King’s Personal Musing: What Happened This Week of October 23rd to 26th…

I talk about my week and what happened.

It doesn’t rain…it pours. This is one of the worst terms I’ve had. Between all the different stresses I’ve been dealing with, midterms and a new problem that cropped up, I about lost it this week. I hadn’t intended on going on yet another hiatus, but it happened. Tuesday evening, I sat down to write up the next Personal Musing and it was going to have another discussion on the iPad mini release among other things. Unfortunately, I accidentally spilled water onto my desk which got into my computer and fried it. I wasn’t in a very good mood after that happened obviously. My desktop is, according to my brother, my baby. To lose it like that hurts. I couldn’t run this blog, I couldn’t do the gaming that I enjoy or the homework that I need to do without it. Its only now that I appreciate how much work I do with it. I won’t be forgetting that anytime soon.

Thanks to some generous people though, I managed to borrow a Macbook and an old desktop that I can use for a little while until I can rebuild my desktop. So I’m going to be looking into rebuilding it and maybe even making it better than before. I had intended on upgrading my desktop in the next year or two. But it looks like life is going to force me to upgrade now rather than later. All I really need is money…and of course, we all lack it. Fun, isn’t it.

I’ll be doing some blogging this weekend, to get my mind off things and fix the lack of content I’ve been doing lately. Since I can’t game, I don’t have much choice except that and doing homework. I need to do something enjoyable or I’ll probably go insane after this really rough week. I got part of the personal musing done on Tuesday so the discussion about the iPad Mini and related will become its own Musing post that I’ll get out soon. I’ll also have another Personal Musing tomorrow to catch up on this week and hopefully I won’t delay Personal Musings like that again. I really do enjoy them and it seems people do too….that makes me happy.

Sadly, my Let’s Play series is going to have to wait. And I was going to work on it this weekend too which kills me. I’ve been feeling really confident about it. I can, at least, record some podcast episodes for TeknoCratik when that happens. I will also be doing some posts over at TeknoCratik that will be going into depth on rebuilding my desktop over the coming weeks and I’ll link those posts here when they’re made. The way they’re written in my head makes it feel like they would be more suited to that blog rather than this one.

I feel battered, bruised and raked over the coals mentally speaking. I didn’t even imagine my term would be this difficult. Its only half way over which worries me. But with any luck, this is the worst of it and it will all go downhill from here. I can only hope. I guess it says something about me that I continue to wake up and take on each day even after all this hardship.

Until next time, thanks for reading.


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