King’s Personal Musing 10/5/12: A Valley Without Wind 2, Steam selling software and more…

Talking about AVWW 2 among other things in this post. Oh and FTL of course.

My Latest Musings:

Ahh Fridays. So glad the weekend has arrived. Wish I could take it off, but I have this thing called college that I have to deal with so yay. Anyway, my day was pretty good all around. It was one of the few days that I got to sleep in. Which has been pretty dang rare for a while now. Enough of that. Tonight after my studies I was able to play some laser tag. I haven’t done laser tag in years. It was fun of course. I don’t think my gun was working quite right but oh well. *shrugs*. After that I ate at Yogurt Extreme. I have never even heard of this place so it was an interesting experience. Basically, you can make your own sunday with the weirdest toppings I’ve seen. Its no where near healthy either :P. So yeah, a pretty good Friday all around.

I’ve just been playing more FTL today, though I’m hoping to start up Metro 2033 and maybe even some AI War again. In FTL I did a few run throughs but got smacked down pretty hard by the RNG. One time, I was over the sun and had an intense battle with some pirates so I jumped with some intruders still on board. Right into a heavily armed cruiser and subsequently got my butt kicked. Ouch. Still lots of fun though!

News of Relevance:

Arcen Games announced recently that A Valley Without Wind will be getting a sequel soon. A Valley Without Wind 2 and its free for all existing customers of AVWW1. Which seems crazy to me. The game has already gotten two official updates and those were very impressive. On top of that, they hired on an art studio to do a new art style for the game and now it seems to be the art style for AVWW2. It’s also rather impressive all of the changes they are doing to the sequel. It will be a more refined, Metrovania experience with less of its sandboxness that it originally had. It will also come with a newly enhanced art style and updated game mechanics, with an added emphasis on strategy and choice. The original AVWW will still exist and will be bundled with the sequel. This is looking to be a fun game and I had rather enjoyed the original AVWW. I still consider it unfinished though so I’m hoping to revisit it at a later date when I can. It was also very surprising that Arcen did a full blown sequel for AVWW. They had been hinting that they were going to do a fairly major upgrade for the game, but I didn’t imagine they would do something quite this crazy. So now is as good as anytime to get AVWW1.

Facebook teamed up with Dropbox to allow groups to share files with each other. A pretty interesting idea, though I’ve never seen the need to share files within the groups I’m currently in. I suppose this is a handy feature for college groups. Anyway, its interesting to see Facebook team up with Dropbox on this. I’m kind of surprised Facebook didn’t just do their own system, but I guess it doesn’t matter regardless.

Valve had announced a while back that they were going to be selling non-gaming software in the near future. Well it finally came three days ago. While there isn’t any software that has mass appeal for customers that aren’t of the creative sort, they have an impressive lineup for just starting out. Be interesting to see who decides to sell their software on Steam and how they use the Steam services they have available. But for now, its a interesting little new addition to the Steam store. And one more step to Valve becoming the sole dominant digital store. Oh wait, I think that’s Apple’s iTunes. ;). Poor Valve, no matter what, people will still think your the bad guy or soon to become one. Even if you never do anything truly evil. I’m pretty fine with Steam. At the end of the day, its an option to install it and they’ve treated me well over the years. But as always, I keep an eye on them.

Audio To Hear:

By Pablo Vega, one of the new soundtracks coming to AI War: Fleet Command in its new expansion later this year. Its really haunting…

Another by Pablo: Ironclad. These tracks were a taste of what was to come.

From Machinae Supremacy, Violator. I’m really enjoying Metal songs right now, but only of a specific flavor:

Captured Internet Photos:

Gerah, I really need to fix this area.

Videos To See:

This one is a bit TotalBiscuit heavy, but I’m still trying to catch up on my YouTube queue and sometimes this happens. Anyway, these vids stood out to me.

There are some good questions and answers in this Mailbox. Gaming on TV? Well, it needed to die. And I wish TV programming would quit trying to cash in on videogames and the culture. The internet simply does it better, faster and understands it. That’s because the Internet is filled with people who aren’t on the outside, looking in. They get the “culture”. TV has repeatedly shown that they don’t understand gamers and have quite often attacked them. I think the G4 channel was enough to explain why gaming doesn’t need to be on TV. And I have to say, the general media on TV portrays gamers in a very poor light, even when its unjustified. On a side note, I have no interest in TV programming anymore. Netflix and Hulu is all I pull from TV now. If it isn’t on those websites, then I simply don’t care anymore. I find gaming to be more entertaining than cable ever was. It sure has a lot less advertisments and I get to control when I watch stuff.

This one’s a bit older, but its from Wilsontech1 and its partly about Blackberry’s new ad campaign and I have to wonder what’s wrong with Blackberry….that….that advertisement isn’t good. At this point, its starting to feel painful…all the actions that Blackberry is doing. Talk about a lost company…

This is kind of a follow-up to that Thoughts on King of The Web post I had a while back, but this is the total amount of money that TotalBiscuit and company donated to Charity: Water. And I’m impressed. I really really hope it helps out those people.

And that’s all. I hope you liked this post and until next time…


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