King’s Personal Musing 11/6/12: Political Musings, Farming Simulator 2013 popularity and MUCH more…

The better to pound your head in… I muse about the blog, social stuff, Farming Simulator 2013 being silly popular and much more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Its been a long weekend, studying for the most part or doing research for my computer. I’m still not sure what to do about my computer. I’m not in a very comfortable situation with my finances. While I could put down money to have it rebuilt, its a bit too risky. I’m still debating it over in my head right now. Decisions…decisions…decisions. Yeah, didn’t do a KPM on Monday because I was…dealing with college is the short version of the answer. Its still been a rough time for me and I’m struggling to manage it. But I keep on trying and putting in my best effort. So I’m here today, writing this rather large post. I’m amazed at how fast I can write when I don’t write for a while. (This post will take me about an hour to write) A while being four days but for me its a while. Weird, I used to struggle to write a two page paper. Now I do that and then some nearly every day. But yeah…its still a stressful college career and this term hasn’t been going as well as I had been hoping. Well, just keep on plugging away at it. That’s the best I can expect from myself.

The following two paragraphs are musings on politics and I’m sorry, but I have to get this off my chest or it’ll eat away at me. Far too often, I’ll sit on a subject because its uncomfortable to talk about. (Its happened several times before I did a Musing on it some time later) I do this blog for speaking my mind and damnit, if I can’t speak my mind on even politics once in a rare while, what’s the point of this blog? That said, it is not a subject that interests me and I want to talk about what people do surrounding politics, not the politics itself. I hope you read the following with an open mind. However, you can skip the next two paragraphs and read about how my blog is doing if you want.

Obama was re-elected as President today. I say congratulations to him and I hope that he leads the country with wisdom. Cause we could sure use some wisdom in our leaders. Of course, what I saw on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ was doom-saying and lots of “the world is coming to an end” posts by one side and on the winning side was a bunch of trumpeting, puffing out of chests and other, more disappointing statements. Its politics, I know. But it frustrates me so much. And yeah, I have friends who are in many different parties. Which makes election season like this one especially trying. The thing is, I don’t think this is the end of the world. I guess for whatever reason, I have faith that it will all work out somehow.

Sad part about all of this is holding such a stance is its going to cause a backlash against me. For not decrying the winner, for trying to be a reasonable voice in the midst of it all, I’ll still get flak for it. Yay!…. Not sure by who but I’m sure someone will not be happy with me. And that saddens me greatly. I am independent and I’m not someone to hate others for no reason or to think the end of the world is coming because one guy got voted in. That could be because I think my world is coming to an end from my own actions, but that’s a subject for another time ;). My tagline states “A Paladin Without A Crusade” for a reason. Its not some catchy line I thought up one day. It is who I am. So there you go…my musings on this.

To get off that unhappy subject, I took a quick look at the content I’ve been publishing as a sort of follow-up to my “End of Summer Update #5” post I did last month. I did a total of 10 Personal Musings and two Musing posts on Greenlight and Apple. Add in the post I did for TeknoCratik and it comes to a total of 13 blog posts I did for the month of October which is pretty good. I also recorded a podcast episode for TeknoCratik. So all in all, considering my current situation, I did pretty good. I’m glad I almost stuck to the publishing schedule I had set for myself but I still fell a bit short. First, I was aiming for about 15-20 Personal Musing posts per month so hopefully I can do better this month. Second, I was hoping to have a review in there somewhere but it didn’t happen. Third, my YouTube series never got off the ground like I had hoped. Granted, that isn’t entirely my fault as I had my computer get fried in the middle of the month right when I was planning on getting it rolling again so I’m hoping to get it off the ground again soon. I just don’t know when when.

So my plan this month is to work on more consistent and content rich Personal Musings, hopefully do a review of some kind and keep the content coming along. Also, views per post were up, especially on Personal Musings. However, the month had a decrease in total views due to less posts published, but a very big thank you to all of you that keep coming back. It keeps me going on this blog and is appreciated. 🙂

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

XCOM got a patch sometime this week to make the easy mode easier plus other miscellaneous bug fixes. The game seems to have had quite a few bug problems over the past month reported, but is otherwise considered a very enjoyable game. Seems like the game didn’t need to be easier from what I heard about the mode but if it gets more people to play games like XCOM and eventually want to be challenged by them, that’s a good thing in the end. Good luck to Firaxis stomping out the remaining bugs in the game.

Ex Vitro is an Indie Metroid-look-a-like game that caught my attention this week. Its BETA went up a while ago though this is my first time hearing about the game. Its free to play if your interested in these 2-D sidescrolling action exploration games. I wish I had the time to try this game out as I really liked Metroid games and maybe I’ll get a chance later to. However, you should definitely check it out. Can’t hurt as it is free.

Farming Simulator 2013 is the most popular game in the UK retail this week. However, the game didn’t make the top 10 sellers list on Steam. Which considering that you have L4D2, XCOM and many other good games there, that isn’t all that surprising. But it does blow my mind that a farming simulator (in the UK no less) is on the top charts at all. I figured these kind of games were a niche product and here we are with evidence to suggest that they aren’t… I have Train Simulator 2013 and well I can understand why people like myself like to play the game. But this one? This confuses me on why its so popular compared to other games like the Sims, WoW and Guild Wars 2. It kind of just blows my mind. Don’t get me wrong if you want to play a simulator that’s great, its not the worst thing you could be playing right now. *cough* Farmville *cough* I’m just trying to comprehend why this game is as popular as it is. Especially in the UK…

Audio of Note:

Lindsey Sterling gives a great performance with her take on the Assassin Creed 3’s main theme. I really enjoyed this song and am glad to see her do a videogame song after a while.

Some Halo 4 theme performed by Taylor Davis and Lara:

I think I shared this before, but you should check out Machinae Supremacy’s newest album that’s coming out later this month:

Photos To See:

Someone looks awfully cute

That is one seriously badass PC setup there. Way too rich for me though xD

My friend took a self-portrait and I had to share it here because it amuses me for some reason :P.

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A rainy day in Washington

Because spiders aren’t terrifying enough…this is a Peacock spider

An amusing photo, I thought the smile was way too creepy. From @Dasone86

Oregon is pretty! <3 #oregon

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A good nature photo

Interesting Videos To Watch:

Moonshine Fox’s 34 Let’s Play episode of Dwarf Fortress, where he discovers how hardy his dwarves really are.

I’ve sometimes wondered why Wizards didn’t do this when drinking tons of potions…

If your into abridged series, you should definitely give Hellsing Ultimate Abridged a try, though I have to warn you: crass language and lots of violence, but its hilarious and quite brilliant at the same time.


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