King’s Personal Musing 10/18/12: goes Mac, AI War 6.0 Trailer and more…

Imagine that’s me…but more eyes sunken in. ;). Anyway, I talk about going Mac, AI War Trailer 6.0 and other stuff so click the picture and read.

Quick Musings and Latest Happenings:

Took yesterday off, as I usually do. While this week wasn’t nearly as bad as last week…its still ups and downs. And more difficulty than I can sometimes deal with. This term has been more rough than I thought it would be… Its…idk, I can’t put it to words tonight…maybe I’ll come back to this later. But this week hasn’t been all bad. Yesterday was mostly an up day. I finally got an item I had been wanting to get for a long time now, a microphone. Its a Samson C01U microphone. Used and way cheaper than had I bought it new, the microphone should help with my other projects immensely. I have a number of upcoming audio projects and podcasts I’ll be involved with and my previous microphone was bothering me too much. So this should fit the bill. Also been playing around with Google Music more, which is Google’s version of iTunes Match. The service is…pretty good. Its on the cusp of being something really great. But the lack of a desktop app has me a bit miffed and with a lackluster mobile experience, I’m up in the air on this one. But considering that my iTunes Match service is about to come to an end next month and I’m not paying for a buggy service, I may have to change how I listen to music. I’m not sure on this one. Or I may go back to manual syncing, although that prospect isn’t so appealing as my library is rather big these days. Too big for my iOS devices at any rate to handle. I’ll figure it out, its not the highest priority on my mind atm.

Tech and Gaming News of Interest:

It was announced recently that Microsoft wouldn’t allow M-rated games onto its Windows 8 app store. Considering how many games that are M-rated and are popular, this doesn’t seem like a wise move. This includes such games as Skyrim, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Mass Effect and many more. I don’t like it either, censoring games when a large majority of your audience is not a move that sits right with me. Its not like they couldn’t just make a “For Kids” section of the store. Netflix has shown that you can. So why can’t these other places? Probably just laziness. But this also means that other online stores such as Steam and Gamersgate can breathe a sigh of relief as they will still stock those games that gamers will want. I suspect that the Metro store is going to look and function like the Mac store. And I don’t like that direction. At all.

Google Play is getting two new features soon (or already have them). Wishlists and Malware scanners, to take care of those nefarious apps that are a bit of a problem for Android. I’ve been seeing Google pour more and more resources into beefing up Google Play’s security and for good reason. Glad to see it as well. is coming to MAC, which means you can enjoy your older, no DRM enabled games on that shiny piece of technology. Good of GOG to support the Mac gaming community, it sure could use the help. I suspect we will continue to see more cross-platform support as time passes and it wouldn’t surprise me to start seeing Linux-support in the future as well. But I guess a lot of it will depend on how Steam is received by Linux…that will be telling.

Audio To Listen and Enjoy:

If you like game soundtracks, Pablo Vega just released the soundtrack to AI War’s upcoming expansion, Ancient Shadows on Bandcamp. I’ve been listening to it and all I can is: mmmmmmmmm. Its a great 98 minute soundtrack album and Pablo has really outdone himself on this one.

Photos Worth Sharing:

This kitten picture was way too cute not to share.

That’s quite the overcast day…

The amusing things you see on the Internet…

Here’s my microphone and it works quite well.

Intriguing Videos To Watch:

AI War 6.0 Trailer was published today and also announces the Ancient Shadows expansion as well. After six major versions, AIW’s post-launch support doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon even after all these years. I still love playing this game, its a game I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of.

Puzzle platformers are something I both enjoy and dispise at the same time. I usually love the atmosphere of the game, but some of the mechanics can get tiring or frustrating as heck. Pid however….may be one that avoids the game mechanic frustration. Hard to say though.

I was deeply amused by LGR’s Sims 3 Seasons – Ignorant Review. I think I needed the laugh more than anything.

I really enjoyed Totalbiscuit’s comparison between Chivalry and War of The Roses. As someone who seems to fancy himself a Paladin ;), playing a game like one of these is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Alas, while WOTR comes close, its melee-combat is off-putting and for a game that focuses on it so much, its hard to get around the problems that are there. I dunno if I’ll give Chivalry a try, but I’m going to keep a distant eye on the game.

And that’s all for today. I’m going to be out of town for the weekend so no more posts until Monday. I hope you liked this post and until next time…


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