King’s Personal Musing 10/9/12: Angry Birds: Star Wars edition, SimCity 5 Cloud lockdown, and MUCH more…

This is Moonshine Fox and I's new Torchlight II characters and they look pretty badass in my opinion.

I talk about the new iOS Angry Birds: Star Wars edition game, College “funtimes”, SimCity 5 and much more…

My Latest Musings:

Hello all. Yeah, its been a few days. Yesterday was a rough day for me, education wise. I was having a tough time with homework so I decided not to post anything and went to sleep early. And today I woke up and said: “Screw you homework, your not going to beat me down, I am going to beat you down“. So today, I focused on getting some study groups going. Surprisingly, my first one went well. People, showed up. Two of them. Yeah, I’m not usually too optimistic about people showing up to things like these but they did. This was for my math class today and we managed to hammer out the homework. Which was good as its due tomorrow. Yeah, you can kind of guess why I might be slightly stressed out. I have another study group for tomorrow and that’s on Physics, followed by a study group for CIS the following day. This week is going to be interesting. Saturday and Sunday I spent half my time reading and half the other time working on various items. Memory is a little fuzzy on all that went on though. Oh that’s right, Saturday I did another recording for TeknoCratik. It was an interview with a guest and that episode will be linked here when it is done. Not much more to say than that. I’m just plugging away at it and not giving up. Its the least I can expect of myself.

Over the weekend I finished my second play through of the Portal 2 campaign. The story and humor stands up, not so much the puzzles but I guess that’s to be expected. Short of score attacks, puzzle games don’t tend to be all that interesting the second time through. I did a second play of the campaign for two reasons: research and developer commentary. I felt the developer commentary was a bit lacking for what they could have had in the game. But oh well. It was still fun to play again. I also got a good session of AI War multiplayer on Saturday and got to get some time in Torchlight II which had been gifted to me by a friend. I don’t think I mentioned that before. I’m finding Torchlight II to be quite fun, though I’m going to reserve that game for multiplayer. I haven’t had the time since Sunday to play though. Egads, that kills me. I really want to chew on Metro 2033 again. Oh well, I got to get my first priority done.

News of Relevance:

Angry Birds and Star Wars are joining forces in a multi-platform release on PC/Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire and phew, that’s a lot of platforms. I was a bit in disbelief that Lucas had done such a licensing deal… I mean, really Lucas? Really? Tie yourself into these games? But then I remembered. This isn’t the worst game that Star Wars has been attached to. Why, my “favorite” company Ngmoco published a Star Wars arena shooter on iOS a year or so ago. It was terrible. It died within months. I refuse to link that game here on the blog, but I’m sure if you did a search for Ngmoco, Star Wars, iOS or something in Google, you’ll find some mention of that terrible game. It was originally based on Ngmoco’s Scifi arena shooter, which was dying a slow death, but they slapped the Star Wars brand on it in hopes of reviving the franchise. It didn’t happen. Anyway, point is, this is hardly the worst game Star Wars has been associated with. Heck, it is probably be one of the better titles Star Wars has published in a long time. Ok, sure, SWTOR is a pretty good game by all accounts, but it fails as an MMO experience. And other Star Wars titles on iOS have been failures. And then there was that dancing Star Wars Kinect title….*shudder*. So this may be the best, for what it is, Star Wars game to come out in a long time. And I can’t really say I’m all that upset by it. Let’s face it. Movie-licensed games are absolutely terrible and Star Wars has not avoided that curse entirely, but their games have been playable for the most part (exempting anything on iOS). So its hard to complain about what will actually be a playable movie-license game which may actually be good. For a casual game of course. For those of us looking for something more…well, maybe next time. One can always hope.

SimCity 5 will NOT allow you to save, destroy and reload your city. All saves will be forced into the cloud and you have no choice in the matter. Why is this a big deal? Because if your internet or their server goes down, your save game goes down with it. For what should be a single player game, this is forcing a lot of cloud-related stuff on us. This is pretty much the killing blow for this game. I’m all for game saves being in the cloud, but I also like to have a local copy. This lockdown by EA to have absolute control over SimCity 5 is the most disappointing news I’ve had all year. I loved SimCity 2000. I never got the chance to play SimCity 3 or 4, but I have a feeling I would have enjoyed them if I had the time to. And I had hopes that SimCity 5 would be my re-entry into the SimCity franchise. But this final bit of news kills any hope of actually enjoying this game. There is no way you can convince me to buy this game. I may even refuse copies getting gifted to me I am that thoroughly unhappy with the news I get about SimCity 5. Its worse than Mass Effect 3 and that’s saying a lot. I was pissed at how EA treated its customers on the final game in the Mass Effect trilogy. And now it just feels like EA is going to keep on slapping customers in the face on SimCity 5. I wish that people wouldn’t buy this game…but I know that the SimCity franchise has a lot of weight. What’s worse, is that this game won’t be playable in X amount of years from now. Unlike SimCity and SimCity 2000 which are still playable to this day, this game has a shorter, more finite life unlike any of its predecessors. And I just don’t understand how Maxis or EA doesn’t understand that. I just…don’t.

Still on Xbox 30 and hate paying for Microsoft points? Well, there was a rumor going around that Microsoft might get rid of the point system in favor for a local currency system. You know, like most sane Online stores such as iTunes and Amazon operate these days. Unfortunately, Microsoft Points will continue to exist on Xbox Live for the foreseeable future and its only on Windows 8 that we will get to pay with cash systems. I never would have tolerated the Microsoft Points system. It adds unnecessary confusion and lack of clarity on how costly an actual item is in comparison to say iTunes which says: $1.99 for whatever app your buying. I do wish that Microsoft had dropped the points system. At least they didn’t try and put it on Windows 8, though I have a feeling that would have ruffled even more feathers than they already were.

A Valley Without Wind 2 is coming soon and the devs at Arcen have released Concept Art for all the monsters that you’ll get to encounter in the game. Some are bizarre, some are familiar and some are downright ridiculous. I’m looking forward to it. 😛

Audio To Hear:

Listened to EP 14 of the Upper Memory Block podcast, about “Gabriel Knight”. You should check it out:

Captured Internet Photos:

Still TBD on what to do with this section.

Videos To See:

So what happens when you’ve watched too much Pokemon? Well, if your this girl you can try your hand at saying all the voices of the 150 original pokemon. O_O <–that was my face that entire time. I was genuinely impressed with how well she pulled it off.

Saw this look at War of The Roses and I think I would have enjoyed this game, had the melee combat been more…solid. As it is, I find it very interesting, but not appealing enough. Though the archery and horse combat looks really great.

So how much does a shadow weigh? Well, those crazy guys at the Vsauce channel actually have the answer for you.

My friend Moonshine Fox is back with another episode of Dwarf Fortress and to my amusement, anguishing at all the babies that are getting born at his fortress. =P

Ohh….Dishonored…this game has piqued my interest. It has the right vibes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with its choice system on how you approach an objective. I think I would have a lot of fun with this game. If only I could afford AAA pricing on games right now. =. Oh well. I’ll probably get it on a Steam sale later anyway :P.

And that’s all, I hope you liked this post and until next time…

Also, this is my 300th Post on this blog. Combine that with 25,000+ tweets and that is a crazy amount of numbers. ;). Hope you have enjoyed!


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