King’s Personal Musing 11/26/12: Waking Mars, PhantomX Robot Video and more…

I muse about Waking Mars, PhantomX Robot Video and more...

I muse about Waking Mars, PhantomX Robot Video and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I sure did. Except for catching a cold right before I left AND HAVING TO ENDURE IT THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!! What, me? Annoyed? Noooo, surely not… Yeah ok, just a slight bit annoyed. That cold could not have had worse timing. I’ll be fine all year and then BAM, sick as a dog. I always seem to get sick at the worst timing. Well, except right on finals week. Which hey, that’s next week. Goody. I thought about not doing Personal Musings this week but decided to compromise and decided to do reduced content in the Personal Musings and cut out Saturday in my publishing schedule this week. I’ll be back to normal next week because, well, it happens to work out with my finals schedule. So if it seems shorter than normal, its intentional. If it isn’t, slap me in the comments because I’m either A: a workaholic or B: avoiding my studying. Which B can’t be true, spent pretty much all day at the college in one room or another. Yes, glorious studying. Going to be doing a lot of that as well as trying not to think about all my new PC components I’m getting this week. I’m forcing myself to not rebuild my machine until after finals. I don’t have time to build it right now. Planning on spending a lot of extra hours studying and working in prep for the finals. Hope its all worth it in the end because its going to make this week feel really long. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. At least I get to do these posts, if not much else.

My Thanksgiving was good though really. While I may have spread another plague to my family 😉 we got to hang and chill and veg. Boy did we veg too. Which is fine by me. Food was good and we played Phase 10 a couple of times. My Grandma, Mom and brother played Scrabble a couple times. Scrabble has never been all that fun to me. Sure, I play Words With Friends, but that’s in short bursts. So…yeah. Maybe next time I’ll play a game. We’ll see. Other than that, not much else to say. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and here’s Christmas time. I’m still in denial about Christmas. Ask me after finals and maybe I’ll pick up the Christmas cheer then.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Waking Mars is a unique game to come out of note. RPS has a very interesting article about the game if your interested in reading it. They talk about the real science behind the Waking Mars game and what the developers were thinking about when they made it. Created by Tiger Style, Waking Mars was originally an iOS game that was later ported to PC. Its about exploring the depths of Mars in a future time of Earth when Humans got to set people on the world. And…that’s all there is to it. Your a respectable guy, traveling through a winding cave system with no gun, figuring out an alien ecosystem and finding new things and places to explore. I played it and it has a strong start and the characters are interesting enough, but…ending is fairly weak and drawn out. Might do a review on it later. Anyway, its definitely an enjoyable exploration game. Plus, your a guy with a jetpack. A jetpack. That in itself is cool enough to pay attention to ;).

Valve’s Portal 2 gets split-screen and Big Picture support on Steam. Which gives players on the PC a feature that has been exclusive to the console versions of the game up to this point. Split-screen support for games had once been a major feature of console games (and some genres of PC games I believe) but in recent years has declined in favor of Internet play. While Internet play is great and all, if I have friends over I’d rather play games with them in the main living room rather than have them get their own consoles. And it makes sense with Valve’s push of “Big Picture” to update one of their most popular games most suited to the update.

Audio of Note:

Torcht put up a new song “Momenta” on SoundCloud a couple days back. (Work in progress)

Photos To See:

Too much Turkey!

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Someone had too much turkey during Thanksgiving…

So throw it already!

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Jade wants her Kong

Someone has been a very naughty kitty…

Interesting Videos To Watch:

A very cool video of a Robotic spider looking thing. Its life-like movement really creeped me out when I watched it, but its awesome all the same.

Vsauce answers whether we’ll ever run out of music. This one really had my attention.

Hope you liked this post and until next time…


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