King’s Personal Musing 10/22/12: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is released, my weekend and much more…

I talk about AI War some more, the Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams game release, my weekend and much more…

Quick Musings and Latest Happenings:

Its another Monday and that means another Personal Musing post. Yes, indeedy. Took a trip with the Navs group out to a camp near Sutter’s lake. Which is near Sisters, OR. Something I didn’t know is that the entire area was off the grid, so I was without Internet or Phone the entire trip. I wasn’t that bothered by the lack of Internet though. Taking time off is helpful and healthy from time to time, much like anything else you do. Although it does concern me how dependent my phone and tablet are on the Internet… Anyway, we spent time out there simply hanging out, playing some games and talking about community. The weather was also rather chilly out there so it was difficult to do anything outside. Which is a pity because I would have liked to walk around the area. I also got to shoot a handgun at practice targets and I hit two out of five shots, which was more than anyone else hit there. That made me feel pretty good too, as I’ve never shot one of those kinds of guns before. I can’t remember the model of the gun and I’m sure the guy who owned it will smack me on the head for forgetting it if he ever reads this post ;). We also played some card/board games. One particularly memorable game was called Spoons and one of the girls there was…competitive…to say the least. Let’s just say an entire table got thrown at me it got that competitive. I’m fine, it wasn’t very fast but it was amusing. Also played Telephone Pictionary which was hilarious, you would have to have been there. Finally, it snowed before we left so we got a nice little snowball fight going. All in all, a fun weekend. I doubt I’ll be doing anymore such weekends for the rest of the year as I can’t afford the time.

Today has been an intense day focused on getting my Physics homework done and out of the way. Which I succeeded, though it took more hours than I wanted. Ugh. The rest of the week is going to be focused on my midterms and getting through them. First one is on Wednesday, CIS class, which means I’ll be spending most of tomorrow focused on studying that class. After that, I’ll be working on getting Math solidly under my feet. I really want this week to be over with. If all goes well, I’ll be working on projects this weekend and I’ve really been wanting to ever since I got my new mic recently. One day at a time…one day at a time. So that is my weekend in a nutshell really. Its the fifth week of Fall Term and the work only promises to get more difficult as we go on. I’m doing my best to keep ahead and its been a lot of frustration dealing with it all. But I’m managing as well as I can. And I’ve got people working with me now to help me get through it. Which I’m thankful for. Plus, I’ve got this blog going strong and for that I’m happy enough.

My friend Dangelus released the third episode of TeknoCratik and him and I had an interview with one of our friends, Rick Moyer. Rick is a talented musician, podcaster, and one of the more creative persons I know. In this particular episode we discussed technology and how Rick uses it in his life as well as for his business. It was a fun and entertaining episode to do and I hope Dan and I continue to do more of them.

Tech and Gaming News of Interest:

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is out now on many different stores from Steam to Initial reviews I’ve heard is that its a hard as nails platformer, which is pretty much what I had expected to hear about it. Have yet to hear from a few friends on the game, but that’ll probably take a while. I myself am still on a no-buying-games budget lockdown so all I can do is add it to my wishlist. Ah well, I’m busy enough.

AI War: Ancient Shadows is now officially released. This expansion is very well done and you should definitely get it if your an AIW player. I’m thinking that maybe now I’ll start crafting my review of this game…I’ve played more than 200 hours so surely that means I can tackle it, right? Well…we’ll see. In the mean time, AI War: Fleet Command was also updated to 6.0 with all sorts of goodies and fixings on the base game.

Audio To Listen and Enjoy:

Been enjoying the new AI War: Ancient Shadows OST over the weekend as well as Machinae Supremacy.

Malukah is back with another cover, “Rains of Castamere”. I rather enjoyed this take on the Game of Thrones song.

Rick and Amy talk about taking the risks in life in this hilarious podcast episode, #193. It also includes Amy’s really bad impression of Darth Vader, you’ll want to check it out xD.

Photos Worth Sharing:

Nothing like a couple of cute pups to start your Monday right?

Won’t have too many roses to look at for several months will we…

Double rainbows…*insert meme here*

This is very adorable.

I can’t believe that Halloween is around the corner already…

Intriguing Videos To Watch:

A good video out of Corridor Digital, an action scene with the assassin from Assassin’s Creed 3. Pity this game is published by Ubisoft…I might be interested in it if it wasn’t.

And that’s all, until next time, I hope you liked this post…


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