King’s Personal Musing 10/29/12: LGR’s DRM video, Steam’s Halloween Sale and more…

I muse about LGR’s DRM video, Steam’s Halloween Sale and more… (My Computer innards pictured above)

Quick Musings and Latest Happenings:

Today was…difficult to be honest and I don’t really want to talk about it right now. After my KPM post Saturday, I went to an interesting party with my brother and friends. Met a few new people and hung out, you know, like most party goers do. Also saw some people do some funny things and I won’t soon forget that. For the most part, I’m not much of a partier. I never really get into them like some people do…not entirely sure why either. The next day I spent my day working on assignments, doing research on computer parts and blog posting. Oh and my computer is back online. I got my old 9500 GT graphics card from home and used it to replace my GTX 460 card that got fried in the accident, pictured above. You can read about the nitty gritty details over here of what happened and what I managed to fix. It was long overdue that I actually do a legit blog post on TeknoCratik and I’m rather happy with how it turned out. Now its down to research and deciding what to do with my desktop next. Also did a Musing on the latest Apple tech announcements and I’m going to be working on my Musing of what Microsoft has been doing with Windows 8 soon enough. I haven’t worked on said blog post because I actually want to try out Windows 8 and do some research on what devices were recently launched for it. And of course, all while dealing with school. I make my life easy… As usual, I can’t say when it’ll come out. It all depends on when I get a break long enough to work on it. School being the priority and such.

Tech and Gaming News of Interest:

Steam’s Halloween Sale is up and running now and there are a number of good games on sale, for those that are interested in the undead, the creepy and the horrific titles. Its bemusing to see a couple Free-To-Play games such as Team Fortress 2 “on-sale” but it seems to be featuring that their pay-for content is on sale. There are a lot of good games for sale so I won’t list all of them that I think you should get but I’ll at least point you in the direction of:

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Who doesn’t own this game?)
  • Left 4 Dead 2 (though who doesn’t own this game already?)
  • Limbo
  • Magicka
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl & Call of Pripyat
  • Breath of Death VII & Cthulhu Saves the World Double Pack

Pandora has a newly enhanced iOS app and Android has it too…from what I can tell. (Though I can’t check for myself). The main features is a new UI, social sharing and activity feeds. I got to play around with it a little bit earlier today and the update looks pretty good. I’m kind of curious why the volume bar is hidden below the UI and you have to swipe up to adjust it, this doesn’t seem ideal but other than that, a solid app all around. I use Pandora from time to time when I get sick of my library and want to hear something new. Though that doesn’t happen too often. It will be interesting to see what the iPad’s update will look like later on.

Hotline Miami devs were seen trying to aid pirates rather than attacking them or something less friendly. This friendly attitude that devs have towards pirates is refreshing to see. I mean, its this or they flail around angrily at the pirates, wishing they had never been born. As it is, piracy is impossible to stop. So its good to make the best of a difficult situation. And then treat your paying customers very well for, well, their support.

Audio To Listen and Enjoy:

Nothing for today.

Photos Worth Sharing:

WordPress made it very easy to embed Instagram photos into the blog today so that makes me happy as it removes a lot of unnecessary steps. If your wondering why they are smaller than before, its because that’s how big they can get and still be square shaped photos. If you look at previous Instagram photos, you’ll notice that they are more rectangular and it stretches the image. I’ve never liked them that way so I tried to fix this a while back by looking for a theme with a wider area, but I couldn’t find anything that suited my needs. So it is what it is and I can’t do anything about it atm. However, if you wish to view the full size image, just click the picture and it will take you to a larger version anyway.

Ivy and I were watching TV and we turned to see this.

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Apparently this cute cat was staring at his owners like this for a long while….a creepy long while.

Intriguing Videos To Watch:

The AuzzieGamer does his final Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Mayhem commentary. While I might have issues with Ubisoft, I can’t help but find the MP experience in this game interesting to watch and the Auzzie Gamer does some great commentary that is very funny as well.

LGR does a great look at the history of DRM/Copy protection in computer games since its inception. Some of these I knew about and others I didn’t. Its just a pity that the new version of DRM means that games will no longer be playable within the next 5-10 years. Which is why I am vehemently opposed to their usage. Take a look at the video below.

WTF Is: Hotline Miami indeed. I like the idea of this game. Brutal, strategic and not a bad graphics style, though there are a few quirks with it that don’t appeal to me. From TotalBiscuit.

Until next time, I hope you liked this post!…


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