King’s Personal Musing 11/7/12: Razer Hardware DRM, Nitronic Rush Vid and more…

Those flagships are difficult to beat… I muse about Razer’s DRM/Cloud, Nitronic Rush, Facebook app update and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

This term isn’t going well for me. I feel like I’ve been through hell and back and I feel really worn out as I write this up. I have put more time and effort into this term than any previous term of college and its not going as well as it should be. To finally have a degree that should be in my field, in my expertise and to not do well…is frustrating. I haven’t given up. I’m pushing until this term comes to an end and then….then I’ll see what happens next. If I gave up now, it would be like what happened several years ago and I cannot tolerate that happening again. No matter how crappy I might feel right now. There are probably some who are wondering why I’m publishing blog posts in the middle of a really bad term of college. Well, its simple. These posts don’t take a ton of time, they’re fun for me to do and its something productive. Which I’d rather do something that was fun and productive than not. So that’s why. You can’t study all day, that’s just insane. Have to have something to keep it fun and considering my term I’m having, well…you know. These posts as I mentioned yesterday only take about an hour to craft and publish. Its why I enjoy doing them so much because they’re quick to make but packed full of interesting content. Well, at least I try to make it interesting. And you guys keep coming back to read them so I’m just assuming its interesting. If they aren’t, well, that’s why there’s a place at the bottom to post a comment ;). SO yeah, enough of this depressing talk. Its life and I’ll get over it. Let’s move into news then, shall we?

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Razer, makers of high-end gaming mice and keyboards, came out with new editions of their devices for public consumption this year as is typical. Nothing was out of the ordinary until a member at plugged in his new purchase, he was greeted by a login screen with no option to bypass it. He then tried to create an account but was told by Razer’s customer service that the server was down and that all the guy could use it for was a plug-and-play mouse since he couldn’t install the drivers for it. Not something you want to hear when you pay $80 for a new mouse and it only functions as well as a $5 mouse. (Drivers are really important for gaming mice). You know. You would think. You would THINK these companies would have enough of a BRAIN to realize that DRM is really LOATHED by gamers right now. But it would seem that having “the Cloud” in our hardware peripherals wouldn’t be such a bad thing. The idea behind this cloud technology is that it lets you save your settings on your mice and keyboard into the cloud and you’ll be able to access them anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection. The main reason they’re doing this instead of local-memory like they have in the past is because it got too costly for them to make and it was apparently a big finicky at times. However, this new cloud setup has its problems as well. If the server(s) are down or your firewall blocks the software or your internet is dead then your really expensive mouse won’t work properly. Also, if your internet gets flaky while in-game, it has a tendency to lock up. This is unacceptable for such expensive products. The absolute last thing I want in my hardware is some version of DRM. While Razer did say it wasn’t DRM, well, the signs all point to it being exactly like some of the nastiest forms of DRM I’ve seen in games. I don’t want to sign up for a required account for my computer hardware. I don’t want to worry about DRM coming from both software and hardware. Its stupid. This is completely unacceptable Razer and I would highly suggesting doing an about-face on this technology. The cloud doesn’t excuse software that acts similar to DRM.

Facebook has been giving its iOS application a lot of much needed attention this year and added some new features to it recently. The update includes enhanced chat system, the ability to upload multiple photos at once (thank goodness, I’ve wanted that for a while) and gifting. Not sure when FB came out with gifting but apparently we have it…for whatever reason. The app did release in a buggy state for some though, but for me has worked fine. I don’t think it was a good idea for FB to release multiple iOS apps for their social network, but I guess it’s up to them to decide if that’s a good idea or not.

CBS hasn’t been a friendly network to the world of Internet streaming and has said that it doesn’t like the practice of it all that much. But, their attitude seems to be changing slightly as their back catalogue of shows that aren’t currently airing on TV will be available for Hulu+ members early next year. It’s a pity that CBS and other networks aren’t embracing streaming more and I think it’s a mistake that they don’t make it widely available, especially when shows such as Game of Thrones was the most pirated show this year.

Audio of Note:

__ensnare__ has a new audio track on SoundCloud and its good one.

Photos To See:

Hah, that made me chuckle, but its not too far from the truth…

Was glad to see images like these in my feeds yesterday.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

The Content Patch continues to be interesting to watch and I’m really liking the format. Getting a bit longer than expected but hey, I can’t complain.

Due to The Escapist not allowing embedding of their videos, all I can do is link you to this review by Yahtzee on Doom BFG edition and Medal of Honor: Warfighter because its really funny. I think “Sunkgargleweewee” sums up this game rather well. Also, Warfighter is a terrible name for…well…anything.

Moonshine Fox takes an in-depth look at Nitronic Rush and also suggest you check out the Distance Kickstarter. I also suggest you go and check out Distance. Its looking like a lot of fun.

Finally, this is one of Moonshine Fox’s shorter LPs in which he flies another ship of the Federation in FTL. You can see why its so short too xD. *Boom*

And until next time, I hope you liked this post!…


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