King’s Personal Musing 10/27/12: Zynga Lays off 100+, GMaps Improves and much more…

I muse about Zynga, Gmaps update and much more…

Quick Musings and Latest Happenings:

What. A. Week. This week has been…fun. At least midterms are over…and now begins the wait of seeing what grades I got. Goody… This week, I studied and worked really hard to get ready for these midterms in spite of my computer frying in front of me. Though that really didn’t help having that happen right smack in the middle of midterms either. A day after midterms would have been more appreciated. Or not at all, but I’ll take what I can get these days. Hmm….what else to talk about….not too sure…unless you want to hear me talk, in great length, how I spent hours upon hours in a study group trying to get my head around concepts from the class. It really isn’t all that interesting to recount. Oh right, I have to build a website for my CIS class so I should probably work on that next. It shouldn’t be all that difficult as I can use sites like WordPress to build it. All they want is a functioning URL. I would probably build the website out of HTML if I had more than a few days to work on it. As it is, that’s just not enough time to work on it and make it work.

I will say that either using this Macbook and older machine has been a difficult adjustment. Since I’m missing all my settings and access to programs that I usually use, but I’ll manage. I also realized that my iTunes Match subscription ends next month and that is really inconvenient timing as I don’t have another music cloud setup yet and I’m not going to setup my music on either of these machines that I’m borrowing either. Google Music has most of my music so its been helpful as a backup, but it isn’t ready. Guess this will be as good as any test to see if GMusic is good enough to use in my daily life. Oh and one final thing, yeah, this post (aka: KPM) is out earlier than usual, but I’ve got things going on tonight so I wanted to get this out soon as I could. I hope you enjoy, but don’t expect it early often :P.

Tech and Gaming News of Interest:

Zynga, publisher of such titles as Farmville and Words With Friends hasn’t been having a very good year this year. During the Apple Press event, Zynga attempted to sneak the news out that they were laying off over 100 employees and that their stocks were plummeting. That didn’t work. Seems the social gaming giant is falling apart at the seams. I can’t say I’m all that bothered by the news of Zynga dying. They weren’t a very respectable company (though there are far worse ones out there) in the first place. The only sad part about this news is that 100+ employees are now without work and in this economy, that is really unfortunate. Other companies in the gaming industry are also trying to scoop up what employees they can so they aren’t all without work. Hopefully those employees can find more stable places to work at. Between this and Zynga’s stock falling down the tubes earlier this year, its been a rough time for the employees.

Flipboard for Android app has now been updated with audio integration, so that you can listen to radio or sites like SoundCloud inside the app. Its a feature that iOS has had for a while now and I’m a bit surprised it took them this long to finally move it to Droid, but I guess better late than never.

Google Maps has been getting quite a few updates here recently. One update that is forthcoming is one that will let Maps display the footprint of buildings in a city so you can navigate around the city more easily and another one that is available now is the ability to distinguish between different terrains outside the satellite view. This should be a helpful addition to Gmaps

Audio To Listen and Enjoy:

Lindsey Stirling is in with another music video that I think is an homage to Michael Jackson’s Thriller…or other horror films.

Photos Worth Sharing:

Looks like a cute cat, feels like a nice cat, but apparently isn’t. Still cute though.

Such cute dogs

Someone looks happy

This is a really cool pic that got RTed into my feed a while back.

Snow is coming and so is Winter

Intriguing Videos To Watch:

A very interesting look at the Sonic games and some interesting facts that I didn’t know:

danisnotonfire is back with how Smoking is isn’t cool anymore. Idk, I’m hard pressed to agree with him that our generation doesn’t consider smoking to be cool when I still see plenty of people my age puff a cigarette. Maybe its no longer cool and there is a lot of negative attention towards it, but people still do it. Then again, I suppose the said could be said for drinking.

Modern Military Shooters in a nutshell by TotalBiscuit. I like the fact that we can be immune to sniper floors, but NOT UNEVEN FLOORS. xD. That made my day. MMS games really are badly made movies these days…

I hope you liked the post and until next time…


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