King’s Personal Musing 11/9/12: Skyfall, MS Messenger retiring, and much more…

I muse about Skyfall, Microsoft Messenger being retired, and much more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Finally, the weekend. After this hellish week, I’m glad to get a rest from classes and maybe now I can get caught up on studying. Hopefully. Days are getting colder too, a sure sign that Winter is upon us which means I need to find my scarf, I know I stored it in here somewhere… Also hoping to do some audio recordings tomorrow/next day, sort of flex my voice as it were. Doubt I’ll get around to starting up my next YouTube series this weekend, but maybe I’ll practice for it. That’s a sound idea. *shrugs*. At this point, its all finals from here on out which is helpful…it makes it a lot easier than stressing about midterms which I consider…idk, stupid this term. I think we focus too much on testing and not enough on learning the material, but that’s a debate for another time. Hmm, other than that, I haven’t done much today. (Well, except school obviously). I’ve been playing around with Google Music more as my iTunes Match subscription is coming to an end next week and I don’t have any intentions of renewing it.

It always bemuses me when I see a bunch of hits on my blog’s movie reviews every now and then. While I did dip my hand into reviewing movies and TV shows, that stopped when I decided to quit putting energy and effort into those media industries. So now, I barely pay attention to movie releases and ignore currently running TV shows. Which is quite convenient considering the place I live in has no cable/satellite. Which is good as I never used the cable in the last place I lived in. Which they made me pay for in my rent. I turned that on…what, a couple times in the year I lived there? Yeah, what a waste of money that was. Ah well. Anyway, point is, there are only a handfull of movies I’ll go to see and those are usually with other people. Probably the only film I’m excited to see this year is The Hobbit.  But tonight I saw Skyfall, the newest Bond flick. It was a great flick too, full of great action and character. Craig was doing a great job as Bond, better than his previous films and I really enjoyed how much of his past had been explored in this film. Plenty of humor and a good Bond villain kept the movie flowing rather nicely. It also toed the line on what I consider “acceptable amounts of nostalgia” in the movie too. For whatever reason gave me vibes of Nolan’s Batman films. I haven’t pinned down why that is, but something about how the story felt and some of the music seemed like Nolan stepped in for a bit, though I’m pretty sure he had nothing to do with the film. As far as the ending goes, it was good and caught me a bit off guard. Anyway, I would recommend going to see it if your into Bond and I look forward to seeing Craig’s next films.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Microsoft is retiring Messenger and will be replacing it with Skype. It was only a matter of time that Microsoft would be integrating Skype into their product lineup after they purchased it a while back. Those who are using Messenger now will be able to merge their accounts into Skype. Messenger will be retired in Q1 of 2013 (except in China for some reason) and Skype will be the primary messaging services. This is also Microsoft attempting to take on Google Talk and Apple’s Messenger/FaceTime services. After Microsoft purchased Skype, I have been distancing myself from the service and have been limiting my usage of it to only when its necessary. Which is pretty much what I’ve been doing with Facebook messenger since they’ve been having multiple privacy and security leaks on that service. (Brilliant job btw guys *rolls eyes*). From what I’ve heard from other people, Skype has been getting worse as a service since Microsoft took it over which is hardly a surprise. I’ve used it a couple of times since it was purchased and it seems to be “ok”, though I think they could be doing a much better job by now.

Curiosity, a “game”, is an odd social experiment where we piece away at this cube on your iOS/Android/PC to find out what is on the inside of it. Only thing is, only one person will get to see what’s inside of it and its apparently “life-changing”. Right, its an odd social experiment to say the least. I’m not going to participate in it. If I have free time to play games, I’ll play something more fun that “pick away at the giant Minecraft cube” game. Heh.

Amazon Prime is testing a $7.99/month payment method as an experiment to see how many users use it. Its a different way of competing with Netflix and Hulu+ to say the least. It will be interesting to see how many people use this payment method rather than the $79/year one. I don’t really want to pay more for Prime but I can see some benefits to paying this way.

Android users that have Verizon’s App Store on their devices will be interested to know that Verizon Apps will be shutting down by March 2013 and will be removed entirely from said devices in software updates. This is in response to the fact that people usually get their apps from Google Play, among other stores such as Amazon, and Verizon has acknowledged this. Can’t say I would have been all that bothered to lose Verizon as an app store, as I probably would have been getting them from Google Play myself if I had an Android device.

Audio of Note:

Nataly Dawn sings “To Turn You On”, a good song to listen to.

Photos To See:

I got this new Skyfall poster for free when I left the movie theater. It is quite cool.

smilingowls claims she isn’t crazy….but we all know differently ;).

That is one big moth…

Interesting Videos To Watch:

AuzzieGamer gives a good review of “Dishonored” to enjoy. I had to wince at the one enemy’s fate though…no one deserves that.

If your into Abridged series, Little Kuriboh published his once in a rare while episode 57 of his series.

And I hope you liked this post, until next time…


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