King’s Personal Musing 11/1/12: Halo 4’s perma-bans on sexism, the Content Patch and much more…

Yup, it is clearly fall. I muse about Halo 4 perma-banning sexism, The Content Patch YouTube show, Disney acquiring Lucasfilm and much more…

Latest Musings & Happenings:

I can’t believe its November today. Where has the time gone… For whatever reason, I thought I hadn’t done a Thursday KPM in a while. Turns out I only missed one week. Maybe its Friday I’m thinking of. But yes, after my typical Wednesday off I’m back writing my thoughts on…well, the Interwebs. Almost said paper. What have I been doing for the past 48 hours…nothing really worth mentioning, besides the a-typical study fest and more stress than I can deal with sometimes. Term is continuing to be a rough one. Maybe I’ll talk about it more this weekend, we’ll see. I’m just glad the weekend is finally coming and my computer will actually be functioning. Maybe I might get to do something fun and creative. That would certainly brighten my mood after these past few weeks… Anyway, I could use all of the help you could send my way, even if that’s keeping me in your thoughts. I appreciate the support.

Going to be making a better effort with KPM posts moving forward, been getting a bit slack on how much content they have had, so I’m pushing it up a notch today. Which is good for everyone. 🙂

Tech and Gaming News To Read:

Want to be a sexist idiot in Halo 4? Don’t think you’ll be able to be that way for long. The developers behind Halo 4 are going to be permanently banning you for being a jerk in the game. Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill and 343i head Bonnie Ross spoke out against sexism and stated that developers should take responsibility for the games and the community that surrounds it. Granted, the question is is how will they prevent false-positives from occurring? Not too sure on that one. Its long overdue that developers on Xbox and PS3 started cracking down on the toxic communities they breed in games. Its certainly a reason I have stayed away from consoles (and these uber-popular FPS games) because of this kind of childish behavior, which should not be allowed or tolerated. There is a reason that the stereotype of the cussing & sexist child on Halo 4 and COD exists. We should not simply allow it to exist just because it does so kudos to them for making this decision to fight it.

The DMCA rules that it’s ok to jailbreak your iPhone, but it’s not willing to cover iPads under that act. The reason being is that they found the term “tablets” to be far too broad a term and were concerned that it would allow too many devices to be covered by the term tablet, such as e-readers. Also, unlocking your phones will only be allowed if your carrier unlocks it for you. You can unlock your iPhone as much as you please if you own one right now, but come January 2013, this exemption will not cover smartphones. I can’t believe we’re still debating this after all these years, but I guess we’ll be doing it until my generation takes over the Congress and the Senate at this point. We, the American consumer, should be allowed to do whatever we want to with our devices. (Exempting anything that is considered criminal acts of course). If we want to jailbreak our device, we should be allowed to regardless of whatever company wants to do with it and it is disappointing to see the DMCA not be able to figure that out.

Disney acquires all of Lucasfilm yesterday. I’m sure there has been a lot said on the subject, but the short version is, Lucasfilm was bought from George Lucas for $4.05 billion and this included everything. All tech, all IPs, all rights to the property, everything. Everyone wins, except Fox who loses their ability to publish the videos, that’s gotta sting for them. My personal opinion is, I’m not really all that bothered by the news. Surprised that it came this soon, yes. But beyond that, I think its time that Star Wars be put in someone else’s hands and tested to see if it can survive without its creator having so much control over it. I’m sure the fanboy outcry from Star Wars fans against Disney was a hilarious read too, but I never looked into it. Was too busy. GL burned all the chances I could give him, especially when you consider the latest movie made, Indy 4, the movie I shall not name. It is just…horrible. So yeah. I’d like to see what Disney could do with Star Wars. I’m less than enthusiastic to hear Disney say the gaming focus will be on Mobile and “Social” games, but maybe some third parties can try. And hopefully NOT make a MMO this time. One can hope right?

My friend Moonshine Fox found this video of a game currently called “Descent to UDK”. Its a 1:40 vid of the original Descent game being ported to the Unreal engine and being remade into a modern version of Descent. I don’t think Max had any idea of what he was getting into and the video got pretty popular fast from what his website said. I’ll be interested to see what he can do with the game and how the port will go. I am slightly curious if anyone owns the rights to Descent and whether they’ll be too happy to see this remake or not. This sort of thing tends to vary depending on the developer in question. (Edit: After some poking about the US Patent Office website, it seems to be owned by Interplay). Good luck Max, your going to need all the help you can get on a project such as this.

Audio Of Note:

Machinae Supremacy uploaded some of their tracks from the Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams game onto Soundcloud and you should give them a listen.

Photos To See:

I saw a lot of these around my workplace today…

Trick or treat!

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Halloween…it’ll rot your teeth 😉


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Yeah, Ben…your not Superman 😉

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It was surprisingly sunny today, thought it should be more like this photo by now. (From the UK I think)

10-18-2012 Beautiful day. 🙂

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No, not my Lens Flare. I’d do something better than this. 😉 But its still a good shot of the sun rising.

I played around with Picstitch, this odd little collage app that was free on the app store. I figured, why not? So I took several shots while on my way from work of these fallen leaves. Thought it looked pretty good myself. Haven’t been taking many photos because I’ve been too busy to get outside and explore around.

Interesting Videos To Watch:

TotalBiscuit has started a new show called the “Content Patch”. Its a gaming news show which combines his opinionated commentary with better news reporting and viewer feedback. Its off to a good start too, though I don’t think he remembered he had over 100,000+ active viewers all with plenty of feedback to share so he got swamped by it. Still, I really like this new show.

Scary Sierpinski Skull Time…because….why not?… Yeah…I think Vihart ate a few too many Halloween candies and decided to make this video. Its still amusing…but weird… mathematician weird…if that makes any sense.

Just to throw in something random from YouTube, meet the Femgineer:

Finally, Vsauce talks about why we have two nostrils on our face and not…say one. For whatever reason, I burst out laughing when he talked what might happen to you if you tried to smell space. Maybe I’m just a bit loco after all these weeks…

And until next time, I hope you liked this post!…



  1. …so…there’s a law now that tells you what you can, and cannot do, with the hardware you own?

    I’m sorry but that’s just completely and utterly retarded. It’s like I’m not allowed to change the tires on my car. What the hell is WRONG with these people?

    Android forever, bro.

    • I completely agree. The fact that these guys weren’t willing to define tablets annoys me. The DMCA isn’t all bad, but this is where we have yet another example of the government being clueless about technology.

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