King’s Personal Musing 10/30/12: Appigo Todo Pro, Google Search Voice and a little more…

I muse about Appigo’s Todo Pro app, Google Search’s Voice update and a little bit more…(Also, yeah, what the cat says…)

Quick Musings and Latest Happenings:

Another fun day….yeah…I…lots of hours studying…beginning to think I smell smoke coming from my ears now. I’m really quite tired of all of this. But I keep pressing on. Also, what’s up with the weather? Been awfully warm and dry all of the sudden. Its a bit weird. Nothing else I want to talk about for my day so let’s move on to the news…

Tech and Gaming News of Interest:

Primal Carnage is now out on Steam. This Humans VS Dinos game caught my interest a little while back and I wonder how it plays. It seems balanced well enough to be enjoyable…but you can’t really tell to be sure from the videos.

Google Search app for iOS is now updated with enhanced voice search functionality. Its the same voice search that Android users have had for a while now and is Google’s response to the infamous Siri. I gave it quite a number of questions and I’m impressed with how fast it is. It seemed to mess up my words a few times but overall understood me just fine. Siri still has the proverbial leg up because its integrated into iOS and you can set things like appointments, reminders and such with Siri. But Google definitely has it where it counts, finding things. Which considering who we’re talking about, isn’t much of a surprise. Whether I’ll use it that much is questionable. I’m in too many situations where speaking out loud would be considered rude but hey, at least its there.

Finally, it seems I must tie up this loose end with Appigo now. Earlier today, Appigo announced its big new update to its task management product, “Todo”. I’ve talked about Appigo in the past for pushing other devs around for daring to use ToDo in their name. Well, today Appigo announced its newest product, Todo Pro. Essentially the service is an overhaul of their prior cloud service that’s now faster, better and has more features such as Siri integration and collaboration with other Todo users. Fine. Only problem is, is that the update to their base product, “Todo” got essentially nothing out of this long awaited update, unless you want to pay for the new Todo Pro service to get all these new features. Sure, we can continue to use our apps for free, so long as we don’t mind never getting updates of any significance for a long time, which is the conclusion I have to get from this product announcement. I think they expected their customers to be excited about this news. We weren’t, as the picture below will show.

The Todo apps used to have a 4-4.5 star average rating on iTunes. Between the slap in the face to their customers, the bugs, app crashing issues and the servers being down, which have made the apps useless for many all day, Appigo is in a really bad pickle on this decision of theirs. I guess I should have seen this coming, after all, they split up their Exchange sync service away from Todo. Anyway, apparently a serious bug in the app prevents the apps from opening. So if you rely on these apps (and many do) then you can’t access them. Appigo did sort of apologize for the mistakes made, but this has happened so many times in the past that the words feel hollow. I was tolerant of their mistakes in the past, even when it lost me some valuable data. (Actually, I should have dropped them then, truth be told) But I didn’t, for whatever reason. I can only forgive a company so many times and bending our arms to pay for a subscription service is not how you win over your customers Appigo, as I think your app ratings should tell you.

I will give them credit though, they told me that this is the best direction for their company to take. I have to appreciate that kind of honesty. I don’t hear honesty that much from companies and I’d like to hear more of it from them, as this PR speak can get really tiresome. Unfortunately, this direction Appigo wishes to travel is one that I cannot follow. Bait and switch tactics, poor Q&A of your apps and services and lack of updating for many months on end is not something I can support anymore. I’m tired of the constant nickle and diming that iOS apps seem to get everytime they get an update. Though I had to wonder on Twitter earlier today, whether I was being self-entitled about all of this lately and I’m still split on whether I am or not. Something I am going to have to muse on later. But, in the meantime, goodbye, Appigo.

Audio To Listen and Enjoy:

I listened to some audiobooks today?…yeah…still a WIP here.

Photos Worth Sharing:

It’s been pretty gray lately, that’s for sure.

Intriguing Videos To Watch:

I’m really enjoying JesseCox’s Let’s Play of Dead Space.

ERB is back with the two famous Drs of Scifi fame. Dr Who and Doc Brown in this epic rap battle. I quite enjoyed this one.

Finally, I enjoyed this video by Freddie Wong of Hitman. I think he did quite well with this one.

Its a bit light on content today, hopefully the next one is a bit more meaty. Hope you enjoyed and until next time…


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