


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Jade in Willow filter.


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Good shot of the night sky

Been seeing a lot of different Christmas Trees this year…

Interesting Videos To Watch:

And sometimes…there are no words… A really nice vid from one of my new channels.

TotalBiscuit starts a new series called “Why do I own… >insert game title<“. I’ll be curious how many bad games he’s acquired over the years of Steam sales. I know I’ve picked up a few games from Steam that weren’t…that good…

An…interesting video from Vsauce about why we don’t Taxidermy Humans. I think I learned more about this subject than I had wanted to…

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