King’s Personal Musing 10/16/12: Distance Kickstarter, Indie Royal Fall Bundle and more…

I talk about my day, talk about the new “Distance” game, the Indie Royale and more…

Quick Musings and Latest Happenings:

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Tuesday was mainly me at school studying my eyes out. Trying to get through my homework as soon as possible so I can focus on studying for the midterms coming up. Midterms that I don’t exactly feel confident about either. Blegh. But I’m still keeping the work going. Also reminded myself why I shouldn’t forget my lunch at home. The last couple of hours at the college, studying, was fairly difficult to get  through. Yeah…not making that mistake again. Oh and I was working on CIS homework with a couple of other people and we made pretty good progress on it. I’m hoping to have that finished up tomorrow. So yeah, life is difficult but I’m moving forward. About the best that I can do. Also, seems people really like listening to my voice when I read out-loud. Its umm…the weirdest thing I still get complimented on. Anywho, onto the news!

Also, if you missed it, I updated my Musing on Greenlight’s latest 21 games to get Greenlighted earlier today. It was to fix some bad grammer and other mistakes I made in the post (oops) so give it a read if your interested. I also added a few more thoughts on Greenlight in the post too so its not all just fixes.

Tech and Gaming News of Interest:

Nitronic Rush was a fun arcade racer with a great atmosphere, a well done soundtrack and visuals. It was a really impressive game considering it was built by a team of students and was completely free. There were a few things missing that I would have liked to see in the game, namely multiplayer. And as I wasn’t really interested in getting the best score, my interest in Nitronic Rush waned. However, the game was still impressive and so was Team Nitronic’s support of the game. After several major content updates to Nitronic Rush (which for a free game was very generous), I figured the game would eventually stop being supported and that would be the end of it. Well, seems I was wrong and in fact key members from “Team Nitronic” created their own indie game studio “Refract Studios” and also announced the Kickstarter of their next game, “Distance”. They seem intent on building on the success of Nitronic Rush and bringing a much higher quality arcade racer with multiplayer and new game mods. You can also check them out on Greenlight and I recommend upvoting them if you have any interest in atmospheric arcade racers. There are far too few good arcade racers on PC these days and this game promises to be a lot of fun. 🙂

The Indie Royale is back with its Fall Bundle and its a pretty good Indie bundle all around. I’ve heard that “To The Moon” is a great game and its on my wishlist to get, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Played a demo a while back though and it seemed interesting enough. Oil Rush is a pretty good strategy game too though the rest I’m unfamiliar with. Still, if your looking for a bundle of games to get for Fall, this might be one to take a look at.

Audio To Listen and Enjoy:

Lara and Taylor play the Skyfall theme from the upcoming James Bond movie. I really like the theme for this film, though its second to my liking of the Casino Royal theme. Enjoy!

Photos Worth Sharing:

An amusing shot of little Pico “being promiscuous” with rose petals. Its just too cute.

Wayne’s Wife has a good looking flower garden there.

Karode’s Husky is lazy cute

I should have included this screenshot of the jump yesterday. Gives you a sense of how high up this guy was. Yikes.

Intriguing Videos To Watch:

Totalbiscuit takes a good long look and shares his thoughts and opinions about the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I still want to get this game too, seems to have a lot of good stuff despite how flawed it is. Ah well, Steam sale one day…

Even in the great RC race car scene ever, there is still a fruit basket that gets toppled over and crushed by a car. Haha

Until next time…


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