King’s Personal Musing 11/14/12: CapCom’s Devil May Cry FPS Issues, Distance Is Fully Funded and more…


Welcome to another musing of my mind… I talk about Distance achieving its Kickstarter goal, CapCom talking about Devil May Cry 30 FPS and many a Humble Bundle within…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

More stress, more anxiety and more melting of brain cells, sort of the typical college thing at this point. This week hasn’t been too bad I guess…I’m just worried about finals coming up. I really hope they don’t drop a bunch of homework on us in week 9. Though who am I kidding, seems like none of the teachers really respects “dead week” anyway. They haven’t for my entire college career before so why should I expect differently at this point? Also took a look at my college final schedule and…well..two finals back to back and a final in the early morning. Oh fun. I’ve also got my Winter term tentatively scheduled just so I have my preferred classes at least registered for and I (hopefully) won’t have to fight over class capacity. Other than that, its basically been work and studying. Work is going well, while studying is…studying.

So besides my gripes about college, I’m doing some slight tweaking to the Personal Musing schedule. I’m going to take Tuesday and Thursday off and add Wednesday back to the schedule to give me some more breathing room on acquiring content for the posts. So basically, this means you can expect a Personal Musing on: Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday instead of Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday. While I tried to do the prior schedule, I often failed due to exhaustion/conflicts/being too busy. I think this will also increase the quality of the posts and leave me feeling less burned out when I write them on Saturdays. I really should have been on this schedule when I started my Fall term as I’ve failed to keep my previous schedule multiple times now, but oh well, I’m doing it now. Of course its always subject to change especially when the next term starts up.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Refract Studio’s Distance, an arcade racing game, met its Kickstarter Goal yesterday of $125,000. And there was much rejoicing. Refract announced some new stretch goals for people to try and build up to in the next couple of days until the Kickstarter ends on Friday, the 16th of November. I was a bit worried these guys wouldn’t make it a couple days ago but the Internet pulled through for them. I have to say a big congratulations to the guys in Refract studios. To graduate from college and be completely independent on your first game has got to be a great feeling. Or at least it would be for me. 🙂 Kyle, one of the guys, could barely contain how happy he was in the latest video that he posted to the Kickstarter and I don’t blame him. I’m looking forward to playing this game when its released in May of next year and I have no doubt it will be a lot of fun to play. Considering how well crafted Nitronic Rush was, I want to see how these guys do at making a full game. I suggest going over and backing the game while you still can. Also, go and vote for them on Greenlight to get on Steam. I am very curious at what the rest of their stretch goals are, though I’m afraid that the limited amount of time left means we won’t get to see what they are. Either way, I’m glad to see this arcade racer funded. This is a genre that I’ve wanted to like but quality games are few and far between (especially on PC). But now, we have a high quality game like Distance coming and I am really excited about it. Now, the long, long, long wait till next year.

CapCom talks about the Devil May Cry upcoming game for the Wii U, the popular action brawler game. They talk about a new detail that was announced that the game will run at 30 Frames-per-second rather than 60 frames-per-second. FPS is important in a fighting game such as Devil May Cry because the higher the FPS, the smoother and flowing combat can be. The main reasons that its being lowered from 60 to 30 FPS is due to the engine and some of the game mechanics requiring too much system resources for the console to play the game back at 60 FPS smoothly. This wouldn’t be a problem on the PC, but hey, that’s their choice to go console. To make up for it, they’re going to add visual tricks to simulate 60 FPS in hopes people won’t notice the difference. Capcom’s director Hideaki Itsuno told Eurogamer:

“60 FPS is a speed the brain and the eye can catch up with and understand, But at 30 FPS there’s a technique where you take advantage of the brain’s ability to fill in the blanks. So even though you have it running at 30 FPS, you create the motions and the poses in such a way that the brain will naturally fill in what would have been the extra frames.” He also went to say that 60 FPS can cause a tiring effect on player’s eyes because the frames “almost shake or flash”.

Personally, I think Hideaki is talking nonsense. I have never felt fatigue or tired from playing a game at 60 FPS+. So I don’t know where this claim comes from, but I think he just said this to justify the game’s decreased performance. The difference between 30 and 60 fps is very noticeable though I can still play them at 30 FPS, I prefer not to if I have the choice. As for whether these visual/technical tricks they talk about to fool our eyes will work, I don’t know. I don’t think it will work as FPS is a fairly noticable thing regardless of how many special effects you put into the game but maybe they’ve figured out something that will work. But for a fighting game to not be at 60 FPS seems like a risky thing to do regardless and I don’t think CapCom appreciates how risky it is. Then again, CapCom has had quite the ego on its shoulders of late. So be wary about this game…

Bundles upon Humble Bundles, they are being released this week and are looking good. The Humble Bundle #4 for Android is out and so is the Game Music Bundle 4. The Humble Bundle includes Splice, Eufloria, Waking Mars, Machinarium, Crayon Physics Deluxe and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. All of these games are available for your Android & Desktop devices and come with their respective Soundtracks as well. This bundle is a little bit more casual than some may like but it has some interesting games like Splice which I’ve heard about before but haven’t gotten the chance to try it out. I reviewed Superbrothers a while back but found the Crayon game to be a bit lacking. I think this is the third or fourth bundle Machinarium has been in, which seems a bit odd they would keep on including it.

The Game Music Bundle is probably my favorite bundle of all because I really enjoy all the music I can get from these and its a lot. This fourth bundle comes with soundtracks from:

  • Dear Esther
  • Shoot Many Robots
  • Indie Game: The Movie
  • Spelunky
  • Joypad Powerup
  • Kanto Symphony EP
  • Skyrim Theme by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens
  • Adventures in Pixels
  • Jottobots

This Music Bundle is a bit odd with the Skyrim theme by Lindsey and Peter and the soundtrack from the Indie Game movie. I didn’t quite expect to see those in a bundle anytime soon but they are good tracks to listen to. All in all, its plenty of soundtrack music that you should consider getting if your into this genre of music. I also discovered this Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Twilight Symphony. This orchestral take on the original soundtrack of TP sounds really good and is coming out a little later this month with 3 1/2 hours worth of music. So much good music to get and listen to, it makes me stupidly giddy with happiness. What can I say, I’m a bit of a music collector.

Audio of Note:

Rhett & Link have a new song which I found pretty amusing.

Pomplamoose have a new song for you to enjoy, “The Goodbye Song”

Photos To See:

My. College. Life.

Pico is a little better, still not walking very well though 🙁

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Pico seems to be recovering from his injury if slowly. Still looks ridiculously cute in this photo.

Hanging at a airport with @bejahu

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A good photo

“Hoshi The Wonder Cat” and Rick. Cute fuzzball

A good photo of Eugene from earlier today. The weather actually was nice today…until 2pm then it got cold and depressing.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

My friend MoonshineFox has a Tribes: Ascend blueplate special montage to enjoy. I found it pretty funny and entertaining.

If your interested in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II game, you should at least get some idea of the SP campaign of the game here:

Found this odd animation where Apple devices fight against Android devices:

Hope you liked this post and until next time…


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