King’s Personal Musing 11/16/12: Drox Operative DEMO, MS Restricts DirectX11.1 and more…



Latest Happenings and Musings:

The end of a week at last. And finally some breathing room too. Fortunately, I don’t have any homework due until after Thanksgiving. *pained smile* Just lots and lots of studying to do. Joy. Its just been a typical couple of days for me. Work, study, sleep and then repeat. Its what I paid for after all. Rightyo. Internet was down last night until this afternoon which is rather inconvenient  but fortunately it didn’t affect me too much since I spent much of that time studying so whatever. Once it finally got up, I watched the last bit of Refract Studio’s livestream as they counted down the remaining hours of their Kickstarter. In total, $164,000+. An impressive amount. Now we all get to wait a year for the game to come out. x_x. I also spent some time yesterday recording an audition for an audio drama by Martian Creative. Martian Creative is run by a few friends I know and they announced they were looking for a guy(s) actor to voice some parts so I figured, why  not. Apparently I have this great reading voice, or so people keep telling me, so I gave my best attempt. I don’t see…err…hear this great voice that other people hear, but who am I to argue with other people right? Hah. And it gave me an excuse to actually use the microphone I bought a while back. Which has sat under my desk begging to be used since I bought it. It works very well too. So yeah, busy busy Tim. Onto the news then.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Drox Operative by Soldak Entertainment recently released a demo for his starship action RPG. This demo is compatible with Windows and Mac and lets you experience the game of Drox with no time limit. However, your limited to level six but it will give you a good enough idea of whether this game is worth your interests or not. Drox Operative is a game about warring alien races, fierce space battles, randomly generated galaxies and enemies, a dynamic and evolving universe and co-op multiplayer. I was involved with the BETA of Drox Operative in Summer but unfortunately had to drop it off my now-playing list until I get some free time. (Free time? What’s that?) This is a really interesting ARPG and without going into too many thoughts on the game (because then it’ll be a review), I liked the game and it has quite a bit of potential to be something really great. Sure the graphics aren’t the greatest of all time but he’s been making headway on making the game look as good as it possibly can with user feedback and I’ve seen bits and pieces of stuff that’s been put into the demo and the game looks good. I like Drox Operative more than I liked his prior game, Din’s Curse and I think that’s because its more refined and its spaceships blowing up other spaceships. Which c’mon, if that isn’t fun, I don’t know what is. ;). You’ll want to try out his demo and if you like it, you can buy into the BETA which is $17.99 right now.

Microsoft has decided to restrict Direct X 11.1 (and probably future versions of Direct X) to Windows 8 for the foreseeable future. Direct X is what powers games, among other multimedia applications, to work on Windows OS. This is a troubling move if game developers decide to solely go with Direct X 11.1. However, I think with the limited adoption of Direct X 11 in current gen games, we don’t have much to worry about for a while. Still, I don’t like that Microsoft is trying to force everyone to upgrade to Windows 8 with tactics like this. By all accounts, there is no reason for Direct X 11.1 to not be on Windows 7. But Microsoft has deemed it necessary because……._insert reason_. It just makes it more apparent that Microsoft is trying to do whatever it can to get people off of Windows 7. No doubt wanting to avoid the same situation that happened with Windows XP being used by a large majority of their users a decade after its release. For a company that makes a lot of money from OS releases, that’s probably been an intolerable position for them to be in. Especially when Apple is getting its users to upgrade to the latest version of Mac with little trouble. But in any case, I’m annoyed by this bit of news and it is disappointing to see Microsoft use old moves like this.

Audio of Note:

I just can’t stop listening to Nitronic Rush OST by Torcht for whatever reason today.

Miracle of Sound came out with “The Spy Who Survived”:

Photos To See:

I’m back with my “signature” 😉 lens flare today. Well, just one very slight one anyway. Was trying to frame the tree in it better but couldn’t get it right. Ah well.

It was actually a good day for sunsets it seems. Made my walk/run a little bit more enjoyable anyway.

Jadoe Potato

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A silly dog, that Jade.

Kitty cat. I really need to get one soon ;).

And if these puppies don’t brighten your day just a little…I don’t know what to do for you.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

LGR reminded me in this review why I watch his content. Its a lot of fun and his humor is just right. I about died laughing when he said Duke and his wiener wenches. Anyway, check out his latest video right down below. He reviews the newest Sims 3 expansion pack from EA.

A content patch video you should watch. I haven’t tackled the subject yet, but videogame review scores are something I want to do away with completely. They are damaging to the industry and cause a lot of problems for developers and gamers alike. The quality of a game does not equal the score given to said game. Games are too complex and reviewer’s biased rating scales should not be allowed affect the industry. But they do. And that pisses me off. So watch the video below for the first story and an explanation. Hopefully sometime soon I can tackle the subject. But until then…

And I hope you liked this post! Until the next time…


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