King’s Personal Musing 11/28/12: Peter Molyneux’s GODUS game, The Piano Guys and more…

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FTL pic from a while back, I muse about Peter Molyneux’s GODUS game, The Piano Guys and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Wednesday. Now officially less than a week to go until finals are over. And I’m having a really difficult time with it. I’m doing the best that I can but this is the first time…the first time I’m having a lot of doubts that my best won’t be even good enough. Which is spiking my stress levels. But, what can I do about it…I don’t know. I guess just keep pushing and hope it all works out in the end. Its the only thing I can do at this point. On a different side note, WordPress has made some changes to the image uploader UI and the enhancements are appreciated, should make adding images to the blog a little bit faster. Oh and thanks to those that have been helping via gifts lately. I’m getting financial help for rebuilding my desktop, got gifted the new audio book for The Dresden Files “Cold Days”, and three new games gifted to me: Dishonored, Dungeon Keeper 2 and Planescape Torment. The generosity of my old and new friends has really touched me this year, so thanks to you, you know who you are. Its giving me a ridiculously fun Christmas break to look forward to I’ll say that much :). …I just wish the road to that break didn’t look so difficult.

If anything is on my mind of late besides finals…well, its finals hah. The stress this term has been generating is wearing me down. It shouldn’t. It really shouldn’t and I should have better control of my stress by now but this term has me really worried. I’ve never felt this much doubt before a final before. Midterms sure, but usually by finals I’ve got it mostly in the bag. This time…that confidence isn’t there and that stresses me out. Wish I felt better, from God or something…but I haven’t been. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give up. I’ve got too much at stake to thrown in the towel now. But this week is going to be difficult.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Peter Molyneux has been in the gaming news quite a bit lately. After his less than stellar launch of “Curiosity”, the cube game for mobile and PC devices, Molyneux is back with a kickstarter for a new game called “Godus”. Godus is a reinvention of a God Game that I’ve never heard of called “Populous”. Asking for 450,000 Euros for the game, it seems like Peter believes he can give the God game genre a fresh start again. I….would be incredibly hesitant to kickstart a game like this. After Curiosity’s initial launch (and the likelyhood that there is nothing special in that giant cube) and Molyneux’s tendency of hyping and promising a lot but not delivering should make anyone wary of giving him more money. I’m also not forgetting that he asked for money to help fund Curiosity’s servers when they should have already had a way of self-funding the game via in-app purchases or something. The shortsightedness of Curiosity should make anyone wary of someone trying to restart a genre that has mostly been dead for the past decade.

That said, I’ll give Mr. Molyneux some credit. The guy seems passionate about gaming in general. But from interviews he has held of late, I feel like he’s out of touch with the gaming scene in general. If I could give him advice in person, it would be to take a couple years off and explore the current gaming scene. That means the indie scene as well. He should find out what devs are making, what works and then come back to the table with a game ready to go. But I guess that would be pointless advice if they fund GODUS. Also, I want to smack everyone on the head that said that Mr. Molyneux should have funded the game out of his (apparently) deep pockets. We had a rich guy do that once before. He was Curt Schilling and after the company released Kingdoms of Amalur the company went bankrupt. Not only that, it caused a lot of job losses, a giant headache for the State there and Curt with an empty bank account. He’s also probably looking at a bunch of legal trouble for his efforts too. I don’t think we need to repeat history on this disaster do you?

Audio of Note:

I thought I had recognized these guys and then saw that they had done a Star Wars parody with Cellos a while back and after listening to this well done cover of the Lord of The Rings, they’ve been added to the feed. Enjoy.

From “Ben Landis” comes “Matt’s Theme” in orchestra and Chiptune versions. This is from the a unique “album/comic hybrid” that you can find here if your interested.

Photos To See:

Our cat used to play around with the tree like this, wonder if she’ll do the same again this year…

Still too early for Christmas…still feels too early for Christmas…

This guy is always grinning at me when I burn DVDs. #creepy

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The caption from this reads: “This guy is always grinning at me when I burn DVDs. #creepy”. Now I’ll never unsee the face. Thanks.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

The AuzzieGamer is back with his Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer mayhem in Assassin’s Creed 3, as he shows some simple deathmatch. Was enjoyable and amusing as always :).

ColdFustion shows us how mobile devices are getting closer and closer to being able to replace PCs. Which this video surprised me on how powerful the Galaxy Note 2 is. While mobile devices still have some ways to go before they can replace PCs, this is a lot closer than I thought they were. The Note 2 also shows how very far behind iOS technology is as even the iPad cannot perform the same functions that the Note could in the video shown.

I hope you liked this post and until next time…


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