King’s Personal Musing 11/19/12: Don’t Starve, A Hat In Time, Thanksgiving Arrival and more…

Boom goes the Flagship… I muse about App Updates, Don’t Starve, A Hat In Time and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Hey everyone. This week feels more draining than usual even though there isn’t any homework due. I think its just the fact that I know that a break is coming up and thus school feels more difficult than usual. That or finals are coming and that’s got me stressed out. I’m feeling extra tired tonight so I think I’ll go to sleep sooner, maybe help me feel better tomorrow. I’m heading to my Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving this year where I’ll get to see my cousins & family and we’ll get to hang out. Looking forward to it more than I usually do, probably because times have been tough lately. Taking stuff to study there of course. I don’t get the entire week off from school unfortunately but I think getting away from Eugene for a short bit will help. On an unrelated note, this will be the only year I’ll care about Black Friday. Going to try and buy the parts I need to rebuild my computer that day since everything will be at its cheapest. At least, that’s the hope. Otherwise, I usually don’t care about Black Friday. Thankfully I’m doing all of this over the Internet because you could not pay me to deal with the Black Friday crowds at the retail stores ever.

I won’t be posting my normal Personal Musings from Tuesday until Sunday due to my Thanksgiving break. I’m not going to be anywhere near my computer and as that’s the only efficient way to post on my blog. Plus, its Thanksgiving break, might as well take it off right? This month has been a trying month, to be for sure. I’m hoping to have the two big posts of the month up before December, but its dead week after Thanksgiving so…I don’t know if I’ll manage it or not. I’ve been dealing with studying and other problems this past weekend, otherwise I would have had one up by now. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it but manage through it.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Some interesting app updates this week for social media people. Facebook finally adds the share feature to its mobile apps. This lets you share a photo/link/video directly with your Facebook feed. This feature has been missing for years and its somewhat surprising that it took them this long to finally add it to their mobile apps while Twitter and Google+ have had their version of sharing in their apps since the beginning.

Twitter updated its mobile apps with improvements to Discovery in an effort to make it easier to see what’s being tweeted about and what you might find interesting. The discover page on Twitter’s social network remains a quirky page to use. I appreciate the effort that Twitter is trying to help its users find new people to follow on its service, but I rarely, if ever, use the page. The main reason? Because it tends to prioritize the extremely popular users and tweets from accounts like the NYTimes and to be frank, I didn’t join Twitter to follow those people or services. I would like Twitter to make a better effort at helping me find less popular users on the service as they tend to be the most interesting people to follow. The more popular people become, the less interesting their social presence is.

Google’s Blogger app on iOS got updated with iPad support, Google+ integration and landscape composition mode. Took Google a while to update this app which is a bit surprising considering how popular Blogger is. Other services such as WordPress have had iPad apps for a while now. I don’t use Blogger obviously so I can’t really make a comment on it other than the update exists.

I really like the art style and look of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. I think its the best looking Zelda game in terms of sheer colorfulness and overall look. It always bummed me out that so many people were down on it and that the gaming industry decided to embrace the brown pallet from then on. While the Zelda series continued to use some of the CGI look in Twilight Princess, I feared that the art style would never get used again. Until I saw “A Hat In Time”. While a good looking art style does not equal a good game, I am now sufficiently intrigued by this platformer. Although the sound of “collectathon adventure” as a platformer game reminds me of the issues I had with Psychonauts and its insane collecting of items you had to do. So that will probably temper my enthusiasm for this game. Still, its something to keep your eyes on.

Don’t Starve is available to play on Steam and Chrome and its got my attention, though I wish I had the time to actually getting around to playing it. Its a survival game where you are dropped in the middle of a mysterious land and you must gather food, fight creatures and explore the land in search of tools and obviously, not starve. Its a odd looking game and from what I’ve watched it intrigues me. I like the graphics and am amused that they use the honking trumpet sounds that the Peanut’s shows used when adults talked. You should check it out if your interested at all in survival games like these. Maybe one day I’ll get around to sitting down and playing the darn thing. Also, this seems like the first serious game to come to the Chrome store like this, in BETA form no less. Am I wrong?

Audio of Note:

Been listening to the FTL: OST tonight. If you want more music, check out my previous personal musing. I shared some good music tracks there :).

Photos To See:

Some beautiful grays harbor clouds 🙂

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Nice shot!

Pico once again finds his way into my post.

Ohhh pritty

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Its too early for Christmas decorations. It really is…but oh well. I’ll let this one picture through. Just this once. I only accept that its Christmas on the 23rd of November. Even then, I’m usually in denial till December.

The cat with glowing eyes!

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Glowing eye cat is scary cat.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

Moonshine Fox plays some Dwarf Fortress (Part 35) and has problems with wall breaches, exhaustion from playing at 2:30am and OCD. Was very amusing :P.

Jesse plays more Dead Space and fights that one boss I never particularly liked. Its…yeah…

Something I never brought up in a Personal Musing is SW: ToR going Free-to-play and the restrictions that come with playing for free. I think the restrictions are really stupid. TB has better thoughts on them and I feel I’ve hit EA over the head enough for the year. For whatever reason, EA wants to be hated by their customers.

And until next time, enjoy your Thanksgiving and be safe!…


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