King’s Personal Musing 10/15/12: I apologize, Instagram Returns, Felix Baumgarter free-falls to Earth and so much more…

I apologize, Instagram returns to the blog, Felix Baumgarter free-falls to Earth and so much more…

Quick Musings and Latest Happenings:

Hello all, its been a while….again. And apparently WordPress went and changed its UI to a more rectangular look in the admin area, which means you can’t see it so I’m not even sure why I’m talking about it, but yeah…. Where I have been since last Tuesday? Well, not doing so great. I had a really bad week last week after Tuesday. It was a combination of stress, college stress, financial stress (this was stupid to have looking back) and homework stress. And I was getting upset about it and it was really disrupting my ability to be social and my ability to write blog posts. I am not happy with last week. At all. My homework was not so great and I was in not so happy a mood either. I am in better spirits now and I never let it affect my work at my job. However, I am sorry. Sorry to those that had to suffer through my downer feelings at the time, sorry to you guys that read this blog and missed nearly an entirely week of content because of my poor attitude and sorry that I let all this get to me. I do not like the fact that I missed a week like that either, especially when I said I could publish the content as I mentioned in my last End of Summer update. I don’t like saying those things and then not following up. You’d think I would be better than this. I should know the college game by now and be able to do better… Apparently not. Guess I’m only human…

I was frustrated because even though I was spending much more time and effort on my studies that I still wasn’t getting what I was studying. I also turned in a CIS assignment that I am not happy with. Thankfully grades don’t put a ton of weight on one assignment so it won’t hurt me that badly as long as I do well for the rest of the term. Especially compared to failing a midterm. *shudder* Today was slightly better, I did manage to finish my Physics homework ahead of time and that gave me a pretty good feeling. And I’ve got a ton of extra help coming to help me with CIS. But it will still be an uphill battle from here on. I’m going to beat this or fail trying. And that’s what I should have been doing anyway. Not getting all moody and unhappy like I did. And do I deserve to be slapped in the face for that? Yes. So…go ahead. Slap yourself, I’ll feel it. I swear. 😉

So I’m back tonight, reaffirming that I’ll be publishing posts like I should have been. So you’ll be getting another post after this one, a musing. I won’t say anymore than that or I’ll jinx myself. Not only that, I have an extra long Personal Musing for you to munch on with a section being revitalized. Enjoy! For the Paladin is back. =)

As far as what happened last week, well I’m so far behind on what’s been going on I don’t think I can recount everything or share all of what happened. Nothing major happened that I can recall… Oh well. I’ll still be catching you guys up on News and Vids that I liked so that’ll be in the coming days. As far as gaming goes, well I only played games on the weekend (which I suspect will becoming a trend) and I played a number of them. I tried to get through Metro 2033 but got too frustrated with some of the mechanics and decided to put the game on hold and pushed it down the queue. And the next game is Amnesia: The Dark Descent… I both want and don’t want to play this game. Its considered one of the best atmospheric horror games for a reason and just playing 45mins of it had me nervous. I look forward to getting creeped/scared out of my mind for the next several weeks. From what I can tell, I’ll be lucky if my sanity is intact by the time I finish this game. I was a nervous wreck playing the X18 labs from Shadow of Chernobyl too. I also played a quick co-op AI War session where we lost due to overwhelming AI numbers. I think we had the settings turned up way too high. Will have to watch for that again. I also finished out my first attempt at the Fallen Spire campaign in AIW and finally lost due to the AI constantly wearing me down with raids and attacks on my various planets. It was sad to see my Spire Fleet’s last stand and then my subsequent loss. But I learned quite a bit from the campaign and hope to tackle it again soon and actually win.

My Spire Fleet’s last stand…what’s left of it anyway

In addition to the blog posts, I am still working on my next YouTube series. I’ve mostly been working on it in the background/back of my head for the past several weeks. This includes watching other LPs (just to get an idea of what they do) and deciding what I am and am not going to do in my next series. I think its going to be quite good when I finally do start publishing those videos again. I do not have an ETA on the first episode or even the trailer for the series at this point, but its coming “soon”. Especially since a certain item arrived today that will be helping me along with the series…I’ll talk about that in another post :P.

Tech and Gaming News of Interest:

Felix Baumgarter breaks a lot of records, one of them being that 8 million viewers watched his live-stream on YouTube. This guy, with the help of a lot of people, took a capsule to around 120,000ft in the air and jumped to Earth, most of the journey in free-fall. He broke the speed of sound and the highest free-fall among many other records. I actually watched this about 30 minutes before he jumped and watching him jump from the capsule…eeeeeeek, that was nerve wrecking. I have a problem with heights, so seeing how high up he was from a camera shot they showed before he jumped was nerve-wracking. My heart also lept into my throat when he started spinning at the beginning of the fall, but that didn’t last thankfully. This free-fall will give us a lot of important data for scientists to study the possibilities of astronauts jumping to Earth in the event of an emergency. So a big congrats to Felix for making it back to Earth safely.

Netflix launches in Sweden and its not that impressive. My friend Moonshine Fox took a look at it and it sounds like the content selection is awful. No HD content, many of the same TV and movies we get are not available to them and its just not an impressive service. Which is sadly not difficult as even the US version of Netflix is not great. Its good, good enough to pay $7.99 for but any further price raises will cause me to seriously consider pulling my monthly subscription. Its good to see Netflix continue to support more and more countries because the service is quite good, its just the content is seriously lacking. Netflix needs to work on getting their licensing deals to work worldwide and not just in the US of A.

Metro 2033 is a game I got a little while back and I’ve sunk a chunk of hours into the game. However, I eventually got really annoyed at the game mechanics and decided to put it off until later.  Which means that Amnesia: The Dark Descent is next. *shudder*. Anyway, Metro 2033 is getting a sequel which for some reason I didn’t hear about until now. It was recently revealed that Metro: Last Light would not be including Multiplayer. I also got to see the video with the gameplay and it looks like they are doing a good job on the sequel. I am glad that THQ is dropping the Multiplayer component from the game. So many games like Metro try to shove in a half-baked MP experiences in these SP games that is absolutely terrible and not worth playing. Which leads to these developers having wasted all that development effort that could have gone to make the game’s original campaign that much better. I wish more companies would follow THQ’s lead on this one. Or even drop the Single-player campaign when it is half-baked. Aka: Call of Duty. Anyway, check out the article, the gameplay demo video is good to watch.

Audio To Listen and Enjoy:

Looks like Machinae Supremacy uploaded most, if not all, of their newest album to SoundCloud and you should give it a look. I’m a bit surprised that they did, you don’t hear many artists publish their entirely album like that for free. So enjoy these 10 well done metal tracks.

Photos Worth Sharing:

Yes, I have finally revived this section again. I found a way to get the photo links I needed to share Instagrams here on my blog. I’ll also be using Instagram to share my own photos as I have not been using the service since the problems started occurring. However, I’ll be looking for photographers on Twitter and Google+ from now on.

Steampunk Portal Gun anyone? (From @themartiansarehere)

Penny is snuggling Ivy, its cute.

This silly dog is quite carefree.

My friend Rick did a really nice panoramic shot of this place. Which is in Raymond WA.

That is a lot of fur on the bed.

A cool shot of a dish

Intriguing Videos To Watch:

I play Train Simulator 2013 from time to time and I had to laugh when Jesse Cox played it for a fan friday vid. This is an extremely niche game so to see players like Jesse play this game always gets a kick out of me. Especially when they crash the train xD. Enjoy.

Danisnotonfire talks about Hardcore Internet fans and I agree with what he says about them. One of these days I’ll actually write some musings I have about hardcore fans aka fanboys, but until then, this should tide you over:

LGR reviews a game that is literally a blast from the past for me. I remember playing Hover! on my parents Windows 95 machine from way back when. And I played it a ton as I seem to recall, though looking at the game now I have to wonder why I did. Its definitely not an excellent game. Maybe it was the fact that it was 3D and we were in hover cars. I’m not sure. Still, it was cool to remember the fun I had with this game.

So until next time…


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