King’s Personal Musing 11/18/12: TI-84+ Color Screen, Many New Songs to Hear and more…

That ship is definitely broken… I muse about the new TI-84+ Color Screen Calculator, Many New Songs to Hear and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Had a pretty good weekend this time. Did a lot of stuff though not as much related to schoolwork as I would have liked. I still did some studying but this weekend, I was really tired. Next weekend should be better though for study purposes …hopefully. Haha who am I kidding, its Thanksgiving weekend ;). Still, I’ve got half a week to work at my studies and I’ll be giving it my all. Went to a “Thankmas” party tonight and it was a calm holiday party for us college students to have before we all go home for the holidays. It was a fun get together with lots of food and a gift-giving exchange. Also got me a nice chunk of ham to munch on this week. So a good weekend, here’s to another good weekend. I really could use these good weekends.

What did I get in my gift thing? A 5ft metal lawn decoration piece. Yeah, a lawn decoration. I just have to wonder what the thought was behind it. I heard from someone else later that he said that he almost took the item to the dump. You know, if you were about to take the item you brought to a gift giving party to the dump, take it to the dump. Don’t make it someone else’s problem. I didn’t take it home with me. I couldn’t fit it into my car’s trunk. Thankfully, it will be dealt with. Maybe someone would have liked it, but this was not the gift exchange to bring it to.

I’ll still laugh about this later but if there’s something I’d like you to take away from this mini-rant, its to put some thought into it when you give someone a gift, even if its someone you don’t know. Don’t give them your junk, the stuff your about to throw out. It’s a slap in the face. It really is. Anyway, someone else gave me a giant Charlie Brown PEZ dispenser which will go nicely with my Snoopy collection :D. Pity said collection is in storage right now though :(.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

For some strange reason, some Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 retail buyers got a copy of Mass Effect 2. How an EA title got in an Activision title’s box is still a bit of a mystery. However, many laughs were had and even EA was amused by this news. It was later reported that some Xbox 360 copies of Lego The Lord of The Rings games contained only the demo disc. So this seems to be the week of disc screwups for whatever reason. I am amused and I have to wonder how exactly such a screw up could have happened when Mass Effect 2 isn’t a current selling game for retailers. I could understand Mass Effect 3 getting slipped in by accident but #2? That’s odd. We may never find out how it happened but at least everyone had a sense of humor about the situation.

Google+ is continuing to improve its social media network and how you share links in it. Now when you share Android App install links from Google Play, you now get a direct link to install the app directly and securely. Google+ has been making quite a number of improvements to how links are shared on Google+ and you can share a pretty wide variety now on the service. Its certainly great to see as Facebook hasn’t really been improving how things are being shared on the service (and in many cases has made it worse). So I hope to see continued improvements to the service as they have been for the past year.

Texas Instruments just recently confirmed that a TI-84+ calculator with a color screen is coming soon. In the Spring of 2013 in fact. Then again, there’s all these rumors of an apocalypse and the fact that TI is actually making a color-screen calculator is surely a sign of said apocalypse. I still rely on these calculators because everyone does. TI has had a monopoly on the market of graphing calculators for a long time now and I can’t really think of anyone else making them. Which is probably why its taken them so long to release a color-screen graphing calculator. Its still a bit jarring to go from touch-screen devices to his monochrome device when I do math. Will I get this calculator? Probably not. Not unless mine were to suddenly explode or die for no apparent reason. It would be a nice luxury to have, but would otherwise be completely unnecessary. These will go for about $150 but that’s not a confirmed price. If you still prefer your other TI-84+ calculator editions, they will still be available for the foreseeable future according to TI.

Audio of Note:

New artist I found on SoundCloud, interesting voice.

Another new artist I found on SoundCloud, rather like her voice. I’ve been getting lucky with finding some gems on SoundCloud here lately.

Also, if you like Metroid Soundtrack music, you should look at Shinesparker’s new FREE album: Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run right here.

Halo 4 Song – Reclaimer by Miracle of Sound. Really good sound to it.

Yeah, the thumbnail image for this song is umm…misleading for this song. But the music video is actually quite great. Give it a look:

Photos To See:

A friend of mine, Jon M, gave me some photos for the blog and I thought this was the cutest of them. Doberman being silly with her owner.

Katie Kitty!

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Hello pretty kitty.

Don’t shoot!

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Nice scenic shot

Road trip!

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Another pretty puppy, because we need more cute pet photos.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

I used the bus somewhat extensively last year. It wasn’t that bad but I’ve heard worse stories…

Hitman: Absolution gets a very extensive first-impressions look by TotalBiscuit:

Hope you liked the post and until next time…


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