King’s Personal Musing 12/8/12: Portal Podcast, Steam’s Big Picture and Console Development, Sega Removing Shining Force Vids and more…

I talk a lot about Valve today. I muse about my Portal podcast, Valve's move into console competition, Sega's crusade against YouTube vids and more...

I talk a lot about Valve today. I muse about my Portal podcast, Valve’s move into console competition, Sega’s crusade against YouTube vids and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Hello all, I hope your weekend is going well. Mine has been going well and has been a very peaceful one. Spent almost all of yesterday building my new PC. Only to find out that the motherboard has a bad controller and I have to get it sent back. A massive bummer. I mean, it was still fun to do it. It would just have been nice if all that hard work didn’t quite go to waste. Well, almost all of it. Oh well. This happened last time funnily enough as I had to send back the motherboard due to a compatibility issue. Fortunately I was able to get a better one. So what can you do. I spent today sending it back via UPS and sending out letters and buying stuff off of Amazon. Oh and catching up on some YouTube watching. And organizing and moving my room around. So its been a busy day. No gaming either which is starting to itch after so many weeks away from it. Of course I had been hoping to do it on my new PC but oh well. Tomorrow is, of course, a new day.

My friend Gareth and I talked a while back about the Portal and Portal 2 games published by Valve. Its just now been published and unleashed upon the unsuspecting Internet at large. This podcast is about 40 minutes long. We talk about the games and what they are about. We also talk about the missions, the stories, where the developers came from and what we thought Valve got wrong/right with the games. We also talk about the Workshop and the post-release support the games have been getting as well as whether there is any potential in a Portal 3 or not. It was a lot of fun to do and I hope to do more collaborations with Gareth in the future. Its available under the Highway to Mars podcast banner or you can listen directly here if you wish.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Steam Big PictureSteam launched Big Picture last Monday. Big Picture is a completely new UI for playing Steam games on your TV from your PC. It featured a browser that is fully compatible with your controller, a new keyboard for controllers called “Daisywheel” (which is really freaking cool I have to say) and more features to come. The launch of Big Picture was accompanied with many controller-compatible games being put up for sale so that you could enjoy them on the new UI. From what I’ve heard and the little I was able to try it out, Big Picture is a very well done UI for controllers. So I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise that Valve more or less announced that they are developing their own console. I guess if you design a UI that is very similar to a console why not develop the whole thing? This console will apparently be “tightly controlled” and crafted for the optimal Steam experience for the living room. At first, I’ll admit, I was slightly…indignant…that it was going to be a tightly controlled console but then again, its not like the other consoles are open source either. This console isn’t aimed at PC users and maybe Valve intends it to be that way. Either way, if anyone has a chance to take on Microsoft and Sony, Valve would be one of them. I’m curious to see what these PC-like consoles will be and what will make them tick. My hope is that they are seriously powerful. I think its a bit of a joke that consoles have been as far behind with their specs as they have been. So if Valve can create a console that is powerful yet affordable for people to get, well, that can only be a good thing.

The Cave GameDouble Fine threw out a video for their upcoming game “The Cave” and it shows off some of their characters in this new game. Its an interesting-looking game but that’s not surprising considering the developers developing the game for the gaming commuting. I’ll see if I can try and insert more -ing words in this post ;). You can tell from the trailer that this has Double Fine’s style written all over it, which is a good thing. The Cave is an adventure game from Ron Gilbert, creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Masion. You’ll assemble a team of three characters from seven and then descend into a mysterious cave. Said cave will have many unique locations ranging from a castle to an armed nuclear-tipped ICBM. The game is planned on shipping in early 2013 on PC, Xbox Live, PSN and Wii U eShop. Consider me sufficiently intrigued by it…

SegaIts been noticed that YouTube videos about a Sega game series “Shining Force” have been getting taken down in large numbers. Its been suggested that the reasoning behind this large takedown is due to the new PSP installment of the Shining series, a game called “Shining Ark”, and Sega may be concerned that users will look up gameplay footage and see the older games and confuse the two. I think Sega should give their customers more credit and realize they may be more intelligent than they think. I’m not sure how your going to confuse old gameplay footage with PSP footage. I digress. Quite a few YouTube channels have been hit and some have been completely taken down by the move. If your video even so much as mentions Shining Force, Sega has YouTube remove the video. There was some thinking it might have been due one guy who was on the credits of the game but I’m kind of thinking its Sega. So far Sega has been very vague about the whole situation and that’s concerning.

You know, we fought this from happening with the whole PIPA and SOPA being shot down situation and here it is, staring us directly in the face. A reality. And that pisses me off. Sega should not be able to censor videos simply because. Yes, I consider them “censoring” videos when all the videos do is even mention a game and they get shot off the Internet. That’s just really ridiculous. Its ridiculous that Sega is taking them down in the first place. This is free advertisement for them as they didn’t really support Shining Force in the states and here they are, slapping their fans about like its ok. Its more ridiculous that YouTube simply let Sega come in and had entire channels taken down over it. A few major channels are investigating the situation so hopefully this can be resolved. If not, then…I’m not sure what. It seemed like Sega was finally turning over a new leaf and to pull this is very disappointing. So the recommendation right now is to not post Sega videos until Sega comes clean on this situation. Hopefully they do.

Audio of Note:

Nothing like Terraria music in Christmas. 🙂 By the Synthetic Orchestra:

Photos To See:

Christmas snooze dog!

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Christmas Puppy!

Ahhh the old spaghetti factory in Seattle.

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I need to go to the Spaghetti Factory sometime soon…one of my favorite restaurants.

So much studying last week, seems like such a blur…

Saw this very neat Legend of Zelda fanart a little while back.

A nice shot of the weather in WA.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

OMFGcata aka Jesse Cox is launching a new LP for Far Cry 3 and I must say…I’m impressed by the game. The opening of the game was very well done and I actually felt bad for one of the characters in the game. I haven’t felt bad for a Videogame character in a long time… Its just a pity that Far Cry 3 is published under Ubisoft as I would have bought this game by now.

Trying to figure out if this game should get my vote for worst game of all time….but I’m almost fairly certain there’s been a worse game. Which in it of itself is a scary notion. Also, LGR’s stare into the camera is a disturbing look…its as if he’s staring into my very soul….somehow….

Hard to believe that Steam is allowing crap like this on the service, but there you go. A single-player only Monopoly game. Because…..why not. Awful idea. Awful game. I mean, I like Monopoly when I can play it with my brothers but on my own? Not a chance.

So I hope you liked this post and until next time…


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