King’s Personal Musing: Happy Thanksgiving 2012!…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL! – From A Paladin Without A Crusade…

Here it is, Thanksgivin, 2012. Most of my Fall term is over too and all that lays ahead is Finals. And well life…but yeah, we all know that. As you know, its been a rough term for me so I won’t regale on how rough it has been because, well, you already know. ;). Still, here we are. Thanksgiving. I’m currently visiting with my family but decided to post this on Thanksgiving Day for what I’m thankful for. I think I need to, to remind myself that I have a lot to be thankful for. So here goes:

  • Thankful for my family. Kind of self-explanatory but they do keep supporting me through all this and I’m glad for that.
  • Thankful for my friends. I have a wide variety of friends from the land-down-under to the frozen forests of Sweden to the United States, coast to coast. And I appreciate all the fond memories I’ve had with them. Whether it was conversations over Twitter, the iMessaging, hanging out in an apartment or playing games over the Interwebs, I appreciate all my friends. Thank you.
  • Thankful for second chances.
  • Thankful for all of you that keep reading my blog and keep sharing it. You really don’t know how much that means to a creator until you become one yourself. Its something I have been realizing as I continue to create content for this blog.
  • Thankful for what I have. At times, I think I have more than I deserve.
  • Thankful that I can do something creative like this blog. Writing wasn’t my strongest ability in High School and I still question myself if I’m even a good “writer” these days. But to my High School self, it would seem really strange that I would be writing on a consistent and regular basis because I want to. It amuses me thinking about it now… Still, I appreciate that I can do something as creative as this. I’ve always wanted to and this blog has been one of the more successful things I’ve done. Which may not seem like much to others but to me…it means a lot.

So what are you thankful for? There’s always that comment box down below. You can comment anonymously if you would like, the comment section allows for it. Either way, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

And until next time, I have been A Paladin Without A Crusade,


-Timothy Wetzel.

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