King’s Personal Musing 11/30/12: The Humble THQ Bundle, Google Play Review Changes and more…

YES! I also muse about the Humble THQ Bundle, Google Play Review changes and more...

YES! I also muse about the Humble THQ Bundle, Google Play Review changes and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Last day of class. Last assignment of Fall Term, (Physics) my life is full of excitement and fun times. This weekend is also going to be full of excitement and fun times…right. The feeling of impending doom is not lifted by the fact that I just had all these last things of Fall term. Last Final is on Wednesday of next week if I haven’t said that already. Once that’s over, I’ll be free to do a lot of fun things. And then stress about Winter term. Yay vicious circles, doom and whatever….WOOHOO…and such forth and blah……

Ok, let’s get this back on a sane and less of the what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-Tim path. Its not as bad as I make it out really. Kind of had a realization about where a lot of the stress is coming from. Money. Yeah, I know. Those stupid green bills are the source of my stress and anxiety. Gawds and I thought I wouldn’t stress about money either, but I was and it was stupid. It was coming from me having a lot of anxiety about the finals and that if I failed them, it could potentially get me kicked out of school which would cause me to lose my job (job requires I be in college) which would cause a lot of financial difficulties, obviously. Is it nearly that bad? No, not likely. I’m thinking worst-case-scenario. I forgot that there are family/friends who can help me out if things go completely south. So all this stress was unnecessary. Yeah, shocking, I know I’m not perfect. So, that realization has helped lift a lot of anxiety off of my shoulder. I’m going into next week with more calm & less anxiety than I have had for the past couple of weeks. It was thanks to a conversation with a friend of mine that helped me realize this too. If life takes a turn then maybe its for the better. Maybe college isn’t for me. Maybe there’s something more out there and I’m coming to accept those terms. I sure as heck hope that my life doesn’t take a sudden turn in Winter but if it does, well then I’ll take it on like I have college. It isn’t the end of the world…

So here’s hoping to a successful finals week. The next time I publish one of these, I’ll have taken my math final and will probably talk about how it went. I’ll be studying Math pretty intensely over the weekend too so that’ll be fun. Its almost over…

Oh and bit of an end-of-the-month report for how my Blog is going. I did 14 Personal Musing posts (including this one) and one post for TeknoCratik about my choice between AMD and Intel, which got quite a bit of attention. Total month view count is down but views-per-post are up and that makes me exceedingly happy. I suspect the reason total month views are down is because I haven’t been able to do any of my reviews/thought posts that I usually do in a month. I’m glad to see that those kind of posts get that much attention as they require more time, work and effort to make. I’m hoping in December I’ll be able to make up for this so keep your eyes on the blog as always. I’m glad that people have been enjoying the blog and thanks to those that have said they enjoy the content.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

thq_humble_bundleThe Humble Bundle makes a return with a surprisingly different kind of Bundle, the THQ Bundle. The AAA publisher is offering you a pay-what-you-want price for seven of their games:

  • Saints Row the Third (Pay over the average)
  • Darksiders
  • Metro 2033
  • Red Faction Armageddon
  • Company of Heroes
  • Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts
  • Company of Heroes Tales of Valor

Its a surprising move by the publisher and Humble Bundle to do a deal like this because there are a few catches to this bundle. First: its not DRM-free as you will need Steam to play these games. Second: its not cross-platform like most other platforms have been as its being restricted to the Windows platform only. Its a controversial move by Humble Bundle to say the least and has led to a lot of outcry against them. Mostly in the form of “sell-out”, which is amusing. I am not as bothered as many people are by this Bundle. Quite frankly, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it then. If you really feel the need to donate to charity, which some people are wanting to do with this bundle, then donate directly to them and quit expecting to get a reward for doing so.

That said, It sucks that the Humble Bundle couldn’t get THQ to make this a multi-platform and no-DRM release for everyone. But these are fairly complex and high quality games that I suspect would be difficult and/or time consuming to port. Considering how much financial difficulty THQ is in right now, putting that much effort into these games would be seen as a really bad move. Not to mention, these games are integrated with Steamworks and the effort it would take to switch to something non-Steam would require time and money. Its bemusing to me that because a AAA publisher is on a Humble Bundle that its the worst thing ever. Ignoring the fact that this is the first time that a major publisher has given its customers a choice to pay what they want. Just think about how great that is. Instead of paying around $190 like we would have had to, we can pay as little or as much as we want. Instead of paying $60 for these titles, we can pay $10. I just….I just have to wonder about people sometimes. I don’t think is the end of the world or The Humble Bundle as we know them. Humble Bundle has been doing quite a few different and interesting Bundles over the past year and more of this can only be a good thing. And as I said, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. No one is putting a gun to your head on this one.

Anyway, if your not interested in this Bundle, the next Humble Indie Bundle #7 will be coming out soon with all sorts of Indie goodness and joy. Let me know what you think of the THQ Bundle in the comment section down below, I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Google PlayIn an interesting, if not unheard of move, Google’s Play Store will now link your reviews to your Google+ account. So anytime you post a review for an app, your “real name” will now be displayed for everyone to see. I’m not a really big fan of Google forcing this move and they have been trying to get people on YouTube switched over to their Google+ name as well. The interesting thing is, when iTunes Ping still existed, users on that service also had their reviews use their “real name” as well. Never liked it but it never bothered me much. I can certainly understand why companies do this, in hopes that it will make the user more accountable for what he says but its never sat right with me for this to be a forced thing. At the end of the day, this will probably reduce overall reviews but maybe it’ll create more quality reviews on Play’s store.

Audio of Note:

Chiptune Pirate Metal music……and I thought I had heard it all. How wrong I was…

Photos To See:

A post shared by Ivy Bowers (@inevitably_ivy) on

He’s looking awfully regal. I think this is how most cats see themselves.

The parts for my next rebuilt PC are starting to arrive this week. Just waiting for a few remaining parts to show up right now. They’ll probably be delivered next week. I do like this picture though.

Someone looks comfy

Someone looks comfy

Interesting Videos To Watch:

An amusing video by Danisnotonfire about why he’s an awful human being, made me laugh.

Moonshine Fox, being the tease that he is, is teasing a new “Let’s Play” series on Mass Effect. Go and like it so he feels compelled to make it. Go. Go NOW.

Until next time, I hope you liked this post!…


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