King’s Personal Musing 11/2/12: Google Play Music Update, danisnotenvious and more…

Been listening to Coldplay a lot today…anyway, I muse about Google Music launching in the UK, danisnotonfire not being envious and more…

Latest Happenings and Musings:

Phew…what a day. Friday does feel longer and this one felt even longer than usual. I am, however, in higher spirits as I write this post. Maybe its due to it being the weekend, maybe its due to me feeling more productive today than I ever have, but in either case I managed to finish my CIS homework assignment just in time to get it submitted. It was a bit close and I don’t like that it was, but at least its as good as I could have gotten it. So yay…some good news for once…feeling a bit, I don’t know, not sure what the word is. I guess a little bit less stressed out. I’m also trying not to think about next week either and I’m sure I have “fun” stuff I’ll need to do. School’s…difficult. For now, nothing to do but to rest up for the next battle next week.

I updated and tweaked A Paladin tonight as well as added to the Tower of Darkness page. The tweaks to the website were focused on making the side-widgets better as well as looking through some other settings. The Tower of Darkness added a new category and three new companies to the list. *Edit* Tower of Light was also updated.

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Stitcher, the podcast streaming app, is updating its web-based app with a new UI for desktop users. Its a good update from what I’ve seen of it too. I don’t use Stitcher though I did try it out a while back and I know other people do too. From what I can tell, its a very functional update for those who listen to radio/podcasts on their desktop.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the latest FPS from Valve, is free-to-play this weekend only. You’ll need to have Steam available, download the game and your good to go. I’m actually going to try out CS: GO for myself since its free and I…..well, I was going to say I have never played any of the CS games, but it occurs to me that I did. Though I can’t remember what version of the game it was. But its been at least four years.

Google Music will be launching in the UK on November 13th and will also be updating its uploader program so that it “scans and matches” your library against Google’s music library. This means that it’ll work much like iTunes Match and Amazon’s music cloud do. Google Music will be free to use as it has been thus far, allowing you to upload 20,000 tracks in high quality MP3 format. Which is a pretty impressive offering considering their competitors, Apple and Amazon, require you to pay yearly subscriptions to use their service. Another great feature of Google Music is that you can listen to your tracks on any device you own. I’ve been playing off and on with Google Music and am hoping that Google gives their uploader some helpful fixes, as its a bit wonky to get it to work. So I shall be keeping a close eye on Google Music to see how this new uploader works.

Audio of Note:

Miracle of Sound has done a good job with this new song, “Distant Honor”.

Pomplamoose hasn’t had any new music videos lately, mostly because it seems Nataly has been busy working on her new album. Here’s a song from it, called “How I Knew Her”.

Photos To See:

Someone is purry.

A post shared by Catherine (@catmoyer) on

Kitty cat looks awfully tired.

Probably the last rainbow we’ll get to see this year.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

Rooks and Kings have published a few well made Eve Online videos and this vid is just as well done as the previous ones. All about the new Incursion game mechanic that was introduced a while back.

Danisnotonfire talks about envy and feeling envious of other people’s things. Rather enjoyed it.

Feeling like I should throw in a random silly video in now and then into these posts. Something to think about I suppose. But for now, Meet the Dumpster Diver:

Well, I hope you liked this post and until next time…


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