King’s Personal Musing 12/5/12: Finals are Over and Christmas Wishlist, Many PC Game Releases and more…

The war is finally at an end... I muse about finals being over and give some random gift ideas plus talk about PC game releases of late and more...

The war is finally at an end… I muse about finals being over and give some random gift ideas plus talk about PC game releases of late and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

So many different emotions. Relief, happiness, huge reduction of stress, nervous, excited and so much off my shoulders after these long months. Obviously I haven’t had a very good term. The difficulty took a huge swing upwards and despite my preparations I simply wasn’t prepared for the workload. Or the stress. The stress really took me off guard and as I mentioned in the prior post I managed to figure out the source and kill it with fire. Which really helped with studying for the past couple of days as I’ve been cool as a cucumber about the whole affair. And really anxious to get it over with. So now it is! Which I’m very happy about. Means I can take a load off and get to work on some personal projects I’ve been holding for a while. I had every intention of posting a Personal Musing on Monday but the Internet decided to die (on finals week too no less) so I decided to push it off till Wednesday so here we are. I’m not feeling too confident about my Math final in all honesty but my Computer and Physics final I actually feel like I did pretty well. Better than what I had expected to do to be honest. Oh sure, I butchered some questions on both finals but I don’t think it was too badly overall. Especially when comparing my performance to midterms. Still, it does feel like all that ridiculous amount of studying paid off in the end but its going to be a close call. Its all going to depend on how well I did on the finals and how much the homework keeps me afloat. I’m very nervous about my grades this time around. So here’s hoping everything turns out well. Rewarded myself by buying a large Dominoes pizza. I don’t normally order out, too costly usually, but figured why not. It was 50% off so I didn’t spend too much. I’m also getting an increased amount of hours for my job during Christmas break which was what I hoped for so I don’t have to worry about finances next month :). Also, going to be rebuilding my PC either tomorrow or the next day and that’s got me really excited. I’ve been waiting far too long to rebuild this machine and make it a really powerful setup. 😀 😀 😀

steamIf your interested in getting me a gift this year for whatever reason, head on over to my Steam Profile and check out my wishlist. Any games gifted to me on Steam would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I don’t have a lot of things on my wishlist except for just money. But gifting games to me would directly benefit the blog so I can do more game reviews. Giftcards to sites like iTunes and Amazon are appreciated as well. I’d look at my actual wishlist but I don’t keep a very good wishlist throughout the year. So I never have anything to ask for on Christmas besides $$$. xD. Ah well. If you want to gift me anything it would be greatly appreciated but its entirely up to you. Leave a comment if you want to get my email address. If I’m being honest, I’d really like to buy the domain but its way too expensive to maintain every year. *shrug* There you go. My wishlist.

KingIsaacLinksrSo a few things. A Paladin Without A Crusade will be getting an influx of posts to make up for the lackluster month of November. I’ll be publishing game reviews, (I spoiled on Twitter that one would be on the FTL Game) some more thoughts on…well, social media or technology, and a few other posts. I haven’t made up my mind and I prefer not to talk about release dates because I tend to not to make them, but there should be a lot of posts this month, life willing. I’m also hoping to relaunch my YouTube channel as well. I’m also going to be doing a lot of investigating into Linux very soon as my current machine will be remade into a Linux box later. Plus, I’ll be doing some more looking into Windows 8 as well. Hmm…this isn’t going to be a very laid-back vacation, is it? Ah well. I will also be doing a Top 10 Videogame list as well as a top 10 YouTube channel list. Last year’s top 10 err 7 list wasn’t that great though I still stand behind it. But this year will be much better and thought out. Plus, I’ll be posting a list of what I consider the Top Dishonorable or disappointing games of 2012. You’ll see those posts later on.

The reason I am not doing a Top 10 Podcast list (or something) is because quite frankly my podcast listening has shrunk rapidly over the past couple of months and that’s due to conflicts with my audio listening. My music library has expanded considerably in the past few months and I’ve been really enjoying The Dresden Files Audiobooks so all these forms of audio are conflicting with each other for time which I have very little of. I’m still debating on whether I’ll continue to publish reviews on them or not.  I might still do a recommendation of audio to check out but that’s up in the air right now. Nothing is set in stone at this point but I’ll have to make a decision on whether podcasts will continue to show up on the blog sooner or later. Other than that, if you have anything you would like to see show up on the blog, let me know in the comments! So there you go. Probably the most public I’ve ever been about my publishing schedule so let’s hope I don’t screw it up! 😉

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

A lot of quality PC releases have been coming out lately. Granted, we are going to see a major slowdown of releases as AAA publishers don’t tend to publish games in December but its quite a number to choose from. The ones that stood out to me were Dishonored, Miasmata, Stealth Bastard Delux and Drox Operative. Drox Operative is an action RPG game set in the harsh and cold reality of space, where your an Operative who is tasked with missions and objectives to achieve their goals. Whether that be peace or total annihilation remains up to you. Its an interesting game that you should consider picking up if you any interest in ARPGs as the world is dynaimc and constantly evolving with new things to see and experience. Soldak Entertainment has done a very good job with ARPGs and while I liked Din’s Curse well enough, my limited BETA experience with Drox Operative was a lot more enjoyable and I’m really curious to see how well the game plays in its release state. So go check it out! As far as the rest go, Miasmata is an interesting adventure game where you trying to cure a disease on an island all the while being pursued by a very intelligent creature, who’s AI will pursue you in intelligent ways. I really want to pick up this game if I ever get the chance. Dishonored was a game gifted to me a while back and I have a feeling I’ve talked about the game before but it was successful enough to be considered a franchise for Bethesda to continue bringing out more Dishonored content and/or games in the future which is a great thing to hear. Really hoping to sink my teeth into this game later this month. Finally, Stealth Bastard delux is a very tricky stealth game that has been free for your enjoyment for a while now, but was made available on Steam in a deluxe form that gives buyers additional content, new enemies and Steam integration. So check out Steam for some new games, I’m sure there has been at least one game released recently that should interest you.

FacebookFacebook is introducing auto photo sync for its mobile users, similar to what Google+ is doing. Facebook has been doing a lot of copying of Google+’s features here lately. At this point, its so blatant its kind of funny. Just like Google+, all photos uploaded are set private until you decide to make them public for everyone to see. Its a good idea really though I’m not currently using either Google+’s or Facebook’s photo uploader at this time, but maybe I should for G+. Maybe I’ll actually post more photos on the service. Then again, do people that follow me on Google+ want my latest version of a lens flare? 😉 hehehe.

Audio of Note:

__ensnare__ released his latest album “Tech Switch” and you can buy it for $10 on his website or stream it for free on SoundCloud if you wish. Its definitely a great album and was my favorite one to listen to today as I got through my remaining finals. So enjoy!:

An OCRemix of Pokemon Ruby Version that I found interesting to listen to:

Lindsey Stirling is back with a new song “Song of the Caged Bird” and its a really good one.

Photos To See:

Some good looking flowers.

This picture has been making the rounds on the Interwebs. Apparently the famer was denied permit to build a horse shelter. So he just builds a giant table and chair. hahaha

Cat wants a cat!

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Cat Moyer wants this cat and it looks rather pretty.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

TotalBiscuit’s Mocktage is an amusing riff on people who make montages.

Rhett and Link are back to show you how to kill a mustache, the manly way.

Danisnotonfire is also back as well with how you can ruin a meme. You know what meme is ruined? Yolo. YOLO. GAH the very mention of that word (and its mentioned around here a lot) annoys me. Just…quit…USING IT. Anyway…

Hope you liked this post and until next time…


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